Lunia Kali Guide

Lunia Kali Guide by PrincessLenne

Kali the Bard Guide

*Kali Eschenbach the Satanic Bard is a Burst Damage (BD) Character.

Basic Attacks

>> = Dash

A – One musical slap.
AA – Two Slaps.
AAA – Three slaps, knocking opponent in air.

AS – Slap then knock up enemy in air.
AAS – Hit twice then Kali will knock the opponent down, similar to Dacy’s AAS, because this is a hard knockdown.
A S – Do a hard knockdown like AAS.

>>A – Thrust with musical notes.
>>AS – Kali’s combo continue sequence. After this, you will have delay, so you can spam this or continue a combo with a skill, do >>A then AAA or something or run away.

>>S – Kali will send a purple note ahead, dealing damage and knocking up in the air. If you rapid shot, you can hit your opponent again with another note when s/he’s knocked up.

S – Recover Mana for everyone in the circle’s range. Also, even when at 0 HP, you can still recover your Mana. You can recover more mana for yourself as you level up, but you always recover 7 mana to party members. This will also cancel the delay on >>AS, similar to Ryan, which can allow you to Windmill.


Agony Section
The tunes that bring agony to opponents.

Sound of Agony – Send 5 notes to ahead.
A nice DPS skill. I recommend maxing. It has large damage in 5 hits and the cool down is so short.
All Builds – Max

Dischord – Rise 8 lights of a melody to slow opponents.
Another good skill. Its a great height raiser, so you can shift. It has a nice range too. I recommend maxing. The slow down curse percentage is raised also.
All Builds – Max

Duet of Rage – Fire two large purple notes to pierce all enemies.
This is a nice pierce feature, so its good control on a mob or a large enemy. It gives great height as well, and distance for push back reasons. Stage builds should max, and I recommend PvP builds do too, but you have the option of using only 1 point for knock down (0 HP runners), distractions, or push back reasons.
Stage – Max
Hybrid & PvP – 1, Max

Rhapsody of Blood – Play a tune to rise light circles around you.
A very good skill, because it’s AoE is great along with the damage and stun effect. Also note Kali’s Ancient Elf Hero Set (2), Rhapsody of Blood activates it. Rhapsody of Blood has a 25 Second Cooldown and with a 20 second use of the +50% increase of the AEH Set, along with an extra 5 seconds would equal…big damage?
Stage and Hybrid – Max
PvP – 1, Max
(1 is fine if you don’t like it, just for height raiser and shifting combos)
**If you have decent DEX equips, the cooldown should reduce to 20 seconds or less.

True Rhapsody of Blood – Play a melody that releases damaging light circles and grant strength boost to allies.
Its the same, but if you have party members they will have their strength increased. At Lv11 is a nice 277 strength, so use it for Myth. For PvP, you can take 1 Point for that extra stun effect, but I recommend maxing if you are going to use it.
All Builds – 0 or Max

True Sound of Pain – Release many notes, jump then fire one large piercing note.
Its like regular Sound of Agony, but a lot of notes, and one large Duet of Rage straight ahead. Great AoE spread shot, there’s a lot of small notes to for them to hit. To use it in PvP well, try to corner your opponents. I recommend everyone maxing this, but for PvP users, you should be careful as rebirth can be disabled.
All Builds – 1 or Max

Recovery Section 
Play melodies to help your allies.

Recitation of Showdown – Release five healing notes and attack notes.
You can heal your allies and still attack at the same time, and I’m pretty sure RoS can hurt the opponent’s MP, because I’ve had this on me. The notes can also distract the opponent. Stage users have little effect with this because the notes are so slow and will deal little damage. However, 1 point for fake resurrection effects (see below). As for PvP builds, 1 point for distractions or party member healing or for nice damage if you can trap opponents!
*To Fake Ressurect an Ally, have a green note float over an almost dead ally, then touch the note. You and your ally should both get the HP Recovery. This is what a Kali MUST know when you have party members!
Stage – 0, 1
PvP, Hybrid – 1, Max

Song of Recovery – Sacrifice your health to regain Mana.
Think of Eir’s Price of Sacrifice, but more better, because you get more mana. Also, this affects allies in range, but its short, similar to Eir’s Light of Healing. So use it close to allies. Using in it PvP, find some room. For stage purposes, you can use mana potions instead. Note that this skill will sometimes not work in PvP, because it is a glitch.
PvP – 0, 1, Max

Song of Hero – Increase you and your allies’ movement speed.
Get yourself some speed. I wouldn’t necessarily max, because even though this gives a speed boost, it only lasts 10 seconds. But you can use a boost of 10% if you want 1 point in it for fun. I would invest points in other skills…there are speed potions anyways. The max speed is 60%, the beginning speed (Level 1) is 15%. Oh and, if you have this at a high enough level, you can catch the orb on Phantom Fantasia if you go after it. See next skill.
All Builds – 0, 1~Max (How many points you invest will be your choice.)

Phantom Fantasia – Send notes to allies to regain HP and MP.
This skill can only be used on your allies (and possibly you if you have a high level Song of Hero). They get turned into skeletons. This skill is great, as it recovers an amount of HP and MP per second. Each level raises the recovery amounts by 5. It’s not really good, but little healing can help for some support. Also, when you get turned into a skeleton, you are invincible! But if you attack, the transformation and healing goes away. Its like Eir’s Light Shield except you get recovery. For a really confident Support Kali, you can max this for your choice. The main best of this is for the invincibility use.
All Builds – 0, 1
*Fun note, you can turn Pandano’s Bamboo (Invincible Bamboo?!), Dacy’s dolls, Yuki’s Ice Queen, NPCs, and other stuff into skeletons too.
**Note, if you use this one someone with 0 HP, they will not be transformed. Nothing just happens.

True Song of Hero – Increase the speed and dexterity of allies.
The same speed boost, but now with DEX addition. At max is the same increment of Dex as Rhapsody of Blood. Also, if you want one point in either Song of Heroes, put 1 in this one because of its -10 MP lose. So have fun with it.
All Builds – Any points (You could use the Dex I guess.)

Darkness Section

Play tunes filled with the dark energy.

Seduction of Succubus – Play a note to freeze opponents.
High damage, its good for one point. As you raise the skill, the freeze time increases. In stage, if you land this, SoS will do an area of effect (large range) damage, all enemies around the cast. The highest is 2.2 Seconds, at Level 10. Leave it at 10 or max it for the tiny boost of damage. I highly recommend maxing this because of its high damage and range, as well as for the freezing effect. But remember, Lv10 is all you need if you want to save a skill point.
All Builds – 1, 10, Max

Lullaby of Lucifer – A large light circle shines around you and hits the enemy within the range.
The large AoE is pretty nice, it will hit up to five times. The 5th hit will be slower than the first four hits. The last hit of LoL will inflict sleep status for 2 seconds. You do not increase the length of how long they sleep, you just increase this skill’s damage, which is quite large when you have it maxed.
Stage/Myth, Hybrid – 0 or Max
PvP – 1, Max

Orgel of Orcus – Release large moving notes that shoot tiny notes.
This is like Duet of Rage plus Sound of Agony. It’s nice damage. Orgel of Orcus’s notes do not follow the enemy, so it’s a spread shot. I guess it’s nice mob control in stage. For PvP, you can use it as a distraction, and easily for an air combo, such as, spread this on your opponent against a wall for nice damage. Also, he/she will be unable to escape if you aim a large note correctly. Use this for push back or high damage potential it has.
All Builds – 1 or Max

Sanguine Samsara – Play a tune of hell that summons the power of a devil.
The devil attacks with clawing or pounding. Its pretty useless to others, but to other others, it is a nice maxing. 5 Seconds + 10 maximum damage each level. For Myth users, Sanguine Samsara is sort of useful for push backing the mobs, so max it if you would like. But you can use Orgel of Orcus or have other party members do the pushing for you, while you damage. I recommend not maxing this skill at all, so get 1 point because it’s fun to transform into a demon!
All Builds – 1
**Beware, getting at 0 HP in demon form will result in a death. However, you can transform while at 0 HP, but you just don’t die until you get hit.

True Orgel of Orcus – Release one still large note in front of you to rapidly fire smaller notes.
Its great in flinching, so its good in PvP and Stage. The large note only stays in front of where you cast. The notes that are shooting follow the enemy, like homing missiles. Its really nice in PvP if you cast it in front of your opponent. Because of low damage levels at 1 and 2, it’s recommended for max or don’t take at all. However, one is fine for flinching purposes.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

Ultimate Dark Star – Transform into the demon then rise and spread the darkness to your allies.
All of your allies become Sanguine Samsara, for those in range. You may think this is useless…but during the transformations, you and your allies are invincible. So feel free to attack at will. Also, this will work on party members that have 0 HP, so don’t worry.

Video : Kali’s Ultimate Skill

**Important note: If you are a Myth build Kali and is at Myth 6, be careful of Soldin and Medusa. They CANCEL Dark Star’s effects.

Ability Section
Kali’s Passives.

Mana Recovery – Recover Mana gradually.
Depend on:
1. Your S Recovery
2. Gigantic Mana Potions
3. L Drake Set (4)
4. Ancient White Dragon Set
5. What else..?
All Builds – Any points (0, Max, or whatever, you have Song of Recovery and the S button. Your choice)

Concentrate – Reduce mana consumption to ZERO at a certain percentage.
At max, you get 11%, a chance of not using any mana for a skill. It’s worth points, your choice to max. 1 is also fine, 0 is fine as well.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

Increase Mana – Increase your mana capacity.
One point is fine, go for max, go for 0. Your choice.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

Magical Critical – Increase critical percentage.
One point is great. 0 is also fine. Hybrids should take at least 1 point. It’s also nice for maxing, Kali does have a lot of skill hits.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

Increase Health – Increase HP Capacity.
One is fine, or take 0. The increment each level is by 50. At max you get 250 HP.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

And now for videos!

Kali Overview Video by me.

Ijji [Allm] Lunia – Princess of the Melodies

Kali Advanced Combos, by me.

Ijji [Allm] Lunia – Kali Advanced Combos

The 2nd Advanced Combos, by me (again?)

The 3rd Advanced and possibly my final combo video:


Thanks to Ijji Forumers, Gladiat, riku4564, and others for information on Kali!

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