Lunia Yuki Skills Guide

Lunia Yuki Skills Guide by coldhunter

Special Note
-When I say PVP,stage,etc. i mean Pure build excluding 8v8 because that will not give you level xp.
-REMEMBER- You are not limited to my recommendations. The point of having this is to help Yuki players decide their build and getting skill info.
-Because Yuki has a more linear curve in her skills (unlike the first 5-6 characters) I will not be putting the (65-) information that I did in my Dacy guide
-Almost all of Yuki’s skills are cold element, in such case when something IS NOT a cold element that isn’t a buff or passive I will note it.
-Most Yuki can be skill cancelled before it is executed, after execution it will depend on the skill. I will note several things about this throughout this guide. However, there will be a longer (if possible) cancellation of a skill if you plan to use a certain skill from the same branch
-Pretty much all her nonknockdown attacks can be used in sleepbind (except ice queen and breath of severe cold)

Credits (because this is easier to do then other sections I did it early)
-Random People in Yuki training grounds section – Good advice+discussions there helped me make my build and make proper adjustments to my ideas
-IJJI – for being evil but released Yuki (89coins T_T)
-Lunia – for wasting my precious time and money
-Guildies – For helping me decide on skills when I first started after a long time of not playing Yuki on jLunia
-Jumper – helped clear up information on Ice Queens Tornado

Notes on MP skills
-Recommended to get only get 1 of the 3 types of MP skills if you plan to get any
-Depending on your equipment and build (which should be based on MP) should help you decide which to get

Ice Skills
Lv2 Ice Bomb
What it does- Shoots 4 icicles that air a target

*Dash+Skill Cancleable after 2 icicles (might be able to do it after 1st but i’ve been unsuccessful, need confirmation)
*Lowest CD skill at 7s cd
*Hits 2 times on normal targets (heard 3 if angled correctly) and 4 on targets that cannot be aired in its current state (like frozen enemies) or just things that can’t be (rotom)
*Fast and really nice damage, helps in keeping a target in air or getting a distant target into air
*Straight line attack (although each one has a different position)

Lv1 – 13~15 x Hit
Lv11 (Max)- 298~332 x Hit

PvP- 1, RECOMMENDED Max (Only reason why i would say 1 is because you SOMEHOW lack points altough even in PvP where it will usually hit twice in normal circumstances will do nice damage plus continue for combos)
Stage – Max (1200dmg on unairable targets at maxed level with 7s cd? epic.)
Hybrid – Max (Good all-around skill to have)
**Most people agree that this is a “Must Max” skill

Lv4 Ice Arrow
What it does- sends out 6 ice arrows to home in on targets + stun

*Skill and damage cancellable
*Each level adds range
*The stun is very short but it’s long enough to approach an enemy to attack usually (assuming you dash)
*Can hit targets in air
*A bit long for preperation time but it can be used both offensively (becasue the stun is really annoying) and defensively (take the time to recover mp in PvP while your opponent is running or run back to safety)
*15s CD

Lv1- 10~11 x Hit
Lv11 (Max)- 137~153 x Hit

PvP- 1,Max (Get it to 1 atleast for the stun, Max for damage,stun,and range)
Stage-0,1,Recommended Max (It’s useful in staging because its one of Yuki’s skills that don’t knock down and also kills targets from afar. However the extra points may be used elsewhere because some don’t like it and you don’t really need that stun in stage)
Hybrid-1,Max (depending on what your more based on, but atleast get 1 for its usefulness)

Lv8 Ice Giant’s Fist
What it does- Shoots out 3 fists that hit nonaired targets at most 3 times
Click the image to see the original size. (609x502)
*On land and ground- target will get hit 3 times unless you cancel it (damage reset anybody?)
*On air- target will get hit once almost always
*Can be used for damage reset
*Dash Cancellable after 2nd Hit (havn’t been able to do 1hit, somebody clarify just incase)
*Skills that can cancel it ONLY after 2nd hit (most skills cancel at 1hit)- Ice Bomb,Ice Pillar
*15s Cooldown
*Slows target for 10 seconds at 10% slow

Lv1 – 35~39 x Hit
Lv10 (Max)- 294~326 x Hit

PvP – 1,Max
Stage – 1,Recommended Max
Hybrid – 1,Max
**The reason for the 1,Max is because 1 atleast for its capabilities. Maxing it depends on preference however the fact that it hits 3 times on a 15s cooldown makes it work really well in stages which is why i recommend it for stage builds. Also she has a really short ranged down attack so this helps. Damage reset in PvP or combo continue too.

Lv12 Ice Pillar
What it does- Summons 6 pillars around you

*25s Cooldown
*The pillars attack in a clockwise motion starting from the diagonal facing right of the way you’re facing
*Can be used as damage reset
*Will hit 1-2 times on normal enemies, on large enemies depends on the size
*Can be dash cancelled after first pillar
*Can be skill cancelled however the skill will determine how soon it will cancel (like the earliest you can cancel into ice bomb is 5 pillars)

Lv1- 48~53dmg x Hit
Lv11 (max)- 298~332 x Hit

PvP – 1,Max
Stage – 1,Max
Hybrid – 1,Max
**The reason for the 1,Max for the same reasons as IGF (Ice Giant’s Fist). However this one will not hit for as much on normal targets and the longer cooldown makes it less interesting. Also it is a bit slower so if you don’t air a target high enough in PvP then they’ll get away.

Lv16 Ice Rain Shower
What it does- Twirl around and Drop 12 Icicles around you
Click the image to see the original size. (670x539)
*Drops about 3-4 Icicles per side, a bit random too
*Can be dash cancelled at any moment (usually for PvPers its after the first Icicle that hits the target so they can get behind or something to combo)
*Can be skilled cancelled, the time for it to cancel will depend on the skill you want to cancel with
*15s Cooldown

Lv1- 61~68 x Hit
Lv10- 291~323 x Hit

All Builds- Max
**This is one of the “Must Max” skills of Yuki. I havn’t heard of anybody saying not to, I was questioned why to not max it and eventually it does show how good it is. In staging, the damage really does add up nicely because of all the monsters wanting to kill you surrounding you, in PvP the damage is amazing when you get 3-4 hits to land and decide not to cancel it and even when you do, the damage is very nice since usually people use this after damage resets (usually pillar or whirlwind)

lv20 Glacier Summon
What it does- Brings down a meteor to hit a large area
Click the image to see the original size. (642x615)
*Will hit at most 4times on normal targets
*New Yuki’s start off with this skill
*60s Cooldown
*Cannot be dash cancelled
*Can be skill cancelled after she twirls around a bit (a bit before actual meteor is summoned)

Lv1- 58~65 x Hit
Lv10(Max)- 232~258 x Hit (about the same as Lv1 Dainn meteor)

PvP – 1,Max
Stage – 0,1,Max
Hybrid – 1,Max
**This skill really varies among the user. Some people believe that the cooldown is too long and shouldn’t be bothered with. Other people want its damage because its around 800 without decay. However, get atleast 1 point for PvP (the air is very nice to abuse). In staging, it can prove useful however as i said, some people don’t like it, damage can be done higher with other points.

Cold Skills
Lv20 Cold Whirlwind
What it does- Dashes and does temporary “wake” on downed opponents
Click the image to see the original size. (800x555)
*Cannot be cancelled by Nuclear and Dragon or Dash
*Has a 3second slow which increases 3% per level
*12s Cooldown
*The temporary wake up can be used as damage reset

Lv1- 58~65dmg, 15% slow
Lv6(Max)- 218~243dmg, 31% slow

Stage – RECOMMENDED 1 or max (Mostly to escape mobs, if they flinch then you have a larger variety of things you can do such as teleporting out as escape or using something like ice rain to attack. Max it ONLY if you REALLY like this skill, it does good damage for 12second cooldown with a very large area. It’s just you have other skills that would be just as good)
PvP – 1 (reset damage, movement, also known as “Yuki’s Provoke”)
Hybrid – 1 (1 point is all you need for it’s abilities and usage)

^thank Darkguy (IJJI) for reminding me to add that

Lv24 Ice Dragon Heart
What it does- Sends out an orb that moves that shoots icicles out of its side

*Sends out 30 shots although its its pretty hard for something to be hit by everything
*Near instant but can be skill cancelled if you’re fast enough with certain skills
*20s CD
*Moves in direction you point it, short distance and icicles aren’t too long

Lv1- 27~31 x Hit
Lv11- 92~102 x Hit

Stage- Max (on large targets, it does very high damage [such as golems] and it does amazing damage inside a mob)
PVP – 1 (mostly used as a defensive skill, most people avoid getting hit and if you manage to aim it into somebody, it’ll eventually push them aside)
Hybrid – 1,Max (depending on what you’re more leaned on but 1 point at least for capabilities)

Lv28 Cold Nuclear
What it does- Sends out a small orb that freezes

*Freeze increases at 4,7,9
*Puts it directly in front of you, small range
*Orb duration doesn’t increase per level, lasts pretty short
*Cannot be dash cancelled, can be skilled cancelled if you do it quick enough
*Can be used in Freeze Chain and freezes boss
*45s CD

Lv1- 109~112, .7s Freeze
Lv4- 171~190, 1.2s Freeze
Lv7- 233~259, 1.7s Freeze
Lv9- 280~311, 2.2s Freeze
Lv10 (max)- 304~338, 2.2s Freeze
*AS you can see the damage increase isn’t impressive but the freeze is

Stage – 0,1,4 (main reason for stage is for that tiny need to escape from an attack, freeze chain maybe but the freeze doesn’t increase for long so stagers usually keep it at 1 for escape)
PvP- 4,7,9 (freezing people is pretty helpful in pvp, you can do a variety of things using the freeze such as direct meteor)
Hybrid – 1,4,7 (This really depends on the user and how long their going to use the freeze. I say not 9 because hybrids have better point options)

Lv30 Cold Blue Dragon
What it does- Summon dragon to hit 3 times

*30s CD
*Easily Cancleable by anything
*Appears around you
*Almost always hits 3times
Not much to say really because it’s pretty straightfoward and it owns >_>

Lv1 – 119~132 x Hit
Lv10 (max)- 315~350 x Hit

All Builds- Max
**This is another “MUst Max” move skill for Yuki. The damage is pretty good, very easy to combo after it and reposition too.

Lv34 Breath of Severe Cold
What it does – A really large Freeze AoE
Click the image to see the original size. (675x638)
*Can be cancelled by anything at any moment (because it is so damn long to prep)
*Really long preparation but high damage
*Think of Dainn’s Bitter Cold Breath without the Invincibility Frames
*Freezes everything including bosses
*25s CD

Lv1- 404~448, 2.2s Freeze
Lv11(max) – 928~1031, 2.2s Freeze
*Epic damage but horribly annoying to pull off

Stage- 1 (There are moments in stage where things get frozen easily and painfully. It helps against mobs when somebody else is taking their attention or before something spawns)
PvP- 0,1 (There are very small moments where you can use this as well as get somebody frozen. Waiting for somebody at team tourny is one of those , there may be others but usually not in 1v1)
Hybrid – 0,1 (Might as well get it for it’s usefulness in several situations or just to save that point for something)

Lv40 Cold Incandescence
What it does- Drops 19 pieces of ice really fast
Click the image to see the original size. (630x538)
*You can trap somebody/something in a corner
*Cancellable at any moment
*45s Cooldown
Not much to say on this either, just think of Dainn’s fire rain but a hell lot more annoying

Lv1- 25~27 x Hit
Lv9(max)- 47~52 x Hit

All Builds- 1
**The ability to keep things away from you in stage is really helpful, as well as against cold weak monsters, it does heavy damage. In PvP, it’ll really help against annoying your enemies (especially with corner trap)

Polar Skills
Lv40 Teleport
What it does- Teleports you in the direction you’re facing

*Doesn’t teleport through solid objects
*Teleports through enemies
*No invincibility so be careful using it
*Can be canceled during teleport with any non-polar skill (credits to Buta for the non-polar skill cancel)
*Higher level = more distance
*10s CD

I need a unit of measurement to put in some real useful information for the levels >_>.
Lv1 – teleports from 1 mp potion in practice field to another
Lv4 – teleports from 1 mp potion to next to a scarecrow (assuming you’re ontop of the most left potion facing right)

All Builds- 1
**Good enough for escape, fast close in to enemy

lv50 Element of Freezing
What it does- Freezes something in 11 shots
Click the image to see the original size. (800x365)
*Chances are once something’s hit, it won’t be able to get out unless something takes the hits for it
*Cannot be cancelled by anything
*Shoots in a single line
*Freeze increases .2s per level
*35s CD

Lv1- 54~61 x Hit, .3s Freeze
Lv8(what the skill calc updated up to) – 80~88dmg, 1.7s Freeze
Lv9(max) – No info yet, 1.9s Freeze

Stage- 1,Max (Get atleast 1 because it’s useful in keeping bosses and minibosses at your command, max if you really like it and the freeze is really helpful)
PvP- 1 (It’s not easy to catch somebody in it and you really don’t need it for that long)
Hybrid – Recommended 1,Max (Depending on what you lean on, but in a hybrid you’re better off landing points somewhere else)

Lv54 Rim of Severe Cold
What it does- Makes an area hurt anything that stands over it
Click the image to see the original size. (799x287)
*Anything inside gets a 300% speed bonus for barely a fourth of a second
*Anything inside gets flinched
*Only Attack skill that she has that ISN’T cold damage
*Hits at most 5 times per enemy
*Will forcibly drop a target if it is aired and is about to be hit again
*35s CD

Lv1- 162~181
Lv9(max)- 232~258

All Builds – 1
**It’s good enough at 1, the damage is really good. Anything inside flinches (if possible), creates a safe zone if you’re surrounded by meleers in stage and helps defend or freezebind in PvP.

Lv60 Summon Ice Queen
What it does- Summon an Ice Queen
Click the image to see the original size. (800x280)
*Long cast time, if you move before shes out consider it cancelled (even if animation is done)
*Can be skill and dash cancelled before summoned
*150s (i think) cooldown

***Notes and damage in pictures may be off, too lazy to fix since its not a major change
Here’s my data using a quick experiement (but it was enough to see how bad it was)
lv8 firebolt in balance from a lv54 dainn
lv1 ice queen + lv1 fire resist from a lv61 yuki

630dmg with fire resist on per hit (750res)
800dmg without it
170dmg decrease
16.25% deduction

assuming damage reduction is based on %
32.50% deduction with lv3 (1500res)
assuming that-
540dmg with lv3 res against lv8 firebolt in balance by a lv54 dainn
260 deduction

Ice Queen Information (all at lv1 data but accordingly, I’ve heard that damage doesn’t increase that much)
-Low HP
-Weak against fire
-Nados DO NOT home, 30-40dmg

Originally Posted by LUNIA Jumper View Post
It has homing. The induction is just really low. Also, if it hits on the ground, it will act like a regular nado and launch the opponent high into the air; if it hits in the air, Stop hitting your target and see what happens. It will be pulled along with the nado until the nado hits a wall or it didn’t angle right. Will hit for multiple 8’s at max decay in balanced from a lvl1 queen. I’d say about 2 hits per second.

*Thanks Jumper for that Input
-Ground Smash – 4dmg on contact, about 300-340dmg and movement trap

-Wind Push – 400-450dmg, knocks back

-Don’t know how much Dodge does because it lasts so short that I never see people walk into it since it lasts for barely a second
-Ice wall – Lasts 1 hit, about 2seconds

-Ice Spread- Movement Trap, spreads all around. about 280dmg

*No info on higher level because it fails too much

All Builds- 1
*Good for taking hits, Dealing atleast some damage to speed things up depending on the situation.

Bless Skills
All her Bless Skills all have the same animation which is this.
Click the image to see the original size. (680x786)
Basically it looks like shes drinking something

Lv10 Mana Extension
*Lowest Priority Buff, gets overriden by everything
*Regains MP even at 0hp

Lv1 = 100MP
Lv4 = 700MP
Lv7 = 1300MP
Lv9 = 1700MP

Stage – 0 (Mana Extension will likely get written over by another classes buff however GodBot3000 mentioned that Yuki’s ME worked different than Dainn’s which then opens up possibilities however for staging, you don’t really need it as much so i still say 0 )
PvP- 4,RECOMMENDED 7,9 (You can regain MP at 0hp which is really helpful in PvP)
Hybrid – 0,4,7,9 (Depends on which MP skill you get)
**Really, you should only get one MP based skill, choose between this, MP regen or MP Increase

lv10 Fire,Land,Ice Resistance
*No real use for these skills, protection doesn’t increase much
*Grouped them together because I got lazy : D

Lv1 = 750 Resist
Lv3(max) = 1500 Resist

All builds – 0 (seriously, who needs this >_>?)

Passive Skills
Lv8 MP Recovery
*Increases MP recovered/gained over time
*Level of Skill = Amount of Regan +

All Builds- 0 or Max
**Once again this depends on which MP skill you chose to get. Personally I hate this because I’d rather just charge than get little increments in stage, in PvP I’d rather get that large boost from MP extension.

Lv9 MP Increase
*Formula is MPGain = 20+80x, x being skill level
*Increases Max MP

All Builds- 0 or Max
*As I said, get only 1 type. What I really don’t like is that you can easily make up with equipment (to a certain extent) but it’s up to what equipment+build you follow.

lv14 Deadly Magic Blow
*Gives chance to hit critical attack

Lv1 = 3%
Lv8 = 10%

All Builds = Recommended 1, Max (I only say Max because she has alot of multihitters so it becomes really deadly. HOWEVER, the points you have into it can be used for more damage in another area so only put it max if you REALLY want it)

lv19 Concentrate
*Reduces MP Cost of skills by fixed %
*Not really a big difference

Lv1 = 3%
lv8 = 10%

All Builds = RECOMMENDED 0, 1 (you really don’t need this, that point could be used for more damage/freeze, 3% isn’t alot >_>)

lv34 HP increase
*Formula is HPGAIN = 20+80x, x = skill level

All Builds= ANY
*****I say Any because this depends on your equipment, your playstyle and your ability to dodge. I have aroudn 1500-1600hp (with full MP/INT equipment) with 1 point into it and I find that I could take off that one point in exchange for more damage. Only reason why I plan to max it is because i have extra points at lv75

Rebirth Skills
*Note – I’m not exactly what you call supporter of rebirth skills or rebirth in general (despite the fact that I do use them on some of my characters) so my advice might be a bit off
*I say Hybrid should either get 1 or Max of all the rebirth skills because all the skills were just changes in their normals ones and made larger.

Rebirth Ice Dragon Heart
WHat it does- Sends out an big orb to Shoots stuff from side
Click the image to see the original size. (551x287)
*Just a bigger version of normal IDH except with larger range
*30 Shots
*20s Cooldown

Lv1 6-7 x Hit
Lv11 (max) 176~196 x Hit

PvP- 0,1 (depending on what you want your points on, but you should atleast get 1 type of IDH for stalling/trapping)
Stage- Max (think of normal IDH except with bigger range and damage at max, do want yes?)

Rebirth Ice Glacier
WHat it does- Does a giant ice meteor
Click the image to see the original size. (724x488)
*Giant version of normal meteor
*Will hit only once if at breathing distance (like upclose body trap distance) otherwise 4 hits
*60s Cooldown

Lv1 9~10dmg x Hit
Lv11 (max) 265~294 x Hit

All Builds- 0,1,Max
*This is due to the fact of how you already have a meteor, feel free to replace the old one with this one since this is a giant cooler version.

Rebirth Ice Giants Fist
What it does- Giant Version of normal IGF
Click the image to see the original size. (729x396)
*Just a giant version of normal IGF with more damage
*15s cooldown

Lv1 19~21 x Hit
Lv11 (max) 530~589 x Hit

All builds- 0,1,Max
*This is due to the fact of how you already have a IGF, feel free to replace the old one with this one since this is a giant cooler version. (copy and paste ftw) Although its good for staging and rb on PvP rooms because its kinda large and hits hard

Rebirth Cold Blue Dragon
********This skill requires Lv50, Lv1 Rebirth and Lv90 Total Level
What it does- Does a normal cold blue dragon, then a giant one
Click the image to see the original size. (798x335)
*Does a normal cold blue dragon (usually 3 hit), then a giant one (2hit without wall, 3 hit with wall)
*30s cooldown

Lv1 – 151~168 x Hit
Lv5 (max) – 232~258 x Hit

All Builds – 0,1,Max
*0 = save points, you already have a cold blue dragon. Or you PvP with RB skills off. 1 = Pretty decent damage for 1 point in any area of gaming, Max = only 5 points but not entirely sure how much damage it will do at max damage so ??? for now but its kinda assumable that it’s kinda hax like the normal dragon.

Finishing Notes
For MMOG version- had to make it into another post down below due to not enough pic space
*Added rebirth section with addition of lv4 teleport info and lv5 ice queen damage info
Yuki really didn’t have many things that I had to take my time on like I did with Dacy.
Most of her things are self explanitory and obvious.
Theres almost very little difference in PvP and Stage builds
I’ll add in or change anything as I see needed from comments and skill changes. But this is pretty much it.

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