Age of Ocean Introduction Guide

Age of Ocean Complete Introduction Guide by NebuCanezzar

/Tavern is the next place you turn to once you created a new fleet, your ship will need sailors in order to sail the ship, heres the place to hire them for a small amount of money.See the Tavern Keeper to hire your sailors. you can also gain valuable information about popular sales within the port your currently visiting for this option go see the Servant theres two options see what hot sales are in other ports before you start the trade, this will cost you 50.000 and to find out what goods sales best in the city you will need to pay 10.000
/Markt explains it self, through the Clerk you can purchase many goods which you can resell through trading with other ports.
Tip: To find out what the popular sales in the port you just visited, visit the Tavern and choose Servant and then the tab hot Sales the amount of value you have to pay to inquire this information. Check the Tavern topic above for more information.
Guildhall *
/The Manager is where you invest in the various “trade guilds.” These guilds are not the same as a player-run guilds. Through the Manager you can invest in various types of goods to increase how many of that particular good you can trade each day. It is best to begin investing in these guilds as early as possible to increase the quantity of goods you can purchase as your fleets grow in size.

/ The Inn is a very important feature here you can put your Navigators to sleep they will need to rest from time to time to refill its vitality which is important to keep the good amount of experience coming after each mission, being low on vitality will cause you to gain less experience, and low on strength will limited the amount of missions your able to do, so make sure you refill your navigators when they get low one of them Go see the Innkeeper.
Mysterious person option is not yet available
/The Clergyman is where you can go to reset the attributes of one of your Navigators.
The Expert is where you can purchase VIP status and other types of pay-bonuses, as well as collect the daily rewards you get from having VIP status. All of these options cost White Gold.
The Master has options for collecting gifts you receive for recharging your White Gold, a place to receive rewards you get from participating in in-game events, and also an option to take you to the recharge page.
The Envoy of Good Fortune is currently under construction, or otherwise has not yet been used in the game.
/Here you can find two sails merchant going by the name: Travel and  Equipment Merchant you can buy both common and high quality items
that will give a extra boost on different stats of your hero.
The Traveling Merchant costs White Gold to refresh, while the Equipment Merchant charges regular gold to refresh his goods list. In both cases, you must pay regular gold to actually purchase specific items.
/ Here you can find the Ship Merchant and the repairman.This is the place to buy ships and sell the ships you currently own, one remark buying ships will cost you white gold.You have a various ships to choose from.
/ Are employed by 3 characters: the Officer, Manager, Navigator.
In order to explore the map and discover new land, its ports and most of all gain richness,  help increase your hero”s status,  you must go on a adventure.
Here you can preform different tasks, trade your goods, explore the map and preform other tasks.

/The bar holds one character: Navigator through him you can hire new Navigator characters.You have the option to refresh and replace the visible officers.
/In this place you can stack your sales items and fleet money / increase your dock investments by depositing it to the warehouse.Go see Godown Man inside the warehouse.
/After researching the proper technology you will be able to develop and produce new different ships, the requirements are visible under the ship image in the Ship Builder section.
Characters within the Shipyard: Ship Builder, Ship technician, Repairman.
Ship Builder: buy new Ships after meeting the requirements.
Ship technician:here you can upgrade military ships with cannons to increase their attributes
Repairman: repairs ships located at the dock.
/Academy is a very important building, It will let you research new technology that will help increase your Fleet/productions/ how many fleets you can control/upgrade your defense / attack and numerous other ability’s. researching cost both money and you will need to meet requirements to preform a type of upgrade technology. These requirements often include other technologies, a certain Academy level, and a certain nobility title.
/Dispatch your selected fleets to automatically trade between ports for a specified amount of time, very handy feature
/Limit the amount of time you spend each time you upgrade or construct a building.Upgrading Labor will decrease the construction time you need for building.
/This building is occupied by 2 characters:
Caster: Here you can produce defense and ship based weapons that will help improve your base defense & fleet ships.
Storeman: Here your ship-based weapons will be stored, consider this a weapon warehouse.
/True the Garrison officer you can install your defense facilities to be more resistance to attack. Through this screen you can donate defensive structures to your guild, if your guild has a share in the port where your dock is located.
/In the Dockyard you can contact the Dockyard Manager and over view the ships you own.

Guild Consul:Here is where you go to donate funds to your guild, get a honor and gold reward for donating, send guild mail, leave your guild, and look at statistics on the development of your guild.
Guild Statistician:In the Members List you can see every guild members level, nobility title, position within the guild, their share percentage in the guild, and when they were last online. If you need to mail a specific member, this can be done from this screen. The Battle Event List shows battle reports for inter-guild battles. The Applicants List is used by guild leaders to accept or decline people’s applications to the guild.
Clerk: Purchace goods cheaper through your guild warehouse and save money and a trip to the market. Only available in ports where the guild has a share.
Fleet Manager:Used to coordinate guild fleets. Only available in ports where the guild has a share.
Garrison officer:Shows the defenses the guild has at that particular port. Like the Defense->Garrison Manager for your guild.
Other Guild options

Get paid:Using this option the day after you make a donation to your guild will give you honor points and some gold. The rewards increase the more you donate, as well as based on how regularly you donate.
Donate Funds:Help and dedicate to your guild by depositing money to the guild bank to increase your guild status in the ranking list plus get guild rewards.
Get Files:Used for purchasing Declarations of War, Guild Fleet Permits, and Combined Fleet Permits. Anyone can purchase Combined Fleet Permits.
Group Mail:Here you can send Group mass mails to all your members.
Develop the Guild:Used by guild leaders to increase the level of the guild once specific requirements are met.
New Update:Used by guild leaders to change the message shown under “Announcements” in the Guild Consul, as well as when players press the “Check” button next to a guild in the guild lists.
Dismiss the Guild:Here you can disband the guild you own, Attention only Masters are aloud to disband a Guild.
Quit Guild: Quit the Guild you currently in.

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