Lunia Dacy Skill Analysis Guide

Lunia Dacy Skill Analysis Guide by XwariX

INTRODUCTION: This guide was made to give enough information to anyone trying to make a Dacy build that will fit their playing style.

Note: Please excuse my spelling as i am used to typing in abreviations like you=u and other things like that.These are also just suggestions

Skill name Rating (x/10)


Doll skill

A weasel looking doll that basically rams itself into other opponents. It is the first doll to be able to get.
Skill lvl:0 (there are better dolls than this, not one of the “main” dolls used in builds)

Wari (10/10)
A dog looking doll that shoots 2 beams one at a time that split up to 2 more beams for a total of 5 beams(they follow the target). A must doll, because it can stay put and attack monsters from far away. Basically just a buddy to help you out. he does very nice damage also.
Skill lvl:6 (The main doll for all builds, i personally have never seen a dacy without it.)

A sheep looking doll that has 2 different attack modes. One mode is that it shoots 3 small clouds on the ground that can hits the monster around 3-5 times. the second attack mode is that it can melee (do the little dance kicking flip stuff(in mini size ^^))
Skill lvl: 0 (after re-thinking it, i haven’t used this doll in like 3 weeks so don’t get it)

The biggest doll, taller than dacy. I don’t have this doll but what i have observed is that it is a very slow doll, and only headbutts the enemy. A good thing about this doll though is that it can not be knocked down or up. The upside it looks so innocent just like wari haha.
Skill lvl: 0 (same reason as Francoise)

A cat looking doll that when spawned runs aprox 2 dashes in front of you attacking monsters. Its attack is a flower field that is as big as a ogre lord more or less (the field isn’t tall just big) when monsters step into the field of flowers they go to “sleep” as in are immoble becoming easier targets.
Skill lvl: 1,2,3 (based on how much you want it)

A fat panda doll that spawns bamboo. the monsters will run up to the bamboo and start going for it rather than you. Pandano also runs around in a blue sphere that later explodes causing a mini size dongdong gurum kung (knocking them down as well).
Skill lvl: 1 (no need to put an extra point in it, its already good at lvl 1)

Happy Dance(7/10)
Ok this skill is a bit hard to explain. You summon 6 pillars of blue with all 6 dolls around you dancing around. when an enemy touches it, they start taking damage. The area of affect is around the size of a dongdong gurum kong attack. So it is pretty large, the set back tho is after the skill is done, you are still dancing in the middle left vulnerable.
Skill lvl: 1 (very effective at lvl 1)

Note: most of the time the two dolls your going to be using are wari and catchvee or wari and pandano.

Sewing skills

Shining Needle(7/10)
The definition of the skill says it all. Basically you throw a needle, that’s all. Useful for a low mana finishing off kill when the monster has low hp.
Skill lvl:0,1 (in pvp can be used to continue a combo)

Slippery Sheet(9/10)
A skill where you have a rug, and you place it under them and flip them up in the air. Very nice damage. Highly recommended. Also a good thing about this skill, if the monster is already on the ground and you don’t wanna down atack them, just use this it will flip them into the air again. very useful skill and low recharge.
Skill lvl: 10,11

Boink Glove(10/10)
Another very useful skill you summon 3 boxing gloves infront of you attacking them monster 3 times even tho it looks like 2 times. one time for popping out, one time for the first blow, and one time for the final blow. Very high damage and very useful. Always a good finishing off skill in pvp or staging either way very nice skill.
Skill lvl: 10,11

Double Double needle bomb(7/10)
Meh… your just kicking needles at the opponent 4 times making them not able to move for a little while after each hit. Can go through multiple enemies are still do the not moving effect. Your choice to invest in the skill or not. Gets very good at lvl 10 almost a triple damage increase. It also follows the target.
Skill lvl: 10,11 (at 11 the damage is tripled from lvl 9)(staging/pvp skill)

Bundle Bundle Net (7/10)
Pretty much exactly like double double needle bomb but you only throw one needle the damage is better but more pvp than staging because in pvp it will do very nice damage and keep the enemy at one spot for a nice thunder candy.
Skill lvl: 9 (this is a pvp skill)

Surprise Bomb(8.5/10)
Haha, one of my favorite skills. Dacy pulls out a bomb is all like wth, and it explodes in her hand point blank. The skill has incredible damage. The only skill that goes over 1k damage in the skill discription. The reason why i didn’t put anything above 8.5 was because it does damage Dacy.
Skill lvl: 9,10

Hot-To-Trot repeat blow (6/10)
Ok first you start off charging about 1 dashing distance, then you smack the enemy smack it 3-4 more times with fire fists from around you, then you let out a barrage of mini punches in front of you. Very fun to use, but ur vulnerable as your charging for the first punch.
Skill lvl:1

Battle Skills

Pink Roll Punch(6/10)
Its the weakest skill and should not be invested with points, but in PvP you can cancel some invincible frame skills to run away and not be inflicted with damages that’s being planned for you.
Skill lvl: 1

Thunder Candy(9.75/10)
By far the #1 dacy attack, You summon a giant big round ball with pink and black stripes that rolls a nice distance, doing very high damage to the monster multiple times. Downside like a 3 second casting time. But while you are casting you have invinsible frames. At the end you are left vulnerable for about a second.
Skill lvl: 10 (MAX MAX MAX MAX)

DongDong Gurum Kung(6/10)
ok, you jump up and land on your feet creating a blue wave stunning all the enemies in the area. Large circle of effect and a very helpful skill. But not a big fighting skill.
Skill lvl: 1,10,11 (put one point into it at least, if you like it put more)

Reckless Repeat Punch (7.5/10)
You most likely have seen this skill before. You summon 3 giant francoise and they start doing a punching combo for around 2-4 secs. Gives invinsible frames for the duration and there is no vulnerable area after the skill. Downside the damage isn’t that great.
Skill lvl: 1

Fuzzy Whirlwind (7/10)
You create a small tornadoe in your area while you are in the middle of it. When an enemy comes up to you they start flying higher and high up the tornadoe. Good for comboing if you can get your timing right.
Skill lvl: 1

Catch Catch Kick (7/10)
You summon a catchvee that does a kick all the way infront of you, the distance of a thundercandy, kicking everything in its path. Similar to when you summon a catchvee as a doll.
Skill lvl: 1

Bumpy Dash (8/10)
Summon 3 dolls that run as a group in front of you very similar to catch catch kick with a bigger area to hit. They do more damage than catch catch kick and is a good follow up after thunder candy to kill the monster if they somehow miraculously live.
Skill lvl:1


Fortify seal(-10/10)
HORRIBLE SKILL. SKIP IT! all you do is add defence to urself. WHAT GOOD IS THAT?! seriously let’s just skip this one.
Skill lvl:000(i’m serious you don’t wanna invest in this)

Fake Tear(8/10)
Its a useful skill because pretty much its only costing 1 Black pearl at all levels. It helps in Stage + PvP.
Stage – Probably dodging a boss’s powerful attack (such as Lir’s OMFGHAXING ray skill)
PvP – Miss a Tia’s Backstab/Dodge a bit of Lv60 Skills.
Skill lvl: 0,1

Counterattack of the sleeping person(7/10)
A very useful skill but very vulnerable. you stay in one spot sleeping with a little snot bubble in your face. At the third bubble your hands will start glowing yellow balls. that means the skill is active but you will be immoble for a second while you start waking up. Ok once you are awake you can move around. This is when the fun begins. All physical attacks will do criticals. For example Thunder Candy. Every blow with the thunder candy will be a critical attack. very very cool and strong skill this is. But people choose not to invest in it. At lvl 6, you only need 2 regents and when the skill is done, you can re-cast it because when you go to sleep the skill starts recharging but you don’t use the skill yet. You need to have 1 point in Deadly Blow though.
Skill lvl:0,2,6,9 (based on how many regents you want to use)

Vitality Powder(3/10)
Increase your maximum damage. I don’t like this skill it cost 2 regents at the first lvl.
Skill lvl:0


NOTE: if you are planning on getting L drake set +4 DO NOT INVEST POINTS INTO MANA RECOVERY OR MANA INCREASE!
L drake set +4 gives you back 7.5% of mana for the damage you dish out
ex: 100 dmg=7mp gained back

Mana Recovery(9/10)
Increase the amount of mana you recover.
Skill: 0,9(0 if you get L drake set +4)
Deadly Blow(7/10)
Always good to invest one point in this plus you need it if you want counterattack of the sleeping person.
Skill lvl: 1

Mana Increase(9/10)
Increases your maximum mana
Skill lvl: 0,8 (0 if you get L drake set +4

Increase Physical Damage (7/10)
The most self explanitory skill. Useful for thunder candy and other physical skills
Skill lvl:1

Increase Health (10/10)
Dacy has super low defence and hp. Get this skill to survive longer.
Skill lvl: 7,8,9

(i didn’t know what to put for the last two points haha i was thinking super deep and i came up with this: YOUR CHOICE i mean like want extra mana? need fast mana regen? increased physical dmg?Maybe bundle bundle net! YOUR CHOICE!)

You don’t need to follow ^^^^that build lol if you think something else would work for you, DO IT!

Well i have covered most of the aspects of dacy in my opinion please leave a comment or any word of advice. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS HOPE IT ANSWERED MANY QUESTIONS! LAST NOTE: If people say that “OMG THIS IS A GODLY SKILL YOU SHOULD GET IT BLAH BLAH BLAH” and you know u have no use for it, please do not get it ur just gonna waste a skill point.

srry another last note: Srry if i favored skills or anything offended you (the reader) i was just writing about my experience as a dacy.


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