Metin2 Item Mall Guide

Metin2 Item Mall Guide by Aerynne

After a few requests from players, I’ve decided to make a sort of helpful guide to things in the item mall. Please feel free to write any corrections or questions.


Each package contains the following items.

  • Experience Ring (on the top of the screen, not equipped)
  • Thiefs Glove
  • Lucky Coin
  • Double Item Drop
  • Expand Storage
  • Fishing Inside
  • Love Feather
  • Emotion Mask
  • Silk Bundle

All packages give you an unlimited number of entries to V2.
Gold plus package (90 days) includes 2 equippable exp rings, each 60 hours.
Gold plus pakcage (30 days) includes 2 equippable exp rings, each 10 hours.

Love Bird Package includes

  • Love Bracelet
  • Love Necklace
  • Love Earring
General Shop

These four items you can buy from the item mall in order to reset your stats. CON, INT, DEX, STR can all be reset with the purchase of the appropriate scroll.

Scroll of Revoker – Using this item will take out the last stone placed in an armor/weapon, as well as removing a broken stone that would result from removing the stone.

Haste Potion – Increases your skill speed by 20 points for 30 minutes. One bottle per purchase.

Heavenly Peach – Increases your HKP by 3,000 points. You can only use one peach per 5 hours. Great for G skills!

Artemis Candy – Allows you to give your horse a unique name. Using the Artemis Candy increases your AC by 20 while riding the horse.

Ring of Recession – Allows you to change the leader of your guild to another who meets guild leader requirements (level 40+). The guild leader must use the ring. This item is tradeable.

Magic Mirror – Allows you to show the stats/stones of an item in any form of chat. To use the mirror, click left alt and then click on the item. To see someone else’s mirror, click on the font. This item is tradeable.

Enchant Change Scroll – Changes the stats an item currently has. This item has a ten minute cool down. You must be level 30+ to purchase or use this item.

Enchant Scroll – Has a chance to add another stat to an item. You can get up to 4 stats per item with this. Chance to succeed an add: 1st stat – 100%, 2nd stat – 80%, 3rd stat – 60%, 4th stat – 20%. You must be level 30+ to purchase or use this item.

5-in-one Package – Although it says ‘customize’, that’s not exactly accurate. This special package includes: gender change scroll, attribute reset manual, wing chaser boots, liquor of speed, fast move curse.

Expanded Storage – Instead of only having one page in your bank, this gives you three pages instead to store your items. This lasts 30 days. When the storage runs out, pages 2 and 3 are locked down and you cannot access them until you purchase the expansion again. Any items left in pages 2&3, however, will be left there until you buy it again.

Third hand – Automatically picks up any gold you drop from monsters. Lasts 30 days.

Silk Bundle – Like an in-game package purchased from the trade vendor, this allows you to set up a shop. The silk bundle is like an unlimited number of packages for the entire month. As a perk, the bundle remembers how much you set as a value for an item, and brings up the value the next time you put the item in your shop. (However, for skillbooks, it doesn’t remember each one, just the idea of a skill book in general; for example : put up rapid charge for 50k, and when you put up berserk, it will start with 50k as a price, you’ll have to change it.)

Hermits Advice – If you use anything in the item mall, this is the item I recommend the most. Using a hermit’s advice increases your chance of successfully reading a skill book by 2.5x. Hermits don’t work to a great extent on: soul stones, horse summon books, polymorph books, leadership books, mining. They are intended mostly to be used with skill books. You get 3 hermits with each purchase.

Dragon God Defense – This token gives you 12-15% more AC (at the most, 200 more AC). It lasts for 30 minutes. You get 5 tokens with each purchase.

Dragon God Attack – This token gives you 12-15% more AP (at the most, 300 more AP). It lasts for 30 minutes. You get 5 tokens with each purchase.

Experience Ring- This ring gives you a constant additional EXP bonus of 50%. This ring is not equipped, but shows up in the top, left corner of your screen as an icon. It lasts for 30 days.

Thiefs Glove – Gives you double drops for 30 days. This item is not equipped as well, showing at the top of the screen, in the left corner.

Dragon God Blessing – This item prevents you from losing experience when you die. You get 10 uses per purchase.

Fishing Inside – This item makes it so you can see what type of fish are on your line, as well as allows you to catch fish who are more rare. This item is an icon on the top of the screen, and lasts for 30 days.

Emotion Mask – This item allows you to perform emotions when it is equipped. This includes, but is not limited to dancing, kissing, slapping, and other emotions. It lasts for 30 days.

Liutao – This item, when equipped by a party leader, gives an extra 30% exp to anyone in the party, within site on a minimap. Unlike what is stated, it lasts for 2 hours, not 15 minutes.

Magic Metal – When combined with a blessing scroll (done so at the Blacksmith), this creates a scroll to use on upgrading an item, the Dragon God Blessing Scroll. It has a 10% higher chance to succeed in upgrading, compared to a regular blessing scroll.

Lucky Gold Coin – This item lasts for 30 days, just like the EXP Ring and the Thief’s Glove. It can be seen in the top of the screen, left corner, as a kind of buff.

Liquor of Speed – Pots that give you +10 more attack speed for 30 minutes. You get 10 pots with each purchase.

Stone Craft Book – This removes any broken stones in an armor/weapon. Only good for one use.

Liquor of Speed+ – Pots that give you +15 more attack speed for 30minutes. Doesn’t stack with Liquor of Speed pots. 10 pots with each purchase.

Peach Flower Wine – Instantly recovers 500 HP. With each purchase, you get 800 wines.

Skill Reset Scroll – Will take all the points in one selected skill down to 0 and give you however many were on it to place in another skill or the same one again. This is great for trying to master a skill at 17 points past level 30.

Agility Oblivion Stone- When combined with a blessing scroll (at black smith), this creates a Master Compass, which increases your chance of a successful upgrade. Contrary to what it says, if it fails, you do not get your materials back.

Stat Reset Scroll- This scroll, when used resets ALL of your skills and stats. When you use it, you must relog.

Fast Move Curse – Gives you +60 to your movement speed for 30 minutes. You get 5 pots per purchase.

Return Scroll- Right clicking on a scroll, sets the location that you are in for you to later click and teleport back to. Keep in mind, there are a few places you cannot set a scroll to (inside DT, Nula WC, inside V2, your castle). You get 50 scrolls with each purchase.

Permit Scroll – These scrolls allow you to enter V2. You get 50 permits per purchase.

Wing Chaser Boots- When equipped, give you +30 movement speed. These boots last 50 hours.

Sage’s Luck Potion – Increases your chance of successfully handing in an item for Lin’s Quest to 80%. You need one potion per item you hand in. This purchase gives you 3 potions.

Gender Change Scroll – Using this item will change your characters gender, giving you the option to change your name as well. In order to do so, you can’t be married.

Attribute Reset Manual – Resets all of your stats (CON, STR, INT, DEX). Relog after using.

Language Ring – A ring that, when equipped, allows you to speak and understand other nations. Has a 30 day duration, even when not equipped.

Scroll of Betrayal – Allows you to change the nation of all the characters on your account. You cannot be married or in a guild to do so. Also, it takes 500k gold to change. You can only change nations once a week.

Q Shop

Life Pill – Instantly fills up all of your HP. 5 pills per purchase.

Spirit Pill – Instantly fills up all of your MP. 5 pills per purchase.

Dragon God Pill – Instantly fills both your HP and MP. 5 pills per purchase.

Palm of Critical – Increase your critical rate by 20% for 10 minutes. 5 uses per purchase.

Palm of Pierce – Increase your pierce rate by 20% for 10 minutes. 5 uses per purchase.

Blessing Scroll – When used to upgrade, if an item successes, it goes up one, however, if it fails, instead of breaking, it goes down one. An item failed that was +4 will then be +3.

Blessing Scroll package – Like the previous, if you fail an item, it decreases one +. You get 4 scrolls for the price of 2.

Exorcism Scroll – Using this item will reset the timer you normally wait to read another skill book. Use the scroll and then click on the book you wanted to avoid the wait on.

Perpetual Iron – When combined with a blessing scroll at the blacksmith, it gives you 100% to upgrade an item from +0 -+1,+1-+2, +2-+3, or +3-+4.

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