Lost Saga Viking Raider Guide

Lost Saga Viking Raider Guide by slsonicman

I’m gonna talk about the Viking. It’s a melee class hero, very slow, but very strong and a bit versatile. Deadly if you use him right.

+ Super strong. One of the strongest in LS.
+ Very good at edging and decent at crowd control
+ Has a stunning guard break move that lets you pressure and play mind games
+ Nice jump attack: it’s the only one in the game that knocks down when it hits
+ His Back Shield is an excellent defense tool, if you master deflecting you have a super defensive character


– SLOW EVERYTHING, except for his skills. Slow movement and an even slower combo. The Viking’s biggest weakness.
– Hat skill is really only good for countering

Viking match-up notes
Viking fights best against any of the mages, ranged characters, and tao warriors. He sucks against Desert Blader, Boxers, Ninjas, Medics, and any hero that has super fast combos. Viking fights decently against every other class.


Viking Skills:

Trinket- BACK SHIELD (passive):
Pushes enemies away from you when they attack and ends their melee combo instantly. Also halves any damage from attacks from the rear. Since it is passive, upgrading it adds 1/2 a speed point to your Viking.
I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me against all those classes that own Viking. Its best to use an example. One time I was using a Viking and came up against a boxer, who was pressuring me into blocking and slowly pushing me to the edge. At the beginning of his next combo, I turned my back to him and walked in the opposite direction. He hit the shield. Not only did his combo stop cold, but he was pushed back a bit. I took damage, but it was only half that of a normal hit. The boxer kept attacking the shield, pushing himself away from me until i got away, then counter attacked.

Helm- GORE:
Close range attack. Launches your opponent high up, over, and behind you. Likely to be used for counters more than anything else. If you want to use epic gear to be a bit more aggressive, then it’s ok to switch this gear out.

Clothes- BODY CHECK:
A short, fast elbow to the chest that stuns the enemy. This move is useful since it stuns for almost two seconds before the enemy falls down, leaving them wide open to almost any attack. It also moves forward a short distance, so you can hit enemies that are a little ahead of you. Makes a decent combo starter.
If you want to use an epic gear, I’d say it’s ok to switch out this armor.

Weapon- CLEAVE:
Move forward while spinning your axe around you twice. It’s like the Tao’s spear weapon skill, but better. Unlike the spear, this skill is fast, once the first hit lands the second one is guaranteed, and best of all, the invincibility period lasts for almost the entire time the skill is in use. That means once you start Cleaving, nothing is stopping you, and since the attack lasts for a little more than a full second, its great for countering skills.

What you should focus your upgrades on:
Skills: Cleave, Body Check, Shield (each upgrade gives you 1/2 a speed point)
Basic Stats: Attack, Speed

Fighting Tactics:

Against more than one person: Hit and run. Jump/dash attack (especially jump attack) into a group of people (if they aren’t paying attention) and then retreat. The jump attack knocks people down,  and the dash attack launches them, where you can quickly follow up with a jump attack. This works well in team matches, nothing kills your team’s flow like a crazy guy with an axe pouncing down on you and hitting your mates into the air like home run baseballs. Also, you can use cleave in team battles to take out multiple enemies at once.

Against one person only: Use the guard break, but (and I can’t stress this enough) don’t spam it! A novice mistake many people make is using the guard break every time someone blocks. On top of that, its slow and can be very easy to counter,so mix it up. On the plus side, the GB stuns and can be put in any part of the three hit melee. What I like to do is hit > hit > guard break, then hit> guard break > hit. Regardless of whether or not the enemy blocks the first two hits of the first combo, after the GB lands and you start the second combo, they will block. That’s when you replace the second hit with the GB, and that leaves them open for the combo finisher. If you want to edge (like I do Very%20Happy) use the dash as your main attack and follow up with a jump attack. If they start blocking, use Body Check to stun or a hit>hit>GB combo, then dash attack > jump attack.

Double Dash JuggleThe Double Dash attack juggle: This merits its own section since its so useful. As I said before, the Viking’s dash attack launches the enemy high into the air. If you’re quick enough, you can follow up with a second consecutive dash attack and juggle them in the air! This is an advanced maneuver though, so practice practice practice!

(Note: I found out that is it possible to do this more than twice, but the timing is so difficult that in the heat of battle you’ll usually only pull off the dash twice. So I won’t mention it further, but you can practice it for fun if you want.)

Standard attack combos :

Note: you’ll see (double) dash attack in this section. All this means is that any combo that involves using a dash attack, a second consecutive dash attack is possible if you can pull it off, but is purely optional.

(Double) Dash Attack + Jump attack: This is your bread and butter, and will be the method that you use to edge the most besides the Gore combo.

Body Check + (double) Dash attack + Jump attack: If you use Body Check, a dash-jump combo is all but guaranteed.

Gore + Jump attack: Use Gore on an enemy, then quickly turn around and jump attack. This takes a little practice, but its by no means super difficult. If you don’t mind using an extra skill you can start off this combo with a Body Check.

Gore + Dash attack + 3 hit melee: Use Gore on an enemy, then quickly turn around and dash attack. Immediately after that, if do the 3 hit melee, you should land all 3 hits. This also takes a little practice, but its by no means super difficult. If you don’t mind using an extra skill you can start off this combo with a Body Check.

Double Dash Attack + 3-hit melee: After a double dash attack, you can follow up with the basic 3-hit melee combo for a 5 hit combo.

Recommended Epic Gear and Epic Gear combosThis section will cover epic gears that can be used to combo. So first, let’s look at some of the best gears you can put on a viking for combos:

Epic Cowboy Suit [Quickshot skill]: My absolute favorite epic to put on my Viking. A Quickshot is essentially a long range Body Check, so if you have this, put it on your Viking with no hesitation.

Epic Cyber Medic Scrubs [Zero-G]: You can use this to pick your enemy up off the ground to juggle them again.

Epic Dragon Hat [Wind Shock]: This is good for edging. Push them back with Wind Shock, then follow up with a dash attack > jump attack combo.

Epic Tao Armor [Sky (ban me for language use) ter]: Great to use offensively and defensively, plus you can follow it up with a jump attack or dash attack (although it’s harder to follow up with a dash attack)

Epic Infantry Cap [Sgt. Drill]: One of my faves. Use it to start a combo or edge, and if Sgt Drill doesn’t edge them, you can always follow up with the dash-jump combo to finish the job.

Legendary Gear trinket Minigun: A gear made solely for combos. Its possible to do a minigun combo with just Body Check, but its very difficult. However, if you use this with an epic Infantry hat or Cyber Scrubs, it becomes MUCH, MUCH easier.

with that said, on to some combos!

Body Check or Quickshot+ Minigun + Double Dash Attack: Use Body Check to stun the enemy, turn around right away and use minigun, then turn back to the enemy and do the double dash attack. If done correctly, the enemy will fall right into the minigun’s fire after the second dash attack. This is very hard to do, you have to be fast. Don’t even think of doing it if your computer is acting up, or your internet slows down for some reason, because minigun is the ONLY skill in the game that acts up during lag.

Body Check or Quickshot + Minigun +  Sgt Drill: The easier version of the combo above. Use Body Check/Quickshot to stun the enemy and let them slump down to the floor. While this is happening, drop the minigun (move closer if you stunned them from afar with Quickshot), wait for it to lock-on, and then use Sgt Drill.  (Alternatively, if you don’t have Body Check or Quickshot ready, you can still do the combo. Just dash attack them once, then turn around, use the minigun and then use Sgt. Drill.)

Dash Attack + Minigun +  Zero-G + 3 hit melee: Launch  with a dash attack, then quickly turn around to use the minigun. When your opponent finally hits the ground, wait a split second, then use zero-g. After that, do the standard 3-hit melee and the minigun should start firing by the second or third hit of your melee.

3 hit melee combo + Zero-G or Sky (ban me for language use) ter + 3 hit melee combo: You can do a 3 hit combo to knock the opponent to the ground, then use Zero-G/Sky (ban me for language use) ter to pick them up and do it again while they are in midair.

Hero Swap Combos
Dash attack or Gore+ (switch to Fire Mage) + Meteor + 1 hit melee + Flame Wave:: Pretty self explanatory. Just be quick when you switch to fire mage so you can Meteor and do his combo. And if you use Gore, be sure to turn around in time.

Body Check + (switch to Ice Mage) + Blizzard: Use Body Check to stun and immobilize, then switch to Ice Mage and use Blizzard to freeze.  Follow up with whatever you want after that. Be careful not to freeze yourself!

Body Check + (switch to Crazy Sapper) + Mega Mine + plant mine + Jump attack: Use Body Check to stun, switch to Sapper and then plant a Mega mine and a mine to blow them skyhigh and follow up with a jump attack. This combo does nice damage.

That’s all I can think of for now, I will update with whatever I forgot to put in.

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