Lunia Gaon Guide

Lunia Gaon Guide by PrincessLenne

Gaon the Spearman Guide

Basic Attacks

A – Slash with spear once.
AA – Slash twice
AAA – Slash three times
AAAA – Slash three times then a kick, which will knock up enemy
AAAAA – 3 Slashes, kick, then a final slash.

S – Dash then leap with a spear uppercut.

AS – Slash then cut upwards to knock up enemy. *Special Note : Allows shifting
AAS – Slash twice then cut upwards to knock enemy up.
AASS – Slash twice, cut upwards then do a forward kick.
AAAS – Slash three times then stab ahead to knock up enemy. *Special Note : If hits in air, it raises height.
AAASS – Slash three time, the height stab, then slam down with spear.
AAAAS – Slash three times, kick, then slam down with spear.


This video contains all of Gaon’s skills, except his Ultimate skill. Watch if you want to see what they look like.

Spear Strike

Shock Spear – Slash right then upwards to knock enemy into air.
This is a decent skill. It will save you from flinching many times as possible, and it has little cooldown so feel free to spam it.
Stage/Myth – 0, Max
Hybrid, PvP – 6, Max

Lv6 – Endurance and Dash Cancel allowed

High Slash – Knock enemy into the air then finish with a powerful slam.
Another fine skill, however not recommended to get. It has average-high damage, but there’s no special to this. Your choice to max.
All Builds – 0, Max

Single Slash – Concentrate energy into one fatal tackle.
The damage is high, and it’s all packed into one hit so you don’t have to worry about missing much (you still need to position). This is a hard knockdown skill, so take 1 point if you believe you need it for Myth. I recommend 0 for PvP because you probably won’t get a chance often to hit players with this, but you can still max, I just recommend 0.
Stage/Myth, Hybrid – 0, 1, Max
PvP – 0

Lv6 – Endurance and Dash Cancel allowed

Spear Barrage – Spin rapidly with spear and finish with a slash.
I’m guessing this is a life-saver skill, since it allows Endurance, AND dash cancel so you can counter back, AND range in case the enemy steps back. 5 for all builds, but 0 if you need points for stage. 5 for Myth for a tough situation. PvP is for obvious reasons.
Stage, Hybrid – 0, 1, 5
Myth, PvP – 1, 5, Max

Lv5 – Endurance and Dash Cancel allowed, Range+

Spinning Spear Strikes – Do multiple combo strikes with spear.
This skill is nice in a close mob for stage. Also, all hits do a “flinch lock” so mobs/players can’t escape easily. You may not get hits often with this in PvP, but I recommend you max this due to the awesome flinch lock and high damage. You can also dash cancel this at Lv6+ so you can continue with another skill/combo. Oh, invincible frames are activated in between the use of the skill. Also, Gaon’s Ancient Elf Hero 2 Set is affected by Spinning Spear Strikes. All the more reason to max this skill.
All Builds – Max if possible
Lv6 – Dash Cancel allowed

True Spear Barrage – Spin with spear and finish with another spear spin,
Horrible skill. Max level is not worth it.
All Builds – 0

Lightning Strike

Lightning God Strike – Spins the spear through the air to attack the enemy several times.
This skill has multiple hits and has amazing damage against a single enemy. Max if possible, but if you are making a Myth build, max True LGS first, then come back to this when you have enough SP.
Stage/Myth, Hybrid – 0 or Max
PvP – Max if possible
Lv6 – Endurance

Lightning Charge – Storm the enemy then finish with a forceful thrust.
Fine skill, not needed as much but does decent damage. 0 or Max. 5 if you prefer to use this in a certain combo.
Stage/Myth – 0
PvP, Hybrid – 0, 5 or Max

Lv5 – Dash Cancel

Lightning Leap – Jump into the air and sever enemies on the ground.
This skill is amazing, it has multiple strikes and does air combo damage. It is also a nice boss skill. Max if possible, but max True LL first if you are a stage/myth build.
Stage/Myth, Hybrid – Max, but max True LL first
PvP – 0, Max
Lv6 – Endurance

Great Lightning Strike – Release blasts of lightning upon the enemy.
Another awesome skill. Each level adds 1 more lightning strike, and the damage is very high. Note that this skill hits downed enemies, so this skill is best for Stage/Myth (due to large AoE) and PvP (for people that love the ground). However, the damage is dispersed if the mobs are too far apart. In PvP, you won’t get GLS to hit often as many players would be spread around or run away. Be sure to use this at the right time.
Stage/Myth, Hybrid – 0 or Max if possible
PvP – 0

Lightning God Slash – Become one with the speed of lightning and strike the enemy.
The skill may seem slow for the first second, but the single strike of high damage makes up for it. The skill deals about 3.1k – 3.4k without boosts. Even though it’s slow at first, there is a chance for you to make this hit when you combine this with Lightning Dragon. 1 point is fine if you want the large damage.
All Builds – 0, 1 or Max
Lv5 – Dash Cancel allowed

True Lightning God Strike – Combo with a lightning-charged spear and summon lightning bolts.
A fine skill. It does fine high damage with the number of hits. If you are a Stage/Myth build you should max this instead of regular LGS.
Stage/Myth – Max if possible
PvP, Hybrid – 0 or Max if you are going to do Rebirth rooms

True Lightning Leap – Jump into the air and sever enemies on the ground with powerful lightning bolts.
A great mob skill. All stage/myth builds must max this for it’s awesome power multiplied by 12 hits. PvP is questionable if you are going into Rebirth rooms.
Stage/Myth, Hybrid – Max
PvP – 0 or Max if you are going to do Rebirth rooms

Dragon Leap

Dragon Slash – Summon two silhouettes of a beast charged with lightning.
Another powerful skill. Narrow, but does average to high damage. I recommend not maxing this until later.
All Builds – 0, Max

Dragon Fang – Release powerful lightning into a forceful slam.
Powerful, but reaches for a long point. I recommend not maxing this. 1 point is fine, if you think you can use the long distance for escaping.
All Builds – 0, 1

Lightning Dragon – Summon a dragon emitting lightning to swirl around you.
This skill is weak. It has a slow cast too, so I recommend not maxing this. However, PvP users should at least get 1 point for some combos.
Stage/Myth – 0
Hybrid, PvP – 1

**I have not tested max level yet, will get to it ASAP

Dragon Leap – Summon a dragon to storm the field ahead.
Another great skill. Though, it’s fairly weak, but the reason why it’s great because it has nice push back on knockable enemies. 1 point for Myth, and you can use this for other reasons too in Stage or PvP.
All Builds – 0, 1
**I have not tested max level yet, will get to it ASAP

Flying Dragon – Summon up a field of lightning and call the dragon to punish enemies ahead.
Gaon’s Lv60 skill. It is very powerful, and I’ll tell you a special combo. Combine this skill with Lightning Dragon or Dragon Leap and deal immense damage. Leave this at 1, it’s a waste of points to max. Trust me, even though it’s high damage, don’t max.
PvP is questionable, since you will only be using this for a time before dying.
All Builds – 1

True Dragon Leap – Summon a dragon full of immense power to storm the field ahead.
This dragon is more larger, which means more damage and more area of effect. Stage users should max if possible, because it has great push back/grouping and damage.
Stage/Myth, Hybrid – Max if possible
PvP – 0, 1 or Max if you are going to do Rebirth Rooms

Ultimate Mega Lightning Bolt – Draws inner energy together to temporarily regain the original form of an ancient dragon that attacks opponents with a powerful lightning bolt.
His ultimate skill. Anymore to say?
All Builds – 1

Video for his ultimate :


Provocation – Provoke the enemies to have them attack you.
I don’t know how it will make things easier for Gaon. Gaon has slight slow attacks, but this could prove usefulness. But the thing is, the provocation is VERY SLOW for the hit. It won’t flinch stage monsters/players until Lv3. I HIGHLY recommend not maxing this, but 1 point for users for the provoke effect. It could prove usefulness in Stage/Myth.
Stage/Myth, Hybrid – 0, 1
PvP – 0

Feign Death – Fake your death to trick the enemy.
This is another life-saver, it will save your butt many times possible. 1 point, because there is no benefit to maxing it.
All Builds – 1

Magic Defense – Create a barrier to block all elemental damage.
Heck yeah! Magic Defense is a need for some Stages and PvP. However, at maxed level, this gives low amount of time for defense against magic attacks. If you don’t need Magic Defense, then it is fine. Save your points.
All Builds – 0 or Max

Lightning God – Enhance self’s strength with the power of lightning.
This is basically the Rage Explosion for Gaon. It raises all attack properties by 35%.
All Builds – At least 4, Max if possible


Mana Increase – Increase MP capacity.
No. If you rebirth for many times possible and have PLENTY of SP, allocate into this LAST.
All Builds – 0

Mana Recovery – Increase MP regeneration speed.
Take this, because max gives plenty of mana. But Stage/Myth builds can take Mana potions, Your choice.
Stage/Myth – 0 or Max
Pvp, Hybrid – Max

Concentration – Increase chance of consuming 0 MP for skills.
Not really needed. You can use Mana Potions, but this is fine to max.
All Builds – 0, or Max if you have MP problems

Health Increase – Increase HP capacity.
Not really needed, but dump extra points here if you have any.
All Builds – 0, or Max if you have spare SP

Deadly Blow – Increase chance to inflict critical hits.
Low rise in critical percentages. Don’t max unless you have spare SP. Feel free to take 1 point for the small, 2% boost.
All Builds – 0, Max until later

Spear Specialization – Strengthen physical attacks.
Obvious. Max this IF POSSIBLE, when you are maxing some Spear skills and Dragon skills.
Spear/Dragon Builds – Max

Lightning Specialization – Strengthen lightning attacks.
The thing is, there are about 4 Lightning skills that prove to be most useful. I don’t think this passive is even needed. Just use Lightning God (bless) and a critical hit pot and you’re good for Stage/Myth. If you are sure you have extra points, dump them in here if you are maxing Lightning skills. Also, Lv1 gives a 10% boost so that’s a good jump in damage.
Lightning Builds – Max
All Builds – 0, 1 or Max

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