Metin2 Partisan Guide

Metin2 Partisan Guide by SpitTanker

That’s my definitive guide i will write about partisan warrior.I learned so much about partisan in 1 year of experience using this class, i love partisan and i think is ne of the most balanced class.If you want a character good both in melee,pvm and decent in pvp,of course you are doing a good choice.

Use the following: str/con 2/1 .Maybe you will feel some lack of ac at begins, but you will be thankful of your full ap build.Every 12 points on str your might (if p) raises of 3 points.
In no way str could help more htan con in defense, but if you have at least +6 armor,shield and helm it will be enough for you, and you will find problems only in damage.
After having 90 str and 90 con, put all your points in dex.You should search for items with str bonus like ebony earrings,it’s the most important stat for partisan.

Do the following:after choosing partisan class, put one point on each skill except fury, then master might to 17 points,and put one point to fury only for pulling.
Before level 30 you can reset skills at old lady, trying to master might at 17 points,after level 30 you need tof or skill reset from item mall.

Might: it gives you around +330 ac at perfect master, allowing you to tank mobs.When you die wait the cooldown time before doing might again, or you may fail it.
It doesn’t work so good if the opponent mobs pierces you, so at high levels you will need also hp regeneration to tank mobs.
After might master slash, useful to defend yourself in pvp and also vs mobs, to kill some boss.After slash master stomp,then leap,and fury for last.

Slash.that’s the most powerful partisan skill, but it may be avoided easy.
First of all get a two hand weapon and try to do more damage with skills than normal hits in pvp.Use mostly horse and dismount only to hit skills, then remount.
For pvp: when you duel a bm sura you should hit slash while the sura is doing bloodrage, in this way the sura can’t avoid this skill because can’t move while a skill is in execution.
Same with other class: try to hit your slash while your enemy is busy doing something, can’t move cause stunned or is executing a skill.Partisan skills need experience to be used but once learned you will rarely miss one.

Leap:This skill is not so powerful as slash, but has a longer range, and need more time to be executed, so can be avoided easier than slash.
The suggest is to hit leap while a gm sura is executing shadow bolt.Shadow bolt is slow in execution, so the sura shouldn’t have the time to avoid it, same with other class, try to hit only when you are sure you will not miss the target.

Stomp:That’s an useful skill, it hits 360% around you, useful in pvm but also in pvp.Indeed if you go close tot he opponent he can’t avoid this skill,unless the enemy is too fast running.It doesn’t hit as high as other skills, but in pvm can hit all targets around, while leap can hit only aline of mobs, but not all surrounding mobs, so that’s the reason i would prefer it instead of leap.In DT at 70+ you will surely have all these 4 skilsl mastered, so stomp is more useful at low levels.Also note than the chance to faint increases witht he level of the skill.

Fury:very useful in pvp, but you should master it only at 86,if you want to reach this goal then it’s better to level up using pvm skills, then master fury.
This skill has a long cooldown time, but can stun the enemy and usually can hit before charging.However you should fight enemies with faint resistance, so it’s really useful only for who escapes,or run around you.Really useful skill for who want to be complete in pvp.

First of all buy equipment, then when you are really strong for your level,start leveling up.The fact that some people are powerleveled or just level up like crazy without having decent gear it’s just a disvantage for them: they will not be able to farm and make money killing mobs of their own level.I will write the best places where to farm:

-Level 8-24:greenriver village, here you get level 30 dagger, level 21 shield, red iron blade, level 21 helms from cursed mobs.After level 24 the drop is not so good.

-Level 22-30:In sujin dungeon, farming horse medals, after level 25 you drop better in the deeper rooms fot he dungeon.

-Level 25-35:farming metins in the second village.Piece of gem from jak-to,piece of broken armor from to-tsu,and fms from bestials.For bestial also check nula valley,bestial spot (to drop fms) is located (starting from blue entrance of nula)after the second island:go ahead until there is a junction, turn right and you will find bestials.

-Level 30-45:Red iron blade and white gold bracelet from esoterics.

-Level 45-50:snake tail+ in waste land from snake archers,also farm level 45 metins in nula and chief orc.

-Level 50-55:unknown medicine+ from plagued group and metins in tangra mountain.

-Level 50-60:Level 54 armors in v1, also the gold drop is good.

-level 60-70:the best pèlace is v2, also try farming boss like queen spider and turtle using polymorph marble.In v2 you can drop falcon shiel in the first rooms,a nd alot of junks to sell to the trade vendor from all mobs.Gold drop it’s also good.

-Level 70-78:Nine tails in tangra, metins in valkus,flame king,tiger ghost and DT.I will explain how to make money in DT.

-Level 80-85:Giants.I suggest to farm them only when you have the level 80 quest on, so you drop lots of ghost symbols, that nowadays are something that many people requires because some class aren’t able to farm by themselves, so they buy form other players.You can stuck giants from horse near a cliff, in a way you kill them like a metin stone, and when you drop the ghost symbol you can drop it on ground and pick un later, or just give it to your buffer so yuo can drop it again.If you already have a ghost symbol in inventory you will not drop another one.You can drop level 70 weapons and level 66 armors from giant hundred overseer and giant old fighter.Also start farming in dark wild leaf forest,hunting liquirons and meteogons.

-Level 86+T it’s always a good place, and you start dropping level 66 armors and 65 weapons from mobs in dwlf,without need to kill metins.So you can stay in the deepest part of the forest, killing mobs and the occasional metin you will find.Make you pvp equipment to defend yourself from other kingdoms.
Another place is watery cavern:in nula WC you drop clams, counterattack strategy and bluedragon breath (if is not a legend) from mercenaries.
Also keep farming giants even if don’t have the quest, i do it mainly for fun, but also the drops are good.


DT seems made for a partisan.You have to climb floors from 1 to 6 and there you will get a blacksmith that gives you +10% chance to upgrade and doesn’t require any material !!!
Bring your iterms to upgrade,expecially items that requires a pearl to upgrade, so you will make money.
Floor 1-3:Just kill normal mobs until you go up to the next floor.At 3th floor you have also to kill a little demon king that will drop you a book and/or soul stone, potions.When you cleaned allt he floors you will be able to go to the 4th floor.
Floor 4:Kill the first metin you find ahead you.If you can’t spot it just dismount and remount from horse.After killing it, who did more damage receives the coordinates of the real metin.Many metins will spawn on the floor and you have to killt he correct one.Read chat, check for the second last cordinate.that’s the one true.Sfter killing the metin you can go to 5th floor.
5th floor:You need at least 800 ac 8without buffs), and 80% vs undead, with some damage from your weapon.Here you need to kill fast, so get at least 140% attack speed or alternatively a big cooldwon to kill form ground with skills.
In the first spawn of mobs you will not drop any unlock stone.At the second spawn you will drop the stone after killing few mobs,drag it on the seal that will disappear.Once you start to clean all mobs,you will note that the more you drop an unlock stone, the less is the chance to drop it again at the next spawn.I can drop the first unlock in only 40 seconds, the second in 1 minute, the tirth in 1,5 min and so on….
You can drop one stone every spawn of mobs,and these spawn every 3 mins.
P might endures 3 mins, perfect for DT.


Leadership:train it to give some bonus to your party members when you are leader.
Polymorph:fondamental for a partisan, it will alow you to kill boss.The more you train this skill,the more you increase the polymorph duration and the damage you can do, but you will also take more damage,like if you have berserk on.
Languages:Use to comunicate with other kingdoms.


-Level 1-21 in first village.

-Level 21-30 in second village.

-Level 30-36 in nula first island.

-Level 36-55 to black orcs.

-Level 55-78 to v1 and v2.

Level 78+ to DT 8th floor, watery cavern and forest.

I suggest to go in your own town WC to level up,in nula you get same exp (unless you search also for mercenaries), but you will find less people trying to take your room.

Hope i didn’t forget anything,btw that’s only my first part of the guide because i would post some videos that explain how to tank and kill the higest level mobs/boss.
I’m managing to edit these videos that for now ain’t looking good xD
I wish you best luck with your partisan, also pm me if you need some help.
Videos are coming soon

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