Metin2 Explanation of Lesser Known Aspects to the Game

Metin2 Explanation of Lesser Known Aspects to the Game by HikaDaMage

This is not so much a ‘Guide’ more like a resource thread which I’ felt like making so that I can share some of the possiably lesser known things about this game with both the experienced and casual player alike. If you are reading this and already know about what I am describing, that is awesome, just keep in mind that the other guy reading it might not before you post ^^

Feel free to add on what YOU know. Idealy this thread becomes a decent sized player resource. At the least I hope some of you gain from reading this.

So let us begin

Starting off, I would like to address the seemingly innocent:
% Slow Target.
The standard function of this bonus is quite logical; you trigger this effect and the movement speed of the target is impaired, making it easier for you to gain a distance advantage and therefore, survivability advantage. However it carries a less obvious benifit which is FUNDAMENTAL to any player who economizes off of Metin Farming.

Hidden Function: With % Slow, there is a Chance to cast the ‘Slow’ effect on a Metin as well any other target. When a Metin is under the effects of slow (no visible indicator will be present to show when it is ‘slow’) there is a % chance for any Mob Spawns that would normally occur, to not happen. So in a watered down sentance explanation: % Slow causes Metin stones to occassionally block the Mob Spawn on Metin Stones. You will know when this happens, as the triggering sound of a spawned wave of mobs will be heard and also the little ‘dust cloud’ coming out of the metin when this happens will be seen. However the mobs will not spawn.

How is this Useful: Consider a 16% possible % to slow when combined with the 8% available on both Boots as well as Weapons, one can quickly turn even the toughest metins (IE: 85 / 90) into much more managable endevours. My level 55 Devil / Death Metin Hunter sports only +4 jade boots with 8% slow on them because 8% is enough so that roughly 3-5 ‘mob spawns’ that might normally happen, wont. It is SO helpful especially when getting down to that last 1/4 of a metin’s hp (when the spawns become larger and more ‘violent’) that the giant final spawn that might normally give you hell for a few minutes, doesn’t even happen! This bonus triggers on ALL types of metins and the usefulness of this bonus exponentially increases as the difficulty of the metin goes up. Farming those 70 85 90 metins just got alot easier huh?

Second Explanation:
When I say fishing I mean really explaining fishing. Ever since the Metin2 UK beta, Fishing was one of my favorite ingame activities and was for a long time untill they killed the chance to get clams here. To date I have taught dozens of people from multiple servers on the secrets of fishing and have yet to meet a person who was not satisfied with my instructions. Nevertheless, fishing remains a fundamental part of this game which should not be ignored. Also, if one becomes truely proficient at fishing, then it becomes trivial to do such things like out-fish a fishbotting player or even multi-fish (fish with multiple accounts at once).

Why should you know this:
When looking to learn how to fish, most people blindly cast and reel in hoping for a bite. This will get you nowhere. One must keep in mind that this is a Game and a Game is nothing more than a bunch of Code strung together via some Logical and usually Arithmatic pattern or sequence. Once we understand that, then we can also apply this to EVERY other aspect of this game!

The most fundamental aspect to Learning how to fish is the knowledge of Time. It sounds quite trivial but in fact is very important. This game opperates on sequence and fishing is no expection, there are hidden Timers that are triggered whenever a certain fish is caught. The first thing we need to know is the first WTF of fishing, What’s The Fish? Each fish is assigned a base time interval range in which, if you reel in while inside this period, you will catch that fish. Some times overlap, others vary enough that even IF you know the time range, you might guess the wrong portion of that range and therefore, miss. So let us give a list of all them little fishies and what Time range they are assigned. There are always discrepancies, not all times for one fish will necessarily be the same so one must keep in mind that these Numbers should be viewed with a +/- in mind.
Oh yeah Times Begin at 0:00 seconds When the Fishing Bubble Dissapears over your Head
Minnow ( 1 second) Crusian Carp ( 1-1.5 second) Manderin Fish ( 1 second) Carp (2 second) Grass Carp (2 second) Brooke Trout (2 second) < – err yeah. grill em if you want. Clam-droppable but dont count on it
Salmon (1.5 – 2.5 second)Catfish (2-3 second)*Lotus Fish (2-2.5 second)All forms of Hair Dye (2 second)Sage King Glove and Sage King Symbol (2 second)Lucy Ring (2 second)Rudd (2-2.5 second)Eel (2-2.5 second)

This is just a run down list. There are other fish in them waters such as Loach (my FAV, Invisibility that doesn’t break on attacking!) as well as Big Crusian Carp (which is NOT my fav… more like my Anti-Fav). The people who wish to devote the time and effort into discovering the Time’s for these fish will benifit while those who just read this and move on will simply gain only what I have said. It is fundamental to practise and apply these tips for Fishing because this probably one of the MOST skill based parts to all of metin (ironic that the passive past-time has more technique to it than the hack-and-slash part to this game).


Question: SO you’re saying to wait ’till AFTER the bubble disappears to pull? I’ve always pulled when the bubble was present. Haven’t had bad luck but if you’re info is correct I could greatly improve.

Also, do these times mean that if I yank within that period I WILL catch that fish or that if I were going to catch a fish the time I yank will determine what fish I catch?

Thanks for the info.


All times are dependent on Whatever fish was Biting. If you found a minnow but waited 2-3 seconds to try to bag a Big Crusian Carp, you will catch nothing

fishing works based on a hidden timer. The timer begins when the bubble disappears. The ‘correct time’ is then created by picking at random a portion of that fishes normal ‘time frame’, which in itself differs based on the fish which you found.

In better English: Say your fish which you found is listed in the game to have a base ‘time frame’ of 2 to 3 seconds. represented like so |==|==|==| |=| represents 1 second

the game then looks at that chunk of time and thinks “2-3 seconds is too easy lets make this smaller” and then takes at random a part of that ‘time’ and sets that as the region to successfully catch the fish and the rest as the region to successfully fail to catch the fish.

so the game takes

and out of the

it’s going to break it into 2 parts, success and fail.

I’ll have Green represent Success and Blue represent Fail.

so now we went from
with again, red being that fishes basic time frame (as specified within the game code, after all it’s just a bunch of 0’s and 1’s)

and turned it into

So within that 2-3 period we just split it up into basically a success region and a fail region.

I guess an easier way to put all this would be to say, even if you know each fishes time frames, you can still miss them.

And as for should this work or not, this are the mechanics with how i fish. I fished using 5-6 accounts at once (about 3-5 clams every 15 min before they killed the drop rate) and would get about 40-50 fish with every fishing marble use. Fishing with one char, I can easily outfish 2 fishbots .


Question:  Would faint work the same way ya think?


Faint will not produce the same effects

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