Lunia Tia Guide

Lunia Tia Guide by PrincessLenne

Basic Attacks

A – 1 Slice
AA – 2 Slices
AAA – 2 Slices and a poke
AAAA – 2 Slices and 2 stabs

AS – Slice and knock up opponent in air close to you.
AASS – Knocks opponent higher and farther away. The main combo starter for Tia.
AAAAS – Slice and poke and at the end, knock up opponent very low but far.

S (Stun) – Hold S for a very short period and lunge forward to paralyze enemy.

S, Space Space Space – Stun enemy then do a AASS-animated attack after.

>>A – Dash and then stab ahead.
>>AS – Dash then stab once, and stab twice with the other dagger.

>>AS (quicker) – Roll to Tia’s reft.

>>A Space – Roll to Tia’s right.


Forest Section

Cyclone Blow – Kick the opponent 2 times. The 2nd kick is a powerful knockback.
Cyclone Blow has a hard knockdown effect, which means all air combo is canceled or you can knock back non-normal, unknockable enemies. This skill, used in some combos as well. Not necessarily a max. The damage is pretty good, but I don’t really think you’ll have points. Maxing is your choice, but I recommend not.
All Builds – 1

Willow Leaf Kick – Kick forward 2 times.
For the newbies, it’s a combo starter. It has great damage, but not needed to max.
Stage – 0
Hybrid, PvP – 0, 1, Max

Flying Fang – Launch a kick, knocking the enemy high in the air.
A fine skill of Tia. Due to the patch, Flying Fang is now useless at max. This is just a 1-point only. Stage users will not find much use in this.
Stage – 0
Hybrid, PvP – 1

Entwining Roots – Do a sweep kick on the floor and lift up the enemy.
Heck, another good skill. When your opponent is laying down, you can use this skill to make him/her knocked up. Yes, you can use this on a Sieg with Play Dead. Yes, you can use when opponent is standing up.
Stage – 0, 1
Hybrid, PvP – 1

Fairy Flame – Knock the floor with power and knock your enemy in the air 4 times. If the air distance is certain, 4th knock is highest.
Another good PvP skill. Stage handy too. The second hit of Fairy Flame will knock lying opponents into the air. If you really like Fairy Flame, go ahead and max it for the high power. However, check other skills before maxing this. It’s not bad if you keep this at Lv1, there’s high power at max. Extra effects when leveling are :
Lv5, Lv8 : High damage boosts, higher range effect, higher height on 4th hit
Stage – 0, 1, Max
PvP – 1, Max

Midair Prison – Put opponent that’s away from you in mid air.
Its pretty nice with the damage boost. Use this skill for far range needs. As for stage, you could go use it but I don’t recommend. Leave this at 1 point, or max because of high damage potential.
All Builds – 1, Max

Blind – Move forward a bit and spray pink powder.
Tia runs forward a bit and sprays a blinding fog. When hit, your opponent’s screen DOES NOT GO COMPLETELY BLACK. Only the surroundings (the background). Combos can be used with Blind, but it is your style to use it well. As for stage, It can blind bosses but only if they are not attacking or counter attacking. If you level this, blinding time is longer and the damage is high but not too effective.
All Builds – 0, 1

Wind Section

Surprise Attack – Lunge at the opponent. When hit behind, damage increased by x2.
Now, in the past this was Tia’s HUGEST damage skill. But because of the patch…it doesn’t have much use anymore. It’s still great though.
Tia basically lunges forward with her dagger. The damage is increased only if you hit behind. How this works :

X = Person
O = Hit
Right Side = Front
Left Side = Back

(45 degrees, effect) o o (45 degrees, no effect)
(completely behind) o X o (completely front, no effect)
(45 degrees, effect) o o (45 degrees, no effect)

At higher levels, it hits more than once. Fine damage, but not needed. Extra effects are :
Lv6: High damage boosts
Lv11: High damage boost again, Dash cancel privilege
All Builds – 0, Max

Forest Wind Wedge – Dash quickly in zig-zag motion and insert large power to knock opponent back.
It is really powerful, but you have to aim this right for it to hit. Since its kind of easy to aim in stage while it’s hard to hit moving opponents in PvP, it’s more better for stage. If you have a combo that can land Forest Wind Wedge, then go ahead. Extra effects are :
Lv5, Lv10 : High damage boosts
Stage – 0, Max (Myth maxes only)
Hybrid, PvP – 1, Max

Shadow Counterattack – Dodge backward then lunge forward to give a power knock back slash.
It’s a fine finisher or side-damage dealer. It has small invincibility frames, used between when Tia dashes back and attacking forward. Here’s some leveling effects…
Lv5 : High damage increase, “Stun” effect, Dash-cancel privilege
Note* You can roll/backflip if you dash in a direction other than front.
I recommend getting 1 point because of the useful invincibility frame effect. Maxing it is fine, but see other skills before doing so. Damage is not that special enough at max level.
All Builds – 1, Max

Fairy Thorn Sword – Lunge forward with quick speed.
FTS is quite a decent skill, great for PvP too. Not too shabby. Here’s some effects you’ll want to know…
Lv5 : “Stun effect” when used on ground.
Lv5, Lv10, Lv12 : High damage increase
I recommend not maxing this until you see other skills. It’s great at max, just get it later.
Stage – 0, Max
Hybrid, PvP – 0, 1, Max

Whisper of Wind – Send out 9 shadows of Tia to hit and stun opponent. Press A after all clones are out to lunge in front of you and send another clone beside you.
This is a good mob skill. You should get it. Keep at 1 point. It has high damage as well. As you put more points into this skill, the stun time increases. The maximum is 1.5 Seconds. Extra effects are :
Lv5 : More clones sent, Backstab Effect (Extra damage on back), Pierce effect
Stage – 0, Max
Hybrid, PvP – 0, 1, Max

Silp’s Wing – Strike up, then attack in all directions.
To be honest, this skill looks beautiful, damage at looks. You can max it. It’s really great. But I suggest PvP users max this only, since this skill is mainly for 1 enemy and if it hits others, they’ll only get about 1-3 hits if they are able to be knocked down.
You must use a sequence. If you use Silp’s on an opponent, then nothing else happens after a slash in air, then the skill is incomplete. You must press after the animation IN ORDER:

A, S, A, S, S, Space
After each animated attack, press the next sequence. (Ex. After the A animation, hit S. After S Animation, hit space)
Just mash press those buttons to be easy for you if needed. PvP users have a choice to max it for it’s fine damage. It has invincibility frames while you are attacking. That is why 1 point is necessary.
Stage – 0, 1
Hybrid, PvP – 1, Max

Thousand Leaf Split – Start with a blind punch, follow up with quick speed of rapid slashes, and end with a lunge,
The great skill of Tia. Get it of course. At Level 4, damage increase. To use this skill correctly, hit the A key after the blind punch. At the end, hit S for the lunge. Mash both buttons if necessary. All builds MUST MAX due to this being a powerful skill. Extra effects?
Lv5 : Backstab effect (extra damage on back)
All Builds – Max

Note: Heres the video if you want to see it ^_^ Hosted by xAznMariah, with the star, Silvana.;=18

True Surprise Attack – Lunge at opponent then jump back and release an explosion you set up.
This is a bit weaker than Surprise Attack, but the extra is that Tia detonates an explosion after stabbing. Quite nice, but not needed. In PvP, rebirth can be disabled.
All Builds – 0, Max

True Whisper of Wind – Send purging shadow clones.
Its the same, but without the stun effect, its piercing. It’s nice in a stage mob I guess. Take 1 for the fun. It is a bit useless in Myth but still has push back capabilities, so go ahead to take it. Extra effects?
Lv5 : More clones sent
Stage – 0, Max
PvP – 0, 1

Darkness Section


Thorny Throwing Knife – Throw a knife in a straight line to keep opponent in check.
This throws a knife that does very weak damage but flinches opponent. May seem useless, but provides you to cancel a skill. So here’s what happens when you level up TTK:
Lv4 : Pierce Effect, Homing Effect, Dash Cancel privilege
Lv8 : Better Homing Effect, More Damage
Lv10, Lv12 : More Damage
This all depends on how you find TTK useful. I suggest leaving this at 1 point or 4 points, because you will rarely need the homing effect or use the 138~197 damage at Lv12. Why 4 points? PvP users can use the dash cancel effect for combos.
Stage – 0, 1, 4
PvP, Hybrid – 1, 4

Flying Throwing Knife – Jump back up in the air and shoot 3 knives ahead of you.
Instead of shooting one knife, you jump back and fire 3 knives. If you level this skill, you get the same effects as TTK except no homing effect at Lv4. However, Lv8 get’s a high damage boost. PvP users should 1 or max this, max is great but because you may use points in other skills, don’t max this yet.
Stage – 0
PvP – 1, Max

Spanning Throwing Knife – Throw 8 poison stars in a semi-circled range ahead of you.
Now this, is a very good skill. It has the Lv4 Homing and Pierce effect, and if you max this, you nearly do 3,720~4,128 damage, if all knives hit the same enemy. This would rarely happen, because you would be fighting mobs or a team PvP. However, even though other knives will fly away, you still can do great damage. I recommend maxing this but use it well.
Stage – Max
PvP – 1, 4, Max

Thunder Shock – Throw bombs around you in random locations.
You throw bombs around you. This is a good mob skill, and get-out-of-knockdownable-mobs.
You can keep at 1. Maxing it is also great, cause the damage is high. Stage builds should max this, but see other skills first.
All Builds – 1, Max

Thunder Trick – Hide and go in perpendicular directions and launch bombs in a short inch around you.
This is a good skill. It gives invincibility frames (when you teleport). For those that don’t know what invincibility frames are, it means you are invincible during the skill animation.
Thunder Trick is decent, but not too great. Keep at 1 for invincibility, or 0 if you don’t like it. By the way, if you get hit the moment you use this skill, it is canceled.
Stage – 0, 1, Max
PvP – 0, 1

Shock Trap – Set down 3 electrical-charged mines beneath your feet.
People use at wall, people use away from wall. Its a very good damage dealer at max, but people can keep at 1. Your choice.
Stage – 0, Max
Hybrid, PvP – 1, Max

Dark Fog – Jump far ahead and leave a huge fog of powder behind you.
This skill is a must have for the HIGH DAMAGE and invincibility frames. I recommend maxing this. However, note that Dark Fog will sometimes miss. Not most of the time, just sometimes.
All Builds – 1, Max

True Spanning Throwing Knife – Throw bombs at the enemy.
Like the regular, but its replaced with bombs. They explode at Level 1-3 at first touch, but Lv4 gets homing and pierce effect. When the bombs reach the end of the range, they explode. Great damage, just like regular. Stage users should max or not get until you have more points. PvP is questionable, since Rebirth can be disabled.
All Builds – 0, Max

True Dark Fog – Leave a dark cloud behind filled with explosive energy.
The powder does not do damage, the bombs that explode in it do. Fine damage, and it is great in a mob especially. Stage builds should max, and again, in PvP rebirth can be disabled.
All Builds – 0, Max

Ultimate Mantle of Ruin – Hide into the shadows leaving silhouettes of yourselves to move out. All of them slash around in a large area, then finish your enemy by slashing them into an explosion.
Do I need to say anything for Mantle of Ruin’s epic speed and damage?
All Builds – 1

Here’s the video. Click this -> Tia Original Skill

**To be able to use Mantle of Ruin, you need Level 85 with Total Levels 180 (By Rebirth, so you need two/three Rebirths depending when you had rebirth to meet Level requirements, but you still need to level to 85). To get Mantle of Ruin, you have to head to Treasure Island 1, also bought in the Cash Shop, known as Greater Treasure Island Map, and do the Island. Survive there, then get a chest full of random prizes. You will get “pages” of a “skill book”. Get 5 pages then do crafting with them…you will receive an Ultimate Skill Book. MAKE SURE when you make this you are a TIA otherwise if you craft the book on any other character, you will receive a DIFFERENT skill book.

Special Note for the Book Hunting :

-The 5th page is EXTREMELY RARE.

Bless Section

Poison of Resuscitation – Dilute lethal poison damage.
A useless skill, depending on how you use it. Basically, you step forward. Regularly, this gives you poison status, which inflicts like 3 damage per five seconds or something. However, the step forward is useful for some tricks in combos for you Tias that like to combo, and it can even replace half-dashing. You can also, damage an ally in PvP when you dash into them. So have fun doing whatever you want.
All Builds – 0, 1

Turn Back Time – Reduce cool down time to a player to 0.
This is a very useful skill. As the skill says, if you are staging with a Lv60, you can use Turn Back Time on him/her so he/she can use his skills again. That or use on an Eir so she can heal again. Also, this is GREAT IN MYTH because this is a must when you are doing Myth with a Level 85. You can do Myth faster, that way you can level up faster. I recommend max.
All Builds – 0~Any
Special Note : Infinite Turn Back Time
1. Have two Tias that have at least Lv2 TBT, and another person that is strong (such as Lv85)
2. Have the person spam his skills. Recharging MP may be needed.
3. Have Tia #1 use TBT on the person that used skills. Spammer will spam skills once more. Then Tia #1 stands near the spammer.
4. Have Tia #2 use TBT on both of them.
5. Tia #1 will have TBT ready. Have the spammer spam, then have Tia #2 stand near the spammer. Tia #1 will use TBT on both of them.
6. Lather, rinse, repeat.
**Note that if you want to do it on 2 spammers and 2nd Tia, you need Lv3 Turn Back Time. 3 Spammers and 2nd Tia, needs Lv4.

Applying Poison – Add poison to your weapon to inflict the poison status.
You have a passive for this skill. It’s a permanent poison while this skill has a 30 Sec use. You can use this for free, or you can take Poison Effects’ Passive Skill. You can use 1-6 Points in PE or 1 point or more here. If you want this skill, get one point. You probably won’t be depending on Poison a lot, so don’t take it.
All Builds – 0, 1

Hide – Turn your self invisible.
A must have skill for Tia, since she is so stealthy. In Hide mode, your speed reduces by 20% but you get 50% extra damage to physical attacks (means A or physical skills). This is a max. If you find it useless, don’t get it, but you really should max this. Combine this with TLS = Hell.
All Builds – Max

String of Rescue – Shoot a purple line to hit your ally to rescue him/her from a combo attack.
A skill used for rescuing. Your team mate is getting hit by physical attacks. String of Rescue makes your team mate invincible to physical type attacks. Goes for stages too. This also affects yourself but you get about 0.5 seconds of it because this hits twice. As you level this skill, your team mate will be able to have longer invincibility time.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

Dexterity Reinforcement – Increase dexterity.
What the skill says. DEX may seem useless but in fact, if you raise this to max you get a nice increase in Critical Hit Chance and Cool down reduction. I recommend not maxing or getting even 1 point UNTIL you max your attack skills. And if you need the small boost of DEX in Myth for 6k DEX, then okay.
All Builds – 0, Max


Mana Recovery – Increase mana regeneration speed.
Max, or get the Ancient White Dragon Set or Legendary Drake Set. Still, set effects can be disabled in PvP. I recommend max.
All Builds – 0, Max

Mana Increase – Increase capacity of MP.
Self-explanatory. Not really needed. Don’t get it.
All Builds – 0

Health Increase – Increase capacity of HP.
Self-explanatory. Max it, but if you want attack skills or the later passives that are useful, don’t get it.
All Builds – 0, Any~Max

Deadly Blow – Increase chance to deal critical damage.
This skill is a MUST max because of the percentage increase. Aren’t critical hits awesome?
All Builds – Max

Poison Effects – Apply poison to your weapons for a certain chance of hitting.
This is the passive permanent poison skill I was talking about. Its not really useful in PvP, unless you had an opponent with 100 HP. Zero Points or Max it. I recommend not getting it at all, because you can deal more damage than seconds of small poison damage.
All Builds – 0

Physical Specialization – Specialize physical skills to reinforce physical attacks.
What it means is that at a certain percentage (%), you get an increase in all physical type skills, which is all skills of Tia that don’t do Poison/Curse damage. This is fairly nice, and you must max this if you are maxing most physical skills.
All Builds – 0, Max

Deadly Poison Specialization – Specialize deadly poison to reinforce poison-type attacks.
This is for all skills that do Poison/Curse elemental damage, which is the Darkness tab. If you plan to get Spanning Throwing Knife, Shock Trap, Dark Fog and whatever else maxed (especially those three), MAX THIS. Think of the great damage you can do (you might get hated in PvP though)
All Builds – 0, Max


Allow me to give you some Tia combo vids.;=18
Basic Combos, by Me.…eature=related
By Mariah. Pro Tia combo.…eature=related
A-Shuri Variation. By Jumper.…eature=related
Thousand Thorny Shurikens, A Tia Combo Vid by Jumper…eature=related
Combo by Jumper.

Technically the videos had most combos. Use them.

Have fun Thieves!

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