Lost Saga Robin Hood Guide

Lost Saga Robin Hood Guide by deathcyber59

Steals from the rich! Gives to the poor!
Who is he? Hes the one and only Robin Hood!!!

He can fire 5 arrows at once!
Send enemies into the air with a mighty kick!
Toss arrows into unsuspecting enemies!
Tumbling through woods!
Amazing knockback!
And finally,

Multi-Shot(Offensive): Fires 5 arrows at once! Great for knocking out enemies infront of you.

Flip Kick(Offensive): Sends the enemy into the air! Great for starting nasty combos! ;)

Tumble(Passive)(Automatic): Jump twice for a double jump! Great for escaping tight situations. (Can not be used during high jumps)

Arrow Toss(Offensive): Throws arrows into the air and they land on the ground. Great for attacking groups of enemies.


Arrow Toss > Roll > Flip Kick > Jump Shot
A combo I thought of :D Can knock them far.
First, you arrow toss them from a good distance.
Roll up to them (-> ->)
Flip Kick
Jump Shot

Flip Kick > Multi-Shot
Great for unsuspecting enemies if they are around you when you use the Multi-Shot.

Flip Kick
Wait for the moment, then Multi-Shot.
Sure it won’t knock far, but it can get the enemies around you ;)

Flip Kick > Arrow Toss > Jump Shot
This one takes practice. It’s hard to time the Arrow Toss, and the Jump Shot.

Flip Kick
Use Arrow Toss, and hope one of them hits.
Jump Shot right after one of the arrows from Arrow Toss hit the enemy.


  • If an enemy is on higher ground than you, you can Hold D then press S to use Multi-Shot. It will go upwards.
  • Always take advantage of the knockback of your arrows. Shoot if they are near an edge.
  • Flip Kick can also be used to get out of close combat from an enemy.
  • Arrow Toss can remove multiple gears off of enemies. Very useful during Sudden Death. Should it ever reach Sudden Death.
  • Arrow Toss can also hit airborne enemies.

Additional Info

Epic Gears

Epic Tao Hat : Great for knockback.

Epic Smile Joker Balloons : Great for jump shots.

Epic Infantry Camo : Great if you really enjoy using AoE moves. Goes great with Arrow Toss.

Epic Boxing Trunks : A really nasty combination. Uppercut > Arrow Toss
If they have almost no HP, it will strip off most of their gears.

Epic Taekwon Robe : Great for jump shots.

“Don’t hesitate, when the time comes just act”
– ?????

Have fun with Robin Hood :D

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