Lunia Lime Guide

Lunia Lime Guide by Paraesmic

Sieg’s party saved him when he was about to die from
drowning. Eir adores Lime and he follows Eir wherever
she goes. He’s slow and lazy and only cares about
eating and sleeping, but he does anything for Eir.

1. Basical Movement [BAS]
2.Skills [SKI][LIST][*]Attack[ATT][*]Transformation[TRA][*]Eruption[ERU][*]Bless[BLE][*]Passives[PAS][*]Rebirth[RBS][/LIST]3. Combo/Pvp[CPV]
4. Builds
5. Credits

**use CTRL+F using the 3letters in the [.] to find faster what you are looking for.

1. Basical Movement [BAS]

– bite

– bite fast and knockdown

– Down attack/hit also when the enemy is not standing on the floor

A+Space – bite and spit out a little slime. Find out what it does ;D

NOTE: After 4 a’s, space s and a+space you are flinched for 1 second, if you are fast enough you can dash out of that.

2. Skills [SKI]

Attack [ATT]

All these skills have 11 levels instead of what some calculator say…


It Basically make you jump forward two times and throw the enemies in the air.
It’s a good combo starter even if it’s weak.
Best used: versus a small enemy that can be air comboed.
MYTH: 1 or 0

Pyorok TongTong

Dash forward at the opponent with all your force. Got tiny invi-frame.
Best used: ?
STAGE, PVP: 1 or 0
MYTH: 0, 1

Rolling Rolling Thud

Roll and attack the enemy, if you get the enemy in the air you will combo it, if you hit the enemy on the ground you will knockback it. (If you try to use a calculator you will see a damage, that damage belongs to the final attack, the first roll makes normal damage)
I like it and I use it often, it’s verygood for combos
Best used: when the enemy is in the air, when the enemy is near a wall ( so it doesn’t get knocked back far from you.). Very good also versus bosses.

MYTH: 1 or Maxed

Wiggling Jelly
Install a filth that make fly in the air whoever touches it. It is a powerful skill (pvp pvp pvp)
Best used: in pvp versus a single enemy. In stage it hardly hit all the mobs. Nice fmg when maxed.
PVP: Max

Sticky Jelly
Spit 5 filths that freeze whoever touches them. Useful when you are in danger.
Best used: Defensive skill. use it wehn you need time and a barrier.
MYTH:1, 0(you have the rebirth one)

Shiny Shung
Spit out something alike the wari attack. It fly at the nearest enemy, at level 1 it can inflict a maximum of 7 chain, but it has a reeally short range. It is ice-based, if you face a fire-based enemy you will do 2x dmg (1.5x? need a confirm?)
Stage: 0
Pvp: 1 or 0
MYTH: 0 (not sure)

Transformation [TRA]

Shuk Shuk Lime
Transfor into a faster (and smaller) lime. You inflict more damage, some limes take it, but I don’t really suggest it because it’s hard to use and at high level becomes weak.
Best used:?
Stage: 1 or reccomended 0
PVP: 1 or 0

Biki Lime
Transform into a orange lime with poison power. You are pretty slow but using kawabunga before this skill will kill that slowness… In pvp you can do a glitchy combo with this xform.
STAGE: 1 or reccomended 0
PVP: 1, Max

Bumba Lime
Transform in a bigger lime (not enormous) with stronger attack then normal. Get 1 point because at lvl 40 you will need it; without at least one point on it you can’t take that transformation (the lvl 40 one).
ALL: 1 (or 0 if you can get an sp reset)

Pang Pang Lime
Transform in a green lime with powerful poison and missile attacks. I suggest to MAX it (that’s why I don’t take Biki Lime, Pang Pang’s poison is enough). You can be knockeddown and combo’d
A: Powerful missil, pierce. Main and strongest attack. S: shoots 4 missiles that don’t pierce. Space: Create a slow poisonous fog for a moment, inflicts the state of poisoned.

Cool Wabang Lime
Big green lime, this is pretty much the most used xfrom with Pang Pang. It can be HardKnockedDown
A: Bite and make the enemy go in the air. S: create 3 freezing limes. If you press S you can’t stop the move. Space: roll around hitting everything you touche. Main attack. It’s air-comboable after A.

Cool Pang Pang Lime
Transform in a BIG blue lime (like the 1-3 boss). Decide what you want… But I think that you can’t miss the lvl 60 Skill for every class…Anyway this xform attacks VER VERY slow. You can’t be knocked down and HDK.
A: slow and colourful attack. Like the 1-3 boss. S: Throw limes in XX° angle (need to know)
Space: Throw slimes, 360° grades radius.
STAGE: 1 or Max
Pvp: 1, you are too big and you can be spammed to death too easily
Myth: 1(reccomended) or Max

Eruption [ERU]

Note: From a recent patch you don’t need reagents anymore to use lvl1+ of these skills
Note2: all these skills have a tiny invincibility frame at the beginning.

Attack Lime Shung
It can be useful in pvp, in stage they become useless starting from mid-high levels. For the stagers, no point. If you pvp one point is good.
PvP: 1

Slow Lime Shung
Never seen this skill working. So I don’t think it’s a good skill even because the effect it’s WEAK.
PvP: 1 or 0 (reccomended)

Poison Lime Shung
Like Attack Shun or Poison Shung. Don’t get this skill if you are a stager/myther.
PvP: 1 or 0 (reccomended)

Stunned Lime Shung
This skill can be used in pvp to stun people and let you do something like start a combo or heal youself while the enemy is stunned. However attack slime is still the best because it has the lowest mp consumption.
PvP: 1 or 0 (reccomended)

Freezing Lime Shung
Simply WOW it makes a ring of little flying slime around you. The best skill in pvp. But one point on it is enough =)
ALL: 1

Pang Lime Shung
It makes a Big Blue Lime that attack the enemy or just scarry him (LOL). It can absorb every enemy’s missile attack.
ALL: 1

Bless [BLS]

you know, lime is barely slow. Kowabunga makes you faster. 100% is enough (lvl 9)
ALL: 9 or Max if you have the points

Rejuvenation Potion
Useful for fake resurrection, 1 point is enough.
ALL: 1

Mana Potion
I suggest this skill for stagers. Maybe your healer (or you) will need some FAST mana. Here it is!
ALL: 1 or 0

Dexterity,Intelligence and Defense Potion
No Point Useless =
ALL: 0


Deadly Blow
You MUST love the critical since lime is a melee class xD. MAX MAX MAX

Mana Regeneration
This skill is quite important if you are a big user of transformation (that’s probable) or if you have one of the attack skill maxed (high mp cost). Anyway I suggest maxing it if you have spare points. Note: if you use sets like Drake’s or Ancient Elf Hero or White Dragon this skill can be useless since you get 7/10mp regen ;D
Pvp: Max

Hp Regenaration
Free Hp. IMO this skill is very good. I would max it, I don’t see anypoint about leaving it at 0


Hp Increase
This depends on your playstyle, but since lime transformation can be killed easily high hp can help you!

mana Increase
I’m not sure about this skill… I’d leave it at 0 =)
ALL: ??

NB: About ERUPTION skills, there’s still a big discussion: someone thinks that those 4 skills which create 2/3/4 little limes can be useful for pvp OR stages. Personally I suggest getting just one point on one skill of that table, but you can also get one point on every skill (not a bad idea). But, Imo it’s a personal choice.

Rebirth Skills [RBS]

*For all these skills you need to rebirth at least once
New Sticky Jelly
Spit on the ground 5 big jellys. They stay on the ground and keep on damaging everything that touches it.
Best Used: against bosses who can’t move/move a little. Big monsters.
PvP: 0 (considering that usually rebirth is disabled)

New KungiKungi
The big version on normal kungikungi. The attack has more range but also does less damage.
Pvp: 0 or 1, depending if you are going to be full pvp or not
Myth: 1 or Max

New Shiny Shung
Again, a large version of the normal one. Like kungi, more range but less damage.
Stage and Myth: 0 or 1
Pvp: 0

Ultimate Roll Bump
*You need to rebirth once and have total-level of 90
Differently from RTT, you roll on the enemy without knockbacking it. At the same time a big blue lime appear and roll on the monsters moving them.
This skill is awesome, nice damage and low cd (20seconds)
PVP:0 or 1

4. Combo

1. (space) Easiest combo


3. KungKungi + Wiggling Jelly > turn around while player is in the air stiart with Rolling Thud
with KungKungi + Wiggling Jelly>

You can start a combo also using S that makes the enemy go in the air or A+Space.


I’ll assume you’re facing 6 or to the right. Aesthetically, Lime has almost no combos. If you were to say that, you’d be right. The idea for all combos are basically the same: Knock them in the air, launch them with Wiggling Jelly, and then do something to them while they’re coming down, like Rolling Rolling Thud or Pyororok (though Rolling Rolling Thud definitely does more damage.) […]

[Knockdown ] [Launcher] [Damage]

Insert as you see fit. Many times it depends on the situation.


That’s My Personal Build: a kind of hybrid (better for pvp): XXX

Stage Build: XXX
many spare points

Rebirth Stage-Myth Build: XXX

All the credits for this guide are mine : ~ Paraesmic.
Thanks to ijji for hosting Lunia and thanks and thanks everyone who’ll help me keep alive this guide =D

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