Age of Ocean Exploring FAQ

Age of Ocean Exploring FAQ by B_rabbit

There are 2 ways of exploration that will be cleared up here

1. Q: I got the direction to explore from the Tavern, which exploration do i use?
A: You use the one from “Customs” and under “Navigator”, this does not require an exploration ship.

2. Q: The Tavern didn’t tell me how far to go!
A: Yes it did, Nearby = 5 min, Far = 15 min, Farther = 30 min, Far Away = 2 hour.

3. Q: Then where is the other exploration option and what does it do?
A: This one will need you to make a fleet of only exploration ships and go to “Customs”, its under “Officers”, on the     right of the Trade button. It’s for finding new ports in other countries, to expand the number of ports you can go.

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