Lunia Dark Eir Guide

Lunia Dark Eir Guide by PrincessLenne

Dark Eir the Dark Princess

Basic Attacks

A – Swing once with your wand.
AA – Swing twice with wand.
AAA – Swing three times with wand.
AAAA – Swing three times then thrust with book.
AAAAA – 5 strikes with the 5th hit knocking the enemy into the air.

S – Automatically make a pentagram of darkness.

SA – Draw twice then shoot a normal speed dark beam.

S A – Draw three times then shoot a less slower dark beam.
S A – Draw four times then shoot a slower dark beam.

AS – Swing then knock up enemy into the air.
AAS – Strike twice then swing wand up to knock enemy into the air.

*AAAS and AAAAS are not possible.

>>A – Thrust forward with wand.
>>AS – Thrust forward then knock up enemy into the air. A can continue after >>AS.

>>S – Thrust forward with wand to knock up opponent. Can continue with A after.

S [Space] – Backstep (Dark Eir steps back)



Strike of Darkness – Do a combo of strikes with your wand.
A good skill. This is Dark Eir’s only Hard Knockdown skill, plus you can cancel it with A, and it has endurance frames which will cancel you being flinched. You should be maxing this. If you want other skills, get at least 4 points for the endurance frames.
All Builds – 1, 4, 5, Max
Pros :
Hits are increased when you reach a certain level. Endurance frames at Lv4.
Cons : Hard knockdown will ruin combos, so time right.

Revenge of Darkness – Send your enemy in the air and unleash strikes.
Hits are increased as the skill is leveled up. Has a 15 second cool down. At least 4 points should go in this, at the most max this. Remember you need to get Strike of Darkness for this skill past Lv3.
All Builds – 0, 4, Max
Pros :
Hits increased at certain levels. Endurance Frames at Lv4. One of Dark Eir’s most useful skills.
Cons : Requires prerequisite of Strike of Darkness.

Tentacles of Darkness – Rise pillars of dark energy to pierce through enemies.
Sharp dark energy pierces foes, and it is steady high damage. It also affects those in the symbol that is on the ground. If you are attacking only 1 enemy, all multiple spikes will hit the 1 enemy, causing air combo effect. The hits are increased as you level the skill up. It is dash cancel able at any level. Tentacles of Darkness will BRING DOWN THE ENEMY IN THE AIR. This makes it useless in Myth/Stage, except on bosses. However, in PvP, this does fine damage (if you are able to get the hits) Max is great, but 2 points is the must for this. Has a 20 second cool down.
All Builds – 2, Max
Pros :
Damage is high on one enemy, while less on mobs. Can be dash canceled at anytime.
Cons : You are still for the whole cast time period. It also consumes a large amount of Skill Points for high damage.

Gaze of Darkness – Summon a field of darkness to damage enemies.
Requires 2 points of Tentacles of Darkness. I find this good, because it hits up to 8 times on ground or in air, and in air it is a height raiser. It also “locks” your enemy from escaping this skill. 1 is the minimum. Max is fine, but not recommended.
All Builds – 1, Max
Pros :
It is large, fine in damage, and has lock effect.
Cons : Requires prerequisite of 2 points of ToD.

Plague of Darkness – Release flowing darkness beads to purge through enemies.
THIS IS AN IMPORTANT SKILL because it adds an additional effect–poison reduction. You can tell when the enemy has a little “smoke effect” on their head. Plague of Darkness reduces the enemy’s defense from Poison (All Darkness skills). More level, more higher the reduction status is. This also gives neat damage and covers a mildly wide range. Max only if you are taking most of the Darkness skills maxed, along with Dark Reinforcement (see Ability Section). Though you may not use Tentacles a lot, if you team up with a Tia, she will be able to do high damage.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros : High damage, has a curse effect, which means you can slow enemies. Also, debuff lasts longer than Voice of Terror.
Cons : Cannot hit enemies in the air. This also overlaps Voice of Terror’s debuff.


Lunar Eclipse – Moon Fragments – Fire multiple crescents of chaotic power.
More of Dark Eir’s boss-only Max it, because at low levels you only get a few crescents. You will also reach high damage because of the number of crescents at high levels. Try using it on a single person in PvP. Great in stage and myth too because if you combine this with Voice of Terror (explained later), the damage nearly QUADRUPLES, therefore if you use this on a boss, the damage will be high. It is recommended to max, but not necessary if you choose not to take Voice of Terror.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros :
A lot of hits on a single enemy when maxed. Dash cancel able, and fastest cast time of all Dark Eir’s skills.
Cons : Turn-speed is slow.

Flame of Chaos – Rain down small comets of energy to crash on enemies.
The damage is VERY weak at low levels. However, if you max this, combine this with Voice of Terror (see below) and all hits hit, you will actually do more damage than Lunar Eclipse and Tentacles of Darkness. I recommend getting this because it’s powerful at max.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros :
Multiple hits at max, also endurance effect at Level 4. At Level 7, you can dash cancel out.
Cons : High damage at max.

Voice of Terror – Release a horrible cry to push back your enemies.
THIS IS AN IMPORTANT SKILL because Voice of Terror also gives that “smoke effect”, but it decreases Darkness defense (All Chaos Skills). More level, more reduction. Hits up to 3 times with high damage. It increases to 4 hits at Level 6. I HIGHLY recommend maxing, whether you don’t take most of the Chaos skills or not. There is a cool down reduction at Level 10.
All Builds – Max if possible
Pros :
Cool down reduction at max, fast cast time, plus the elemental reduction.
Cons : Eats up MP if you decide to use this a lot.

Blade of Chaos – Fire a lightning-quick bullet of a full moon to attack.
Like Eir’s Full Moon Bullet, but faster and more damaging. I recommend you max it. But if you don’t want it because of SP use, get 5. If not 5, get 1. But Lv1 won’t let you get True Blade of Chaos. Has a 15 second cool down.
All Builds – 1, 5, Max
Pros :
Very fast because of 0.5 Cast time. Maxed level gets a range boost.
Cons : Small bullet, so it captures a small range of mobs.

Pentacle of Chaos – Summon the souls of dead creatures.
Dark Eir’s Level 60 Skill. You create a pentagram on the ground and then summon multiple black souls that go really fast and pierces through enemies. It is also automatically homing on targets. You also sacrifice mana and health. Keep this at 1 point, or don’t get any at all. However, if you decide to max this, get this skill some other time. Each level you give it adds one more “soul” to attack.
All Builds – 0, 1
Pros :
Endurance Frames.
Cons : Uses a high amount of HP/MP, has 10 points. Not worth it.


NOTE that if you cancel the healing skills BEFORE THE RECOVERY, they will still not take effect. You must wait for the full animation!

Also note Dark Eir is more of damage, so if you really want to be a healer you may want to reconsider your damage build.

Recover – Heal self to recover HP.
You may think of not getting it, but it is a prerequisite skill for a couple of other healing skills. 1 point just for the self-heal effect when on Low HP, but I recommend getting the higher levels to get the other healing skills, so you can be more supportive. Has a 7 second cool down. 8 Points is recommended, maxing is great too.
All Builds – 0, 1, 3, 5, 8, Max (1 for recovery in HP to use mana potions/regenerate, 8 Gives Endurance Frames)
Pros : Higher level has higher healing.
Cons : A prerequisite for 2 other healing skills.

Butterfly of Healing – Send numerous butterflies to heal allies.
You send out, of course, butterflies that heal allies. Every level adds more butterflies, so higher level means more healing, but the amount of heal stays the same (about 143). Can fake resurrect, it’s like Kali’s Recitation. It is a very great heal, but if you are more of a damage build, do not max it. 1 point can go for fake resurrection.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max (Max for Full Support only)
Pros : More healing at higher levels. Also has a range of 300, which is very long.
Cons : Less healing at lower levels.

Wave of Quick Healing – Flow darkness and heal allies quickly.
You must have a prerequisite of Recover of 3 points to use this skill. This healing skill is very great. However, it has a 40 second cool down, 2 second cast time, and the Lv1 range is 30. You will either 0 point this or max it. Your choice. I, myself would put in 1 point because I can use that extra 30 range just for fake resurrection potential. Max ONLY if you are a Full Support build. It’s not that much healing power at high level.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max
Pros :
Fake resurrection potential. Increasing range each level. Lv5 gets endurance frames.
Cons : Long cool down and consumes large mana. Requires 3 points of Recover.

Shadow of Healing – Heal allies through flow of the shadows.
THIS SKILL DOES NOT AFFECT YOURSELF. Think of like Tentacles of Darkness, but healing team mates. Since there are circles rising under your team mates, if you stay in one place, you will max out the potential of SoH. For example, Dark Eir has three people in front of them. If they all stay in the VERY SAME SPOT, they will get the heals because all of them were in the same place and still got each others’ heals. Higher level can heal more times. 1 Point for fake resurrection only. Max is fine as well, but not recommended.
All Builds – 1
Pros :
Fake resurrection potential.
Cons : Not a lot of healing, and it spreads out if used on multiple allies.

Magic Circle of Healing – Flow darkness through allies in a circle.
You must have a prerequisite of Resuscitation of 5 points to use this skill. You create a circle IN FRONT OF YOU to heal 3 times. Remember the note of the Healing section that you need to wait fully for the heal to take effect? Moonlight Healing is an exception. Once the animation starts, you can DASH CANCEL to the circle to heal yourself and others. It’s a fine healing skill but it takes time. I like 1 point for fake resurrection.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max (Maxed for FS only)
Pros :
A self and others heal, and you still get healed after dash cancel. Fake resurrection potential.
Cons : Requires 5 points of Recover.

Life Conversion – Sacrifice health to regain mana.
You do not need this. It has mild HP cost. You can wait for Mana Regeneration instead, or join a guild. If you feel you can deal with the cost of HP, go on, but I recommend not.
All Builds – 0, Any~Max
Pros :
Gives you more mana.
Cons : Use at the right time.

Bless Section

*All of Dark Eir’s blesses (except Nightmare) also affect party members.

Power of Darkness – Improve dark power to increase strength.
You mainly increase your STR status, which is great. I suggest maxing, if you have points. You gradually lose amounts of HP after using Power of Darkness. Using it in Myth is great.
All Builds – Any ~ Max
Pros :
More STR, more damage.
Cons : Gradual HP lost. Larger total lost as level is higher.

Lunar Eclipse – Fury of Blood – Increase maximum damage effects.
Self-explanatory. Affects allies near you. You take gradual damage just like Power of Darkness. Take 5 points if you want the Shield of Darkness bless later. Requires 1 Black Pearl at Lv3 and so on.
All Builds – 0, 5
Pros : More maximum damage.
Cons : Useless, unless you like to melee.

Nightmare – Send enemies into a nightmare-filled sleep.
Dark Eir’s sleep spell. Each level adds .30 seconds, and the max level gives 5 seconds of sleep. Not many Dark Eir’s find this useful. However, others say it’s great, like me. Requires 1 Black Pearl. Requires 2 at max level.
Stage – 0
PvP/Hybrid – 0, 1
Pros :
A stun spell.
Cons : Requires a high amount of points for a higher sleep time.

Shield of Darkness – Create a curtain of darkness around you and party members to be invincible to all damage.
Requires prerequisite of Lunar Eclipse – Fury of Blood of 5 points. If you attack, the effect wears off immediately. At Lv3, it will give 30 Mana Regeneration but will require 1 Black Pearl each level. Level 6 and 9 will increase the range. Max level and +1 or +2 dyes will reduce cool down. I recommend only getting 1 point, but maxing it is quite nice because you get MP recovery for about 14 seconds. It basically replaces the MP you lost for Shield of Darkness. You still, however, can replace this with Mana Potions. But since you cannot use Mana Potions in PvP, this is quite useful.
All Builds – 0, Any~Max
Pros :
6 Seconds invincibility at Lv1. Mana Regeneration at Lv3.
Cons : Mana R. is limited.

Bloody Contract – Sacrifice parts of your life to create an invincible effect.
This skill is very weird yet useful. You get the endurance effect, which is very useful, but you get much more gradual damage (42 Dmg at Lv1). The skill requires Black Pearl and more are used as you level the skill. 1~Any points is great for a boss that uses knock downs a lot or you can live longer in PvP. This skill is looked down upon very greatly in PvP, don’t try using it too often or you’ll make people mad–and you will be hated.
All Builds – 0, 1~Any
Pros :
An anytime endurance potion skill. Longer survivability.
Cons : You can actually grab an endurance pot yourself, and it’s hated in PvP.

Ability Section

Mana Increase – Increase mana capacity.
Self explanatory. You can get extra mana if you like. I recommend not getting any points.
All Builds – 0, Any~Max

Mana Recovery – Increase rate of mana regeneration.
Self explanatory. Max it or depend on mana potions, Life Transition, AWD/AEH set, etc. I recommend using Guild Mana Potions or this.
All Builds – 0, Max

Concentration – Increase chance to reduce consumption of mana to 0.
Like all the other magicians’ skills, you have a low chance of not using mana for a spell. Your choice to max, but I recommend not. You can use Price of Sacrifice to keep up your mana, then heal yourself.
All Builds – 0, 1

Deadly Magic Blow – Increase chance of inflicting a critical hit.
For the elemental spells only, you get a chance of being able to get a critical hit. I recommend 1 point, and your choice to max.
All Builds – 1

Health Increase – Increase health capacity.
Self explanatory. Max it to survive longer, or get 1 point for just an extra 100 points.
All Builds – Any

Dark Reinforcement – Increase poison elemental damage.
Requires prerequisite of Plague of Darkness Lv3. This is a passive where all “Poison” element damage gets increased. Max only if you get Plague of Darkness maxed along with the Darkness section.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros : Higher damage for the Darkness skills (Poison elemental).

Cons : High point use.

Chaos Reinforcement – Increase curse elemental damage.
Requires prerequisite of Voice of Terror Lv3. Same thing as Dark Reinforcement but affects your curse damage skills or your Chaos tab. Max for users maxing most of the chaos skills.
All Builds – Max
Pros : Higher damage for the Chaos skills (Darkness elemental).

Cons : High point use.


True Tentacles of Darkness – Rise pillars of dark energy to pierce through enemies.
Higher damage than regular DT. The new effect of Tentacles makes this nearly useless in Myth, except the bosses. However, damage in PvP is high. Your choice to take this, since this is an RB skill.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros : Slightly larger range, larger damage.
Cons : In PvP, rebirth can be disabled.

True Gaze of Darkness – Summon a field of darkness to damage enemies.
Larger field and larger damage. Has a 25 second cool down.
All Builds – 0, 1
Pros : Larger field, larger damage.
Cons : In PvP, rebirth can be disabled.

True Shadow of Healing – Flow darkness through allies to heal them.
The same effects from regular Shadow Healing apply here, you just heal more HP. 1 point for fake resurrection. Max for FS.
All Builds – 0, 1
Pros : More healing.
Cons : You only need this for Fake Resurrection, or not get it at all.

True Blade of Chaos – Fire a lightning-quick bullet of chaos to attack.
You must have 5 points as a prerequisite of regular Blades of Chaos to use this skill.
The difference, is a different color and very larger, also hitting more. 1 point is a must, max is good.
All Builds – 1, Max
Pros : Larger damage, larger range.
Cons : Requires 5 points regular Blades of Chaos. AND, 30 sec cool down.

Ultimate Royal Knights Summon – Summon the knights from the dark abyss to rampage through enemies.
Dark Eir’s ultimate. Up to 12 hits, 3000~8000 damage a piece.

Video :

All of Dark Eir’s skills and some combos are in this video if you are curious of her skills.

Enjoy, fellow Dark Princesses!

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