Metin2 Alchemy Guide

Metin2 Alchemy Guide by CharbeI

Do you want to be an alchemist?

Yes? OK. You will find some useful information from this guide.

No? Well you will when you finish this guide!
Alchemy in Metin2 starts out with a whimper being only mildly useful, but it sure does end with one heck of a BANG. The third tier alchemy recipes tempted even me to keep this to myself, and I’m all about sharing information. I however resisted temptation and will now post all the alchemy info together in one thread for all.

Before we begin one thing to note that can make gathering ingredients a little frustrating is that Lin’s series of quests has low level players kill mobs to gather “herbs” for him. These herbs gathered during this quest have exactly the same icons, names, and sell prices as the ones you loot and get as quest rewards, they however will NOT work in alchemy combines. Be careful when buying stacks of alchemy items from players as you may be getting these items that are worthless.

Alchemy has three levels that I will refer to as tiers. Tier one starts in the first town with the Doctor NPC. Once you reach level 15 one of the options when you speak to him will say alchemy, choose this to open a window you will use to make potions. All of the first tier items are quite simple and only require one ingredient.

Grinderella = Healing Potion x100 (Instantly restores 50hp)
Plumbago = Mana Potion x100 (Instantly restores 50mp)
Peach Bloom = Elixer of Agility (+15 movement speed for 3 minutes)
Thistle = Elixer of Strength (+5 strength for 3 minutes)

Though the mana and healing potions seem a little useless due to their rather small heal amounts, they do heal instantly instead of taking time to fill up as regular potions do. Even if this sounds useful to you though I would strongly advise you just save all your grinderella and plumbago until you are ready to do tier 3 combines. Making the potions and storing them takes a LOT more space, and you are really going to like what they become in tier 3.

Tier two requires you to be level 30 and go to the second town of your respective kingdom and find Thomas. You will remember him as the “spy” you had to speak to for several lower level quests. Choose the alchemy option when you click on him and prepare to make some slightly more useful potions.

Ganoderma + Mana Potion x100 = Greater Mana Potion x100 (Instantly restores 100mp)
Ganoderma + Healing Potion x100 = Greater Healing Potion x100 (Instantly restores 100hp)
Jamul + Elixer of Agility = Basic Resist (Not EXACTLY sure what this boosts, it doesn’t change any visible stats on the character screen)
Jamul + Elixer of Strength = Double Attack (Gives a significant chance to critical attack for 3 minutes)

Even though the HP/Mana potions are now a bit larger they are still quite small and I would still suggest to just save the herbs for tier 3 stuff, it’s just not worth wasting the possible tier 3 potions to use these quite small heals.

Tier three requires you to be level 45, and if you read the comic it will direct you to Peddler. Unfortunately this is wrong, the correct NPC for tier 3 combines is Isaac who is also in the second town. I was floored when I tested the one potion of this tier I’m actually high enough to use, these are VERY nice potions indeed.

Lippia + Basic Resist = Elixer of Attack Power (lvl 46 required, adds +50 attack power for 3 minutes) No typo there, adds FIFTY attack power.
Lippia + Double Attack = Elixer of Defense (lvl 48 required, can’t say exact effect as I’m 47 but it lasts 3 minutes)
[Informed by Aspect ingame that Elixer of Defense adds 70 ac]
Sundew + Greater Mana x100 = Magic Resistance (lvl 50 required, again couldn’t test effect but lasts 3 minutes)
Sundew + Greater Healing x100 = Elixer of Attack Speed (lvl 52 required, adds +3 attack speed for 3 minutes)

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