Lost Saga Lightning Mage Guide

Lost Saga Lightning Mage Guide my megalollo

~ Lightning Mage ~
 Explanation guidetwo

He looks angry :)

1. First Presentation

The Lightning Mage is one of the few magicians who prefer a melee and close attack. Unlike other mages, like Fire Mage and Ice Mage, his skill are all melee based and using it by distance would be a no small error: infact the *Lightning* skill has not a wievfinder and works like an eletric snake that can shock a big number of enemies at once!
The Lightning Mage can also shield himself with his *Energize* skill: try to touch him :V!
But now, let’s see more precisely all.
2. Skills
Skill Icons:

It ‘s a nice eletric ball that follows you throughout your adventure, and, crushed to the ground masterfully, creates a chain-lightning effect!

Energize:As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most important Lightning Mage’s skills that allows to be “untouchable” to some melee skillsbase attacks and to shock who touches your body. But attention to the shaman’s dash attack, it can easly put you to the ground!

The thunderbolt is the slower skill the Lightining Mage has, it can allow you to raise a bent enemie and to create a lot of funny and easy-to-imagine comboes!

The Lightning Mage surely  has a lightin skill that can hit multiple enemies at once; don’t “follow” a player with that skill, it’s pretty useless and most of the times fails. The best way to use it is to throw an enemy on the ground and have fun hitting him three times :3

3. Basic Combo:
PS: i prefer using photos to show comboes, it’s faster to learn.

1- Use the Dash Attack and bend an enemie.

2- Raise it up using Thunderblot.

3- Use again the Dash Attack twice

4- While it’s on the floor, cross it three times with the  Lightning

5- Use the Chain-Spark to end the combo.

More Comboes?
Creating comboes with Lightning Mage is very easy and, i can confirm it, you can use many Gears.
Here there’re some examples:

a. Epic Adventure Outfit

Dash Attack » Pick the Torch and launch it on the enemie » At the 3rd enemie’s jump use Dash Attack » Lightning

b. Epic Taekwon Robe

Dash Attack » Dash Attack » Lightning » Taekwon Robe » (you must be very quick) Dash Attack

c. Epic Iron Helm

Dash Attack » Iron Helm» Lightning » Dash Attack » Thunderblot » Dash Attack » Dash Attack » Chain-Spark
PS: you can do the same thing with the Epic Cyber Cap, Epic Cursed Hat, etc.

d. Epic Boxing Trophy

Dash Attack » Thunderblot » Dash Attack » Boxing Trophy » Basic Attack
PS: you can do the same thing with the Epic Hunter’s Camera, Epic Ninja Scarf, Epic Chaotic Doll, etc.

e. Epic Muskeeter Rapier

Use the Muskeeter Rapier » Thunderblot » Dash Attack » Dash Attack » Lightning » Chain-Spark

How can you see, there are a lot of comboes: have fun creating and test your imagination, this’s one of the coolest things in Lost Saga!

Important Tips and Suggestions

I repeat it, the Lightning Mage it’s not a distance mage and it’s important to throw down a player to successfully execute all the “floor skills” (Lightning and Chain-Spark).
When you’re fighting against an hero like Boxing Champ, Tao or Knight you can use the Energize skill a second before he starts spamming on you: he will be shocked and you can easly start your comboes!
The Thunderbolt skill can pass through walls, barricades and Power Stones, this could be a surprise attack very helpful.

Modes in which it’s suitable:

: can be a support or just attack with the others, but you must make attention to ranged attacks.

: Very good in defense (shock all  e_e!)

Modes in which it’s not suitable:

: it has not AoE attacks and can’t kill multiple enemies,counting the big spam of all

: in this mode you need a melee or an hero that can run after the ball, the LM can defend the goal.

How to Upgrade?

This mage uses a lot his skills and they recharge very fastly, so these are my upgrade suggestions:
-Lightning over 20+
-Energize over 20+
-Strenght over 30+

My Lightning Mage’s guide ends here, have fun and choose your favourite hero! wink
IGN: megalolloITA

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