Metin2 Fishing Guide

Metin2 Fishing Guide by TaloredTruth

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Everywhere in Metin2 there are lakes, seas and rivers. You can use a fishing pole when you reach level 30.

How to Fish
First you should get a fishing pole and bait (you can choose between worms and riceballs) by the fisherman. Some fish’s that you get by fishing can be used as a bait, like minnows. After having the fishing pole and bait in your inventory you’re all set to start fishing: put the fishing pole in your hand and go to a fishing place (best choice would be a bridge). Now all you have to do is to put the bait on the fishing pole (you can click on the right button of your mouse or put the bait in a shortcut). Now you can click on the fishing icon (appears if you click “v”) or just hit the space button. By doing this you throw the fishing pole and then you just have to wait for the fish to hit the bait. When this happens, will appear above your head an image showing that a fish hit your bait.

When the image disappears you count 2-3 seconds and hit space again to take off the fishing pole.

The Fishing Pole
Your fishing pole earns points in a successfull use in order to upgrade your fishing pole, but you don’t earn these points very often, so it takes some time to upgrade it. When you get all the points needed to next upgrade you can go to the fisherman and upgrade your fishing pole. With a better fishing pole you get better fish. Like all the items the upgrading of your fishing pole can also fail, but does not break, if fail it will downgrade one level. The chance of breaking increases depending on the level of your fishing pole.

The fishing pool has many levels, in each level the number of points you have to make increases.

Level Points Chance to Upgrade
1 10 100%
2 20 88%
3 40 77%
4 80 60%
5 120 55%
6 140 48%
7 160 44%
8 180 ?
9 ? ?

Fish’s and items

To use the fish’s you have to click on the right button of your mouse to open it. You can get many things:

•1. The fish dies, and you get a dead fish in your inventory.
•2. The fish escapes in the botton of the sea (can also happen in Waste Land).
•3. You get a fishbone.
•4. You get a Clam.
•5.You get your bait back.

When you have many dead fish’s you can grill them in a bonfire (you can buy it by the fisherman for 20.000 gold).
You can get many fish’s while fishing:

Eel Increases strenght by 10.
Ayu no info
Brook Trout Use: Restores 600 HP.
Perch Use: Restores the unusual sitation.
River Trout Use: Restores 230 MP
Goldfish Use: can give a golden key
Grass Carp Use: Increases attack speed by 20 by 10 minutes
Big Crucian Carp Use: Restores 350 HP.
Carp Use: Increases movement speed for 10 minutes
Catfish Use: Restores instantly 500 HP
Minnow – Bait
Salmon Use: Restores 350 MP
Lotus Fish Use: Restores 500 HP
Mandarin Fish Use: Restores 180 MP.
Clam Use: can get pearl
Rainbow Trout Use: Restores 600 MP.
Rudd Use: Increases agility by 10 for 10 minutes.
??? Use: make invisible
Shiri no info
Mirror Carp no info
Stint no info
Tenchi Use: Restores intantly 230 HP.
Crucian Carp Use: Restores 180 HP.

You can also get Hair Dyes:

Bleach Return your original hair color.
Blonde Hair Dye Turn your hair color into blonde.
Purple Hair Dye Turn your hair color into purple.
Red Hair Dye Turn your hair color into red
Black Hair Dye Turn your hair color into black.
White Hair Dye Turn your hair color into white

Like in the real world, people throw the garbage to seas, rivers and lakes, so here in Metin2 when you fish you can also get this:

Escapee’s Cape Use: Hides your rank.
Gold Ring Can be sold in store for high price (10.000 gold)
Sage King’s Glove Use: Receive double Hostile Killer Points when killing monters.
Lucy’s Ring Use: Receive double Hostile Killer Points when killing monters.
Sage King’s Symbol Prevents user from dropping items.
Silver Key Can open Silver Box and Silver Box +

There’s also by the fisherman a Fishing Manual (it costs 2,000 gold) and for 20 minutes increases the chance of getting better fish by 2% and it says in normal chat what you are going to fIsh.
With this knowledge you can create a more efficent way of fishing and becoming more patient when fishing, once you start to have a certain time you have to wait to take off the fishing pole.

Fish/Item Seconds
Crucian Carp 2 sec
Big Crucian Carp 3-4 sec
Mandarin Fish 2 sec
Salmon 2 sec
Catfish 2 sec
Brook Trout 2 sec
Minnow 1 sec
Carp 2 sec
Grass Carp 2 sec
Lotus Fish 3 sec
Hair Dye 2 sec
Gold Ring 2 sec

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