Metin2 How to Make Money Guide

Metin2 How to Make Money Guide by HunterAMG

We have a lot of guides to make money in these forums, but some of them are really old and is not quite complete, so i decided do make a new one with actualized prices in market, more ways to make money, etc.. for all levels, specially for newbies.

from 1 to 21 it’s very easy to level and we shouldn’t worry too much about money. If you find a metin stone and you wanna break it, feel free to do it. You can drop armors and weapons that you can sell to trade vendor for a little money and books and stones, keep stones +3 or +4. These can be sold in shop and price vary depending what book or stone is. If you want info about the price of something you can ask in shout or ask a friend that knows about prices.

At level 25 you should get a horse to move faster. This will give you an advantage for hunting metins. At this level you can also farm Horse Medals in Sujin Dungeon, that you can sell for around 150k in shops, you will need a relatively good equipment to not get killed by the monkeys there, oh, and patience. Another activity is to kill bestial archers and bestial specialist in map2 or in Nula Valley. These drop FMS and Antler Bows, gold keys and low level armor and weapons. FMS price varies depending on their damage or stats. In average most FMS are worth 500k at +0. You can also upgrade them for your personal use or for sale.

At level 30 you can buy and use a Pickax. you can go in your horse to valkus, forbidden temple or tangra mountain and hunt for veins. Best ones are Ebony, and Heaven Tear. After you have 100 units of any ore you go to the correspondent ore alchemist and you pay something like 6k gold and a spirit stone+0+1+2. If succeds you can sell the forged ore in shops. Ebony Agate is ~250k and Heaven Tear Agate~300k. As i said these are the best cause the are worth more than any other forged ore.

Eventually you will level up and for now the best way to make money is breaking metins.. at level 35 you should get an armored horse, which allows you to attack while mounted, this makes killing metins way faster and easier than on foot. When you level up until 40 you will have access to the demon tower which is inside forbidden temple, in the middle. There, in the 6th floor you can upgrade items without the need of materials. You can upgrade items to equip yourself or for sale in shops. Note that you must wait until someone makes a DT run to go, as you can’t reach 6th floor alone at low levels.
From level 40 to 50 you can farm Snake tail+ from Snake archers in waste land. These are worth 1.2kk in the market. Also farm Orc tooths in BO or Curse Books from Esoteric Tormetors/Summoner in nula. They are both worth ~200k

At level 50, sage’s ancient page missions give you nice exp and items. Blessing marble which you can sell for max 10kk and Blacksmith Memo, that you can sell for ~5kk
You can use this money to improve your equipment, buy HP accesories, etc.
at levels 50 to 64 you can go and farm metins level 55. These have a higher drop rate for stones+3+4 than the ones you hunted before and they also give weapons to sell in trade vendor for good gold. While you hunt these metins you can also find some veins there. From level 60 you can teleport directly in front of demon tower so it’s easier to go there and upgrade items. At level 61 you should go V2. There while you level you will drop from mobs stuff to sell to trade vendor, you will get a lot of money by doing this. You can also farm level 61 shields and accesories in the first rooms to take to DT until +7+8, you can sell them like that or go for +9 in guildsmith, then sell or use these items.
From 61..depending on your skills and defense you can farm level 65 and 70 metins, in tangra and valkus respectively. They have higher drop rate for stones+3+4 than 55. Also more drop rate for TOFs, blood pills, etc.

Now, if you have high defense and a good pvm weapon you can farm metins level 85 and 90 which drop blessing scrolls, exp rings, thief gloves, bravery capes, armors level 61, weapons level 65, etc.

From level 70 there are plenty of options, when you do the lin mission, you can farm ramus for yourself and for sale. Same with level 80 with Ghost symbols, 85 with branches, 90 with criminal marks. From level 70 you can get level 70 weapons and level 66 armors from giants (Old fighters and another giant whose name i forgot o.o) but drop is very rare.

Also if you have enough vs undead (80%+) and a good poison sword/FMS/Grudge, maybe polymorph skill, you may want to go in DT until the last floor to kill Death Reaper and sell the box for ~5kk.
For levels 80+ you have the option to farm Clams and Broken Necklace/bracelet/earring boxes from mercenaries in Watery Cavern.

Another option but risky, is to upgrade stones in Tyrax. You can do this at any level if you have enough money to pay tyrax (500k for +3 to +4 stones 2kk for +4 to +5 stones)

Hunting for bosses to sell the boxes it drops is also good. Most boxes are around ~300k. You must find which boss you can farm.


  • When farming always consider to get Thief’s gloves, either equipable (worth from 400k to 500k, if you are lucky you can find for 350k with a duration of 2 hours) or buying from Item Mall (duration of 30 days) They make farming much easier, and i personally think that farming without these is pointless.
  • If you are not sure about the price of something ask in shout for a Price Check.
  • Create a new account and set a shop in ch11/21 with stuff that you wanna sell, you can leave it open while you play with your main account or leave it at night while you sleep.

That’s all, if you have something to add or if im wrong about something please let me know
Hope it was helpful.

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