Lunia Leveling Guide

Lunia Leveling Guide by Suikoden

First of all, even though this is a leveling guide, take the game slowly and enjoy it.

Episode 1 H
Do every stage of Episode 1 or do Ramancha Hunting Ground.

At 1-5H, there is a weapon quest. It gives decent amount of exp and another quest to continue on 2-5H.

At 1-10H, there are a few quests, do 2 to 3 runs to finish it.

Episode 2 H
Do every stage of Episode 2 or do Yeti Hunting Ground.

At 2-5H, continue the weapon quest. It gives another quest to continue at 3-5H.

At 2-10H, there are A LOT of quests, it takes 4 to 5 runs.

After the quests, you should have automatically unlocked a stage between 3-5 and 3-10H.

Episode 3 H
Do 3-5H for the weapon and a decent amount of exp.

At 3-10H, you may notice the quests are starting to require more killing but gives more exp, yay!

By the time you finish 3-10H, you would have unlocked a few stages of Episode 1 L. Don’t do it, it is not worth it. Proceed to Episode 4 H

Episode 4 H

Do 4-5H for the weapon and exp.

At 4-10H, theres only a few quest, might take 3 to 4 runs. Not that bad…I guess…
Take note: One of the quest requires you to kill “Illusionary Beast”, due to the 8/26 Update, you can not accomplish this quest anymore. Give it up or don’t take it at all.
After you finish these quests, you would have unlocked a few stages of Episode 2L. Do it if you want to or proceed to Episode 5 H.

Episode 2 L

Only do this if you need the Legendary Drake Items. The exp in 2-10L is kinda okay, but Episode 5 H would be better.

Episode 5 H

Do 5-5H for the weapon and exp.

At 5-10H, do the quests. It will take 4 to 6 runs. Good luck with Lir(Pfft, its not L yet, but whatever).
After this, you would have unlocked Episode 3 L and some of Episode 4 L. Leave this for now and proceed to Episode 6 H.

Episode 6 H


They nerfed Closed Mine, not even worth it now. Maybe for 60-63, but whatever.

Do 6-5H for the weapon and exp.
Okay, some tips. I was using a newly made Sieg when the update came, so here are my views on this. The first 5/6 rooms are bosses. Oh noes 6 bosses!? NO! They died(or almost, at least) in 1 DFist + Rage. Tricky part: The last room requires you to bash on pillars and then bash on a gate. This might take 2 goes. Not that hard? Theres lightnings that hit every 1.5 seconds(guesstimate) the room. You wont survive if you try to run back and forth. A Sieg or Krieg with Magic defense might help.

Do 6-10H
Yay for the plethora of quests…not >_>. They give low exp, but you got no choice, GG! Do it and finish it in 4 to 7 runs, depending on how much stuff you kill and if you succeed. Also, Soldin only appears if you do the stage fats enough with an Eir. Turn it in, enjoy. You’re about 60-63 now. Yay for Lvl 60 skill!

Proceed to 4-10L, yes, trust me.

Episode 4 L

This will take 3 to 5 runs.
After, you are done with these, proceed to 5-10L without turning the quests in.

Episode 5 L

Do 5-10L, just farm it. If you’re new with a bunch of more newbies, most likely you won’t survive Legendary Lir, she 1HKOs. DO NOT TURN THE QUESTS IN!

Proceed to 6-10L

Episode 6 L

Do 6-10L. Farm it, try and beat the boss, its great exp. Ok now, you’re still probably level 65 because you did not turn the quests from 4-10L and 5-10L. After you finish the quests, only turn in the quests that give low exp (300K to 600K). Keep the 800K-1Mil ones.

Go back to 4-10L.

Episode 4 L Revisited

Kill Legendary Tarask. Why?
1. Legendary Lir is too hard for most people.
2. Legendary Rigel/Soldin is not good in exp:time ratio. Also, kinda hard.

When you hit Lvl 67 or 68(Recommended 68), turn in all your quests to reach lvl 70, Yay!!! OmgWtfBBQSauce!!!

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