Metin2 Skill Book Sayings

Metin2 Skill Book Sayings by Sickieee

Just noticed this hasn’t been posted, taken from old forum, can’t remember who wrote it but kudos to who ever did.

“Not enough experience, can not read book” You need at least 20k exp. Once you have that you can read.

“Can not practice this skill by reading skill tome” You either got the wrong skill book or your skill is not mastered

“Harder than you think, not as easy to understand meaning. Continuing like this can cause failure”About 18-24 hours

“What happened? I can not remember anything. Too tired to go on”About 12-18 hours

“Now feel better, finally can understand much more. Great, keep it” About 8-12 hours

“Almost out, do not have many left. You can feel the power growing in your body” About 4-8 hours

“Good! Keep holding on while” About 3-4 hours

“Hold on! Do not have many left” About 2-3 hours

“This is the last chapter, it is the hardest part” About 1-2 hours

“Finished Reading! Right now touch tome and breathe. Practice complete” 30 mins-1 hour

“This feeling is so great, the body is filled with chi” 10-30 mins

“Like this, slow, slower do not stop, just like this” 5-10 mins

“Feeling the chi around, feel powerful” 5mins or less


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