Metin2 Leadership Guide

Metin2 Leadership Guide by Nephire

What it is?
Leadership is very usefull skill. If you are leader of party (and your skill lvl is min 10) you can give your partners special bonus. (You can give some bonus your partner only if you see him on map).

How to learn leadership?

1) You must read SunZi books to upgrade your skill from 1 to 20 lvl (M1=Master)

2) You must read WuZi books, but here is harder because you must read:
-1 book to m2
-2 books to m3
-3 books to m4
-4 books to m5
-5 books to m6
-6 books to m7
-7 books to m8
-8 books to m9
-9 books to m10
-10 books to m11 (G1=GrandMaster)
That is 55 WuZi books

3) Then yu must read GuiGu Art War books and you must read:
-11 books to G2
-12 books to G3
-13 books to G4
-14 books to G5
-15 books to G6
-16 books to G7
-17 books to G8
-18 books to G9
-19 books to G10
-20 books to G11 (PerfectMaster)
That is 155 GuiGu Art War books

Which bonus can you give?

-Attack Value (Avaible at lvl 10).
-Attack Speed (Avaible at M1).
-Max HP (Avaible at M1).
-Progression (Avaible at M6).(This thing its actually good because increases duration of spells and casting speed.)
-Max Def. (Avaible at P. Leadership).
-Max MP. (Avaible at G6)


Good luck !

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