Age of Ocean 24 Hour Exploring Method

Age of Ocean 24 Hour Exploring Method by Exploraholic

Now that the title has caught your eye, here’s a little tip on exploring for as long as you want.

Note that this method is not for the poor.

One very important thing to know about this game, is that while fleets need time to travel from port to port, heros can teleport instantly.

What do I mean by this? And what exactly is a liquid base?

Simply put, “liquid base” describes the fluidity of docks, and their use.

Well, if you hire a hero in one dock, you can still create a fleet with the same hero from another dock however far away. Heros that are not in fleets can be ordered in any dock, whether it’s for discovery, or fleeting creation.

We will take advantage of this fact to explore 24/7. How? Simple.

Give your explore fleet sufficient gold. Now, let it explore. After your hero nearly runs out of strength, (50-60 left would be ideal), you stop, create a dock in the port you’re at for 10k gold. Then you disband your fleet, and exchange heros.

you may say, well, my fleet will lose all the exp! But so far, I don’t think anyone has found any use in fleet levels. They’re just there for show. If you believe opposite, please inform me. Either way, our goal is for exploration.

(To explore 24/7, one only has to leave one hero space blank. You hire the lvl 1 white heros from lvl 1 bars as you go, and dismiss them when they run out of strength. Note that this means you will not gain exp from exploring, only a small amount of gold and honor.)

Now, remember your original explore hero whose strength is still at 50-60? Well, since he was exploring this whole time, his vit must still be full. This means you can create another dock with your poor, worn-out trade hero, dismiss fleet, and switch heros. Your trade hero will have sufficient strength, but no vit. He can replace the explore fleet for a while for some exp, while waiting for the daily vit boost.

This is a bit expensive, but gives an effective use of the hero’s strength and vit. You will not have an excess of either, for any of your heros. If we want the exp from the voyages, instead of hiring lvl 1 whites, we will use all the heros we have (which should be more than the number of fleets). Rotate through all the heros for explore and trade. This will use up their vit and strength, instead of just one, and will help all of them level.

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