Lunia Magical Dyes Guide

Lunia Magical Dyes Guide by mrdorkus

As of 4/20/10, all RB skill dyes (+1 or +2) are available via cash shop (30 or 100 g coins respectively, quite expensive). The only skill dye you cannot buy now are the ultimate skill dyes (only +1 available now from blue cyrstal apple).

As of 4/8/10, there are 2 RB Skill dyes released in the cash shop, which you can buy (either +1 or +2 version for 30g coins and 100g coins respectively). There are still no +2 skill dyes for the other 2 RB skills or Ultimate skill yet.

As of 3/25/10, with the release of Dark Eir, the remaining +2 skill dyes for the regular item slots have appeared. So currently, the only skills that do not have +2 are Ultimate, level 60 (the one that fits in all places, not just in one specific spot) and the other rare spots (mask/back/lower/etc1)

As of 3/10/10, there’s an update to the cash items again, this time giving you +2 skill dyes to the remaining main pieces (trousers/weapon/support), there’s a total of 7 skill dyes for each character this time. Keep in mind, these +2 skills are not all of the available skills for the specific area (just like the previous update, there’s more +1 skill dye variety than +2).

As of 2/24/10, there’s an update to the cash items where you can buy some of the skill dyes without getting them through “Blue Crystal Apple”. These new skills dyes gives +2 instead of +1 to the skills but only some skills are available through this method. These are all non-rb skill dyes and will work anywhere UNLESS they are applied to myth cash items (See fact #21 for more info but since the only myth cash items currently are the RB rings, this is moot point and will only apply in the future when there’s myth cash items available and yes, there will be). Currently, there’s 11 +2 skill dyes available for each class and they’re only some of the skills that apply to shoes/shirt/hands/heads. There no +2 for trousers/weapon/support or the other 5 rare cash areas. (I predicted there was going to be +2 skill dyes, and it’s here and I predict there will be more +2 skill dyes out later for the other spots as well as more skill options for the ones cash spots available now). However, keep in mind that these +2 skill dyes are NOT tradable.

There’s not much description or explanation on how this works, and I’m hoping to clarify or gain more knowledge on this new potion. There are 2 magical dyes that I know of….

1) Magical Dye of Stats

a) [Attack/STR/DEX/VIT/INT] [+7/+9/+11] – Obtain by buying them with g coins, cost 5/6/7 g coins respectively.

b) STR+20/VIT+14/INT+15/DEX+21 – Obtain from opening Blue Crystal Apple (% Chance ???), cost 10 g coins.

2) Magical Dye of Skill – Obtain from opening Blue Crystal Apple (% Chance ???), cost 10 g coins.

01. Magical Dyes only works on Cash Items or Fashionable Items as they are called now.
02. STR Dyes only work on Weapon/Hand/Shoe cash items.
03. DEX/VIT/INT Dyes only work on Leg/Head/Body/Support cash items.
04. Attack Dyes gives damage and works on all cash item that STR/DEX/VIT/INT dyes work on (not anything else) and can only be found by buying from g coins. (Only tested on Cash items like HG, Spiritual Laurels, Devil’s Tail, but did not test them on RB Skill Rings, anybody care to test it and let me know?)
05. Only Dyes from Blue Crystal Apple are tradable.
06. Some Dyes will add level requirement (you can still wear the cash item based on the level of the cash item) that will have the stat or skill only be active once you meet the level requirement.
07. +7 Stat Dyes does have any level requirement for the stat to be active.
08. +9 Stat Dyes has a level requirement of 50 for the stat to be active.
09. +11/+14/+15/+20/+21 Stat Dyes has a level requirement of 70 for the stat to be active. Also, all of the stat dyes from the Blue Crystal Apple are myth only.
10. Dyes of Skill gives +1 to a specific skill of the class that opens the Blue Crystal Apple. There are Dyes for Ultimate RB, Regular RB, Level 60, and most regular skills (including more useful passive and blessings skills)
11. Ultimate RB Skill and level 60 Skill Dyes can be applied to ALL cash items. (thank phizzypop & MicaPwned for this info)
12. 1st RB Skills can only be applied to “Lower” cash items.
13. 2nd RB Skills can only be applied to “Mask” cash items.
14. 3rd RB Skills can only be applied to “Etc 1” cash items.
15. 4th RB Skills can only be applied to “Back” cash items.
16. The remaining Regular skills has a specific place it fits (in one of the 7 areas, Head/Hand/Body/Weapon/Trouser/Shoe/Support)
17. STR+14 Dyes has a typo in the title (the description for STR+14 shows the actual stat gain which is +20 STR). (thank icecue7 & LordTwitch for this info)
18. INT+14 Dyes has a typo in the title (the description for INT+14 shows the actual stat gain which is +15 INT).
19. Stat Dyes from cash shop applies everywhere (stage/pvp/myth/training) while Stat Dyes from Blue Crystal Apple only applies to Myth. (thank icecue7 for this info)
20. You can only have 1 bonus skill and 1 stat for each cash item with the Dye system. However, does can mean you can have more than 1 skill on a cash item if the cash item itself already has a skill (see phizzypop’s post #29 for more info). This will only apply to a old skill ring before the patch on 2/11/10, for the new skill rings, it seems the skill dye will just replace the skill on the ring so be careful. See fact 25 for more info.
21. Keep in mind that the original cash item take precedence over whether or not the skill is active or not. Meaning if the cash item (such as RB rings) only works in Myth, the stat/skill dye on the item will only work/be active in Myth as well (you also must meet the level requirement of that particular stat or skill). Therefore, if you want the particular skill/stat dye to work everywhere, you should not put it on myth cash items. (thank phizzypop for this info)
22. Having the Ultimate Skill on your cash item will not give you the Ultimate Skill unless you have read the Ultimate Skill book previously. (thank MicaPwned for this info)
23. You can apply Dyes to all cash items, including level 1 cash items or ones you get from Star Boxes. (thank icecue7 for this info)
24. It’s not possible to get +2 to the same skill if you use 2 of the same skill dye on the same cash item. It’s possible to add a skill using the skill dye to a cash item which original has a skill on it either by default or because of old fortification potions, but remember, you cannot go beyond +2. (thank Tiamat for this info)
25. The old fortification will be recognized as a “stat” to the new system. So whether or not you got a stat or a skill from the old fortification, you cannot add a stat dye to it, otherwise, it’ll replace it. So you should only add skill dyes to old fortifications (regardless of if it’s a stat or skill unless you purposely want to replace it) and make sure it’s a DIFFERENT skill if your old skill is already +2 since it will not surpass +2.
26. +2 to a specific skill is the maximum you can have (applies to all items accumulation), meaning, if I have a +1 ultimate skill on a “back” item and another one on a “lower” item, I shouldn’t add a ultimate skill dye to any other item since I can never go past a +2 (in which case, the max for Ultimate skill is level 3). (thank icecue7 for this confirmation)
27. Thank Suikoden108 for posting the following information:

Old Stat Fortification + New Skill WILL stack
Old Skill Foritfication + New Skill WILL stack (however, it will not go pass +2 to the same skill).
Old Stat Fortification + New Stat WILL NOT stack (new stat will replace)
New Skill + New Stat WILL stack
New Skill A + New Skill B = New Skill B
New Stat A + New Stat B = New Stat B

28. Old skill + new stat (dye) will also not stack. The stat replaces the skill. (thank lxlvlagiclxl for this info)
29. Having +1 or +2 to a skill that you do not have will automaticaly grant you the use of that skill if you meet the requirements. For instance, if you meet the level requirement of using a attack skill but put no points into that skill. The +1 or +2 to that skill from your cash item will grant you the ability to use that skill. Keep in mind that since the requirement for Ultimate skill is level 85 AND being RB with total of 180 levels AND reading the skill book for it, you will be able to use the skill once you meet the requirements with +1 skill dyes.

ASSUMPTIONS/QUESTIONS (can people/GM confirm these):
– None that I know of currently.

Technically, the best you can get are listed below, but keep in mind that some skills only fit in certain parts of the cash item (the only two skills that are universal are level 60 and ultimate skill but these are probably more rare than the other skills).
Also, in order to see which regular skill fits where, do the following (there’s too many classes and too many skills to list them all unless I get help): Go to “Preview Fashionable Items” in square, then in the bottom left corner, there’s 10 pages which list 2 cash items on each page, go to the first page. There you will see “Blue Crystal Apple”, hold the ctrl button and left mouse click it and a list of items will pop up. These are what you will possibly find if you open up the “Blue Crystal Apple” with your particular class, go to the last 2 pages to see the skill dyes and see the name of the skill and where it fits (it’s listed in the instruction). Hope this helps in your decision of what goes where.

Myth Only
– +21 DEX OR +14 VIT OR +15 INT OR +11 Attack AND +1/+2 regular skill (3 or 4 selections) OR Level 60 OR Ultimate Skill for Leg/Head/Body/Support
– +20 STR OR +11 Attack AND +1/+2 regular skill (3 or 4 selections) OR Level 60 OR Ultimate Skill for Hand/Weapon/Shoe

Everything else (such as stage)
– +11 DEX OR VIT OR INT OR Attack AND +1/+2 regular skill (3 or 4 selections) OR Level 60 OR Ultimate Skill for Leg/Head/Body/Support
– +11 STR OR Attack AND +1/+2 regular skill (3 or 4 selections) OR Level 60 OR Ultimate Skill for Hand/Weapon/Shoe

– +1 Level 60 OR RB Skills (each of the 4 RB fits in a special area) OR Ultimate Skill for Mask/Lower/Back/Etc 1/Etc 2. (Attack Dyes, even though it says “All” does not work on these type of cash items).

I’ll probably add more assumptions/questions to this and move some assumption to the fact section. If anybody has more information to add to this information, please let me know and I will credit you, unless you specifically don’t want me to. Also, if you have any questions I don’t know about, please ask and I’ll add it here too.

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    Um…… I'm sorry that I can't understand this, but say your move max is 11 and you have a cash item or fashionable item that has +2 for that skill, will your move be level 13/11 and it would be better than the level 11/11 or would it just have the same stats as the 11/11. I would like to know because it would be very helpful to me since I have a relatively low int for my Eir and I need my healing moves to heal more than it should right now. Thank you for this great review. It is very detailed!

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