Age of Ocean Navigator Stats Guide

Age of Ocean Navigator Stats Guide

1. Leadership Ability: affects the size of fleet your navigator can command.

2. Sailing Ability: speeds up the sailing time for fleets under the navigator’s command.

3. Trading Ablility: For every 10 points of ability, your navigatorwill pay one less gold per unit of goods. Furthermore, when on acommissioned trade route, a higher trading ability will result in lessfluctuation in prices over time.

4. Fighting Ability: fighting ability will add bonuses to the attack and defense strengths of your fleet.

5. Exploration Ability: makes it easier to discover new ports ordiscover treasures in a ruin. Also lessens the impact of unforeseenevents while exploring, and makes inquiries about enemy docks and portsmore fruitful.

6. Robbing Ability: Allows a navigator to reap more treasure from raids on enemies and pirates.
7. Command: allows the navigator to quickly organize the ships in afleet, making it possible to make
coordinated attacks that have ahigher chance of causing a critical hit in combat.

8. Oceangoing Ability: increases the speed of a fleet on longeroceangoing trips. When Oceangoing Ability passes 100, the navigatorgains an experience bonus for all journeys.

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