Lost Saga Wild Tiger Guide

Lost Saga Wild Tiger Guide by Enlenti

Hailing from the wilds of the jungle, the Wild Tiger is a fast and powerful hero that can outrun and outwit larger heroes with their fast attacks, powerful jump strength and ability to stay on the move when knocked over by a strong attack.

The gears of the Wild Tiger are ones that can not be easily replaced, suited for all situations tigers make for a versatile hero that can’t be easily beat one on one.

Tiger Claws-The base weapon of the Tiger, it is a unique at that. Tiger moves and attacks on all fours, and these claws give Tiger an ability that no hero can top, His Jump Attack. But that’s covered below in the combo section.
But the claws also grants Tiger the mighty Maul ability. This skill can hit both standing and downed opponents, the standing targets get 4 quick strikes followed by a 5th powerful push back that can lead into edges and if you read below can lead into longer stun combos.

Tiger Skin-The heavy and thick skin of the Tiger gives the Spin Strike skill. The 2nd best skill in the default Wild Tiger arsenal. This skill is almost as versatile as Monk’s Robe as it can be used in the air, but can not be used to recover from a fall, it can also be used from the prone position, with the aid of pounce that is. Spin Strike is a fast activation skill that can be used to counter the skills of other heroes or avoid uneven odds as you spin to safety, be warned Spin Strike only grants safety at the first rotation so make sure it counts.

Tiger Head-Roar is a amazing skill, and it gives Tiger a skill that most others envy with a passion. Roar has near instant activation and can be used to counter a multitude of other skills, especially shank, but Roar’s long animation might leave you vulnerable if used wrong, another pro tip is that you do not have to stop to use Roar, while the skill itself stops you, it can be used while running up to a person and catch them off-guard.

Tiger Tail-The best skill up the Tiger’s sleeves. This skill of all of the Default skills requires the most practice to master it’s use. At first most would consider this skill to be a useless passive but…think of it’s applications. Pounce allows you to avoid ALL forms of ground attacks, but in order to do so requires practice and being able to read the intentions of opponents as this skill has a sharp learning curve, being hit in mid-pounce is the same as being hit in mid-jump which can result in being pushed back a considerable amount of feet and could result in being edged by a stray bullet.

After speaking on the gears, I will now introduce two skills sets, the Default and Some very useful epics.

COMBOS ~Words between these are my names for them~

Let’s explain a simple combo first

DDDD-Hold D(Claw)-Claw ~Tiger’s Rage~
This is a combo that should become second nature to Tiger users. While his fast attacks make promote the use of the spam, try to insert pauses in between the D’s to allow a second or two for the enemy to drop there guard. This combos is not advised for Heroes with at fast counter.

Jump attack x 3 – Claw – Maul ~Overdrive~
Not harder than the above, but requires some good form of control and timing.  Start by leaping above an opponent and land three swift blows to them, then land close to them and Hold D then by pressing SD or R deliver 5 hits to they’re landing body.

Roar-Spin Strike-Maul  ~Deadly Rotations~
This takes practice to stay on target, First use Roar to temporarily stun a foe, the spin into them as they regain control, attempt to hit them more than once so that they will soak as much damage before landing the decisive Maul at the end of this combo. 

Now for Combos that require a little more timing practice

Dash Attack – Jump Attack x2 ~Swift Strike~
This wasn’t widely known at first, when the Tiger dash attacks he flips over the target, but by releasing the arrow key as you come into contact with the other person you will halt midair and can land two more air hits and daze you opponent. Master this move and you will be feared on the battlefield.

(While Down)Pounce+Spin Strike ~Counter Strike~
Shouldn’t be to hard to perform this combo. While on the ground, if your Spin Strike is full, press ASD instead of A and you’ll be surprised to see that your Tiger goes from prone to pwn, as you can roll over your attackers and escape to safety.

Jump Attack x3 – Spin Strike – Maul ~Land on your Feet~
This one isn’t as hard as the ones above. When jump attacking you can attempt to land jump attacks, if you are able to land those hits, activate Spin Strike in mid-air and crush the defending foe. While they land on the ground turn and Maul them to the nearest edge.

These Combos require some epics that Wild Tiger can make good use of!

Body Check – Roar- Dash attack – Jump attack X2 – Maul ~Ten-ton Tiger~[color = green]
Difficulty = Normal
This combo isn’t hard to pull off and all it, but you must line the body check up perfectly or the other player could skill out off it. Also make sure you hit with the roar to keep the enemy from hitting the ground. But even it they do  just Maul them and move along.

Roar – Wrap – Sky (ban me for language use) ter – Maul ~Zen of Tiger~[color = green]
This combo is easy to pull off, when you have a foe running towards you, Roar them and then wrap them back to you, send them flying with sky (ban me for language use) ter and finish them as they land with a good Mauling.

Roar – Jump Attack X3 – Uppercut – Maul ~Float like a Tiger~[color = green]
This combo requires almost precise timing to preform, Like the others use a surprise Roar to stun the target, rush in and land 3 jump attacks to their backs, then give them an uppercut and Maul them before they hit the ground.
Roar – Claw – Ax Kicks – Maul ~Tiger-Kwan-Do~
Timing is key for this skill, as the stun time of Roar isn’t as long as it should be, the Claw is necessary to land the Ax kicks, then follow them up with Maul to finish them off.

Maul – Claw – Concentrate – Maul ~Eviscerate~
What’s better than Mauling a person? Mauling them twice! While you have to act fast to land the second maul, an experienced Tiger user will have no problem to use this ability.

Roar – Hogtie – Maul ~Sweep the Streets~
Aiming the cuffs are not easy, but the payoff is the ability to almost instant edge a defenseless foe is worth the trouble.

Claw –  Maul – ZeroG – DDDD  ~EMT~
Claw a foe and Maul them, while they attempt to recover, juggle 4 hits to end the combo with good feelings all round.

Roar – Maul – Quickdraw – SnapShot- DDDD – Claw x 2 ~Hand of the Tiger God~
Easy as well, Roar someone and maul them while still standing, then  shot them with a quickdraw, while they faint from it, take a picture of their pretty mugs and  then unleash the simple DDDD + Claw combo.

A few other gear tips include

BERZERK JERKIN- Adds extra range and damage, but makes it harder to evade other heroes as your larger in size and slower overall.

ROBIN TUNIC- Adds a great deal of speed to your Tiger, but it requires a great deal of self control when tumbling from dash attacks as it may increase your accidental edges.

ASSASSIN’S GARB – Stealth is always great if used properly, sneaking in behind an encamped team and hitting them with a surprise Roar can really change a match, be before warned have an escape route else you will be punished.

REAPER’S ROBE- Shackle has about the same range as quick-draw and if timed right you can Maul foes in-midair.

REAPER’S HOOD- Like Stealth, nothing causes fear as a Tiger appearing out of nowhere while in mid attack pr air to land surprise back attacks.

Firemage Hat- Teleporting near a downed foes as a Firemage can spell disaster, a Tiger Teleporting in and Spin Striking encamped foes is a delight!

DRAGON’S CROWN- Like Roar, but not as good. I can hit foes with more accuracy, has a faint potential, better to use for counters and has a longer skill use safety zone. But it can not hit multiple Foes and Certain combos can’t be performed with this helm.

Bunny Ears (Easter Legendary Helm)- Jump attack and Triple Jump a back and land safely far from the target, or Triple Jump and land Matrix-like Jump attacks.

Dark/Light Angelic Wings(Legendary Trinket)- Jump into the air and float over to a foe and land on them, bounce and float around them and land another attack, this trinket can make Tigers more annoying by the seconded.

Some serious tips of the trade-

Maul moves you with the target, and it can not be  canceled, if you low on HP be wary of using it near edges.

Spin Strike can be canceled out of, so you don’t have to use it all, but unlike other cancel-out skills, once it’s used it’s exhausted.

Mauling up ledges is risky, the lack of leverage can make you completely miss them, Mauling to close to the body or at an angle can cause them to slip out of your grip.

Roar does have safe zones, but it should be used as a last skill counter, as after activation it leaves you vulnerable slightly.

Pounce isn’t a Skill you can practice on Dev. K, you need to practice in battle, Trail and Error is the key to mastering Pounce, but if you do it will save you a lot of pain.

Wild Tiger does very little damage, as a result it is not advised to attempt to take on more than 2 or 3 people at once.

The only CONFIRMED epics released for Tiger is his claws.

Tiger is one of the Cheapest High Ranked Heroes available, but it has the most potential

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