Lost Saga Cyber Medic Guide

Lost Saga Cyber Medic Guide by megagiallu

:%7dCyber Medic Guide :%7d


Cyber Medic is a fast and helper mage that can easly help his team mates healing them or just distracting the enemies. But it’s not just a support hero, he can also fastly stun the enemies and combine his skills to create a lot of funny comboes.





Heal (SD-) : Regenerate your team mates’ life. It Incrase your effort but you can’t heal yourself. For heal press ” D ” (Heal Seeker), and press ” S “OO (It makes you: Low Invulnerability)

0-Gravity (ASD) : Paralyzes your enemies, raise them by the ground and CREATE UNIQUE COMBOES!tongue (It makes you:Medium Invulnerability)

Drain (A-D) : Drain your enemies skills,stun them and MAKE YOUR COMBO! (It makes you:Law Invulnerability)love

JetPack (A-S) : Engage It and fly away with a bit of tranquility. Use it for save you from the drop!  (It makes you:Low Invulnerability)wink

-Normal Attacks-


Cyber Medic can do 3 normal attacks and he’ll send you down with the third.
He has got and with 2 of it he can put him enemies in the knee and make a lot of comboes.
Cyber Medic has got:
Doblue jump (Press ” A ” for jump and re-press ” A ” in the air)
Cyber Shield (Press ” S ” for protect forward and behind you)

The Most famous combo:

1) Anesthetic – Anesthetic – Drain – Anesthetic – Anesthetic – Anesthetic – 0 Gravity – Attack (Or Anesthetic)

2) Anesthetic – Attack – Attack – Anesthetic – Anesthetic – Drain – Attack – Anesthetic – Attack – Attack – ……    MIX IT!


Cyber Medic is a very strong hero if you know how to use it.With the combo (shown above) you can make great damage if you mix the attacks, so you need to change and sometimes even create at the moment!

Use Heal Seeker for recharge heal 50% Faster!

Te JetPack of the Medic is slow but you can use it more seconds. (There are 2 other JetPacks: Space Trooper’s Jetpack, and Justice Defender’s JetPack)

-Epic Gears-

-Upgrade It-

Attack Mode:

Heal=  5-10+
0-Gravity=   20-30+
Drain=  20-30-40+
Jetpack= 1-9

Streight=  30+
Speed= 10+
Dexterity= 1-9
Heal Mode:

Heal= 30-40+
0-Gravity= 10-15+
Drain= 20+
Jetpack= 10-15+

Streight= 10-25+
Defense= 30+
Speed= 20+
Dexterity= 1-9+

-Bye all! (Cya!)-

I hope that i’ve helped you! Thank you for all!


IGN:              giallu4

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