Lost Saga Savage Berserker Guide

Lost Saga Savage Berserker Guide by gytmd2584

Savage Berserker.
Savage Berserker is an aggressive melee character who can easily carry his team,
and can also be used as an independent 1 versus 1 character with its unique techniques.

These are the following Epic Gears currently released:

Savage Berserker is considered as heavy-weight class due to its Guard Break feature and Block reflection Feature,
with 3 hit basic attacks, pushback dash attack and semi-stun jump attack.
Berserker’s are known to be very control friendly character because of its ground hit skills.

These are the skill Description:
Trinklet Skill (War Horn) : Ground hit, blasts loud horn sound, making the opponent in stun status for 3 seconds.
Helm Skill (Savage Slam) : Runs toward the opponent, knocking out the users. Can hit multiple users at once.
Body Skill (Berserk) : Increased size, with increased damage and range and stays in that state for 30 seconds.
Weapon Skill (Earthshaker) : Ground hit, slams its sword, creating earth splits. Can hit opponent up to 2 times.

One of the reason why people favour Berserker is because of its ground hit stun skill, horn.
Once you knock down an enemy and horn stun the opponent, you can get a guaranteed ground hit attack,
such as Earthshaker, or Flamewave.

Lost Saga Combo, Savage Berserker and Fire Mage:

As you see in the video, Horn has enough time for you to adjust yourself to do a combo.

Some other combos you may want to try out (Sorry, video isn’t converting right):

Hold D to knock down → War Horn → Earthshaker → Savage Slam.
This combo allows you to drop (aka edge) people more easily. Once the opponent is down, you are guaranteed
to link the other attacks without getting interfered by other opponents.
But be careful, Savage Slam might edge the opponent, but you also might as well get dropped, so be sure to
jump away from the drop zone before the end of the skill.

Savage Slam → War Horn → Earthshaker → Jump Attack.
This combo is much similar from the first combo, but is more used in real battle.
Savage slam can push the opponent near to the drop zone, jump attack while Earthshaker forces the oppoent to fly upward.
This combo is much safer than the first combo, since you are savage slamming the opponent, leading them to the
edging zone. Finishing off with Jump attack will let you land on the ground safely, whereas in the first combo,
you had to be careful not to get edged while you edge.

Jump Attack → Guard Break (Hold D).
This combo is a great mind trick for both 1v1 and team games.
Most users does normal 3 attacks right after they jump attack for more damage and for simplicity.
Experienced users know basic patterns, and they can predict what the typical user’s next move is
right after they jump attack.
Guardbreak allows you to knock down the opponent and give you a definite attack rather than try to do a little
gamble to see if the opponent would get hit or do a block.


Like I said in the beginning, Berserker can take down enemies simply, and can carry your team easily.
When you crash into the opponent, be sure to use guardbreak occasionally, but use basic attacks too, instead of getting caught up on the idea that guardbreak is the best offense technique.

In a big game, try to focus on one opponent rather than chasing different users, because you are more likely to hit more with one user rather than chasing, earning you less effort points.

But that doesn’t mean that you should do 1v1 in a team battle.
Berserker’s Dash attach has unbelievable knockback.
When your teammate is in trouble, start pushing back the opponent backward with your dash attack
so your teammate can escape. You may also want to seek an edge when you push back the opponent.

If you are planning to keep the original gears, be sure to use Berserk skill a lot.
It gives you more damage towards to the opponent, and that extra reach can really help you edge others.

Also know that your Guardbreak skill can break through iced oppoents / teammates. When your teammate is frozen, use your guardbreak to set them free.

Other Infos:

When it comes to a stat builds, you may want to have these builds in your mind:
Strength, Speed and Earthshaker.

Building your Berserker is up to you, but those three stats are the essential key stats you want to put towards to.

If you are planning to use Berserker for a while over level 50, then you should have those 3 stats up to +40.

Strength can really determine how fast you can get a kill from an opponent. Berserker starts off with a strong strength, and you will see a great improvement on your berserker only after 40 stats.

Mobility is one of the key point to win in a big battle rooms in LS. When it comes to chasing people, You really
want that speed to catch up to the opponent and lock them with your attacks.
Since Berserker’s dash attack is critical to edging, your mobility can really help you get that edging point.

Lastly, Faster Earthshaker means faster edging chances for you, so be sure to add those points up.

For a gear build, I used 2 passives and one group stunning gears:
Viking Backshield, TKM Headband, School Uniform and Berserker Sword.

Backshield stops opponents from back attacking, and is quite helpful when it comes to large battle fights.
Your opponent will not be able to do a combo on you from your back with this passive,
and for your own good, since blocking the opponent whos attacking from you at the back is hard.

TKM Headband can really save you from the edging moments. Breakfall passive lets you stop at the very edge of the map when you are flying. Enemies will not be able to edge you easily when you have this gear on.

School uniform really helps your teammate to edge the opponents.
When you use this skill, it will group stun the opponents for 5 seconds.
Whats unique about this skill is that this skill forces the opponent up when they are in a knockdown state,
and holds those opponents up for 5 seconds.
This skill really helps your teammate in a large battles.

If you have any other questions or concerns about Savage Berserker,
or want to share your own combo, please contact me through forum,
or in game, IGN : Dlow

Thank you for reading my guide on Savage Berserker !

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