Lost Saga Space Trooper Guide

Lost Saga Space Trooper Guide by garwai

:DSpace Trooper!!!:D



Welcome!  I’m brandonglee, and I’m here to help you explore the world of the Space Trooper!  So, just sit back, relax, and let ME do all of the talking.  Soon enough, you too can be a master of the Space Trooper too!

Note: Feel free to read only the bolded parts if you don’t like reading stuff.  However, be warned that you might miss some important details this way.

But before we begin, here are a few terms that I will use in this guide along with their definitions:Terms:
ST-Short for Space Trooper.  I’ll try not to use this too much.
Laser Beams-The stuff that Space Trooper shoots out of his gun.  (think bullets)
Quick shot-Aiming a player with a ranged hero and releasing your “bullet(s)” before the cursor turns blue.
Precise shot-Aiming at a player with a ranged hero and releasing your “bullet(s)” after the cursor turns blue.
Cringe-A state where a character is hunched over and can not use any skill except Windwall or Monk’s Robe.  A good example of seeing this state for yourself is to dash attack Developer K with Smile Joker or Grim Reaper.  A jump attack with the Shadow Assassin would do just fine too.
Faint-A state where a character is on his knees and will fall down to the ground after a few seconds.  Use the Shadow Assassin’s “Assassinate” or Tae Kwon Master’s “Spear Fist” to see this effect for yourself too.
Ground Enemy-You know when you get knocked on the ground after you get attacked by a melee hero a lot?  I like to call this state “grounded” or “ground”.  It’s just easier for me.  Basically, people who are most likely going to get meteor’ed.  =P
KB-Knock Back.  Basically, when you get KNOCKED BACK.

Enough words, let’s start already!Introduction:
The Space Trooper is probably one of the best ranged heroes in the game!  One of the coolest things about the Space Trooper is that
You heard me right.  Space Trooper’s laser beams cause more damage than any other attack in the game (Note: This does not include skills).  Cool, huh?

So, courtesy of Unbounded, this is the Space Trooper’s damage for all of his attacks:

First hit: 7
2nd hit: 7
3rd hit: 12

Normal shot: 17
Precise shot: 21

E-shock: 10
Laser Cannon: 25
NOTE: All numbers listed here are the max damage that can possibly be inflicted on a naked hero standing up with the specified attack.

Another interesting thing to note about the Space Trooper is that he can “dash” like Captain Hook or Crazy Sapper.  Space Trooper’s “dash” has a slightly farther range than them though.  This attribute actually makes up for the fact that the Space Trooper wears heavy armor, which would slow most characters down.  To utilize the “dash” effectively though, you may want to use the Number Keys instead of the Arrow Keys for movement.
The Space Trooper is considered a ranged hero, but I like to classify it as more of a mid-ranged hero.  Why?  Well, take into account that:
1) Ignoring Treasure Hunter and Mafia Boss, Space Trooper has the worst range in the game.
2) Space Trooper can mix in his melee attacks with his laser beams (more on this later)
3) “E-Shock” is a very powerful skill, but it only works at close range, forcing the Space Trooper to get in the thick of things sometimes.
4) The Space Trooper has “heavy armor”, therefore he can block 17.5% of all damage.  UTILIZE THIS.
So there’s plenty of reasons to believe that the Space Trooper should be closer to the thick of the action.  HOWEVER, the Space Trooper should never get too “into” the action.  The main reason is because he is not good against large groups of characters by himself.  Don’t forget that either.
How to fight: A Subsection
This section talks about how to attack with the Space Trooper in ranged combat.  Pay attention here: This is your bread and butter.

Let’s talk about what a ranged hero SHOULD be doing.  Staying back and inflicting damage from afar.
The Space Trooper is the ONLY Ranged Hero who can cause faint with his precise shot.  Everybody else (excluding Treasure Hunter) causes knock back.  This is good and bad.
After causing faint with his precise shot, there a WIDE amount of combos that can be pulled off from there. (See Combo Section)  However, you are unable to cause KB. D: So, if you want to cause KB, you’re going to have to go with a quick shot.
While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about the Space Trooper’s quick shot.  His quick shot can actually cause cringe.  Two cringe attacks add up to a faint.  As a result, ST can work well with other heroes that also cause cringe (which is virtually every melee character and Treasure Hunter) and can attack well after the opponent is in faint.  These will be discused later in the combo section too. tongue
Another interesting thing about the Space Trooper is your “ammo”.  You have an unlimited laser beam supply, but you must wait for it to recharge after you shoot.  The recharge time is not especially long (about a second or two), but it disables you from doing the Treasure Hunter’s double shot faint (there’s a video of this in the combo section too).
Okay, now let’s talk about actually attacking!  You have two strategies when attacking.
1) Jump and shoot.
2) Stand still and shoot.
Simple?  Well, there’s more than that of course.
Your basic attack should be jumping and shooting.  Simply jump and hold D and release D on the way down.  GET USED TO DOING THIS. (BTW, you can also hold D first, then jump, then release D.  This is not too recommended because you may accidentally activate your helm skill.)  Also, be careful when you jump.  Pay special attention to where you land because you can’t move for a split second after you land (applies to all characters, especially those who had just double jumped or super jumped).  I like to call that the “jump cooldown”, btw.  Also note that when you jump and shoot, you’re most likely going to end up in that inbetween area in a battle where you’re “closer than the musketeers but farther than the melee characters”.  Don’t get sucked into the action!  In addition, you should be prepared to use jumping and shooting as a defense mechanism as well.  Be prepared to shoot down opponents who are chasing you down.  Just quickly turn around, jump backwards, and shoot at your opponent while they come at you.  (For the best accuracy, release D when you are closer to the ground)  It’s like running, only you’re inflicting damage while running.  lol  THE LAST THING you need to know about jumping and shooting is that if you release D with the right timing right before you land on the ground, you can actually stop the “cooldown” you get from jumping.  It’s incredibly hard to do, so don’t lose sleep over this one.  Anyway, let’s talk about standing still and shooting too.

You may be asking, “Why would I want to stand still and shoot?  Wouldn’t I be an easier target?”  Well, the Space Trooper has a lot to gain from standing still (and you should stop asking questions cause I got this!).  If you can pull off a precise shot, you can turn the whole battle around!  (You can see the combo section to see how much awesome stuff you can do after that)  Just trust me, the reward is DEFINITELY worth the risk.  Feel free to use this tactic if you don’t want to get too into the action.
So what have we learned?  Jump and shoot for a nice offensive or defensive (Cause the best offense is a good defense.  HA!  I said it!), and stay back and precise shot to set up yourself (or others) for an easy kill.

And now, the moment most of you have been waiting for…

“Now with pictures!”
All right, now let’s talk about the Space Trooper’s skills.

Laser Cannon:   

This skill is your friend.  Love it, savor it, and use it offensively and defensively.  The Laser Cannon is your stereotypical “ranged hero’s edging attack” that they all have.  However, other heroes have better range than you.  For example, Treasure Hunter’s “Buckshot”, Robin Hood’s “Multishot”, and Infantry Man’s “Barrage” all spread out, and Cowboy’s “Triple Shot” goes farther and has more room for error.  So what’s so special about ours?  Simple, Laser Cannon can STUN.  Not in the traditional sense though.  Think of it as inflicting fire status on an opponent.  Therefore, they can’t use jet packs or pounce until the status wears off.  You can use this opportunity to either run, or try to get in a Beam Out.  In addition, Laser Cannon has a particularly fast cooldown!  Feel free to randomly use this on people at strategic times (like when they’re on a small ledge, or when they’re in faint).  In addition, if there’s a melee hero running straight at you, feel free to shoot them in the gut with your Laser Cannon.  Remember, the best defense is a good offense.


E-Shock.  If the Laser Cannon isn’t considered the ST’s signature move, then it’s definitely this one.  With the longest invincibility frame in the whole game (Bunker doesn’t count), this can be use defensively to protect yourself against any attacks.   This attack also works on enemies on the ground and slightly above you, so try using it to get an extra bit of stun in on those opponents.  If you can get them standing the traditional thing to do would be to Laser Cannon the immediately.  However, what if, if you moved just a little bit around them, you could edge them?  If you aren’t fast enough, E-Shock’s effect could wear off on the enemy.  What you should do is to precise shot your enemy IMMEDIATELY after using E-Shock.  It could take some practice to get the timing down on when you should hold D after E-Shock, but you get a LOT more time aiming your Laser Cannon, and you get a nice bit of damage in on them.  One of the other downsides to E-Shock besides the short stun time is the range of the skill.  Your opponent is going to have to be pretty close for this skill to work.  In addition, if you miss, you’re going to be wide open for a Dark Shaman’s “Seduction” or something along those lines, so be careful.

Beam Out:   

Beam out is an underestimated skill.  Many people would consider it one of the worst helm skills in the game, but I beg to differ.  (Regardless of what I say next, this should be the first gear that you want to swap out for an epic gear)  Beam Out can teleport your enemies back to their base.  One way to utilize this is to send opponents back so you can double team their teammates while they struggle to get back into the battle.  However, Beam Out can be avoided by jumping high enough, it may be best to use Beam Out on enemies that are on the ground.  In addition, Beam Out also has an especially long invincibility frame like E-Shock, so this can also be utilized as a defensive skill.  Be careful with this skill to, because like E-shock, you’re open for attack after you use this.  Beam Out reaches its full potential in Power Stone and Crown Control.  Use this skill to protect your Power Stone or use this while you have the crown to send attackers back where they came from (With the crown, the range of Beam Out increases exponentially!).

Jet Pack:   

Also considered one of the worst gears in the game, the ST’s Jet Pack allows him to recover from getting edged or from attacks that cause fall damage like Priest Robe’s “Ascend” or the Desert Blader’s “Sandstorm”.  To use the Jet Pack, tap “A” to rise into the air, and don’t press “A” to descend.  To end the Jet Pack early and decrease its cooldown time, press “AS” together (but be careful on watching where you land).  The main reason why the ST has this skill is because you will get edged A LOT.  The ST’s Beam Out and E-Shock usually makes you a sitting duck if you miss, and as a result, you will get edged more.  In addition, Jet Pack has a LONG cooldown time, so it may take some time to charge it up (and if you get hit with “Drain”, then QQ cry).

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (besides skills)…

In this section, I’ll exclusively cover combos that you can do with Space Trooper alone and swap combos.  So get ready to add EVEN MORE KNOWLEDGE to your over-swelled head (and yes, I apologize for making this guide super long).

Space Trooper Exclusive Combos:
This section is only about combos that the Space Trooper can do exclusively by himself.  Since only 3 of his skills are attacks, there aren’t a lot of things he can do.  Even though, let’s get started!
(BTW, the “E-Shock Beam Out optional” means that you can use E-Shock on them while they’re on the ground and then use Beam Out.  This causes only a little bit more damage, so it’s not too recommended unless you’re really desperate for an extra hit or to buy some time)

Precise Shot > Precise Shot > (E-Shock Beam Out optional)
I mentioned how you’re the strongest hero in the game, right?  So two precise shots actually deal a TON of damage when pulled off.  This is what you should do if you just want to get extra damage in if you’re not close enough to swap to another hero (see swap combos during faint) or if they’re not in a “edge-able” position.

Precise Shot > Laser Cannon > (E-Shock Beam Out optional)
After they enter faint, you can either shoot at them directly or walk around them a bit before “FIRIN’ MAH LAZER!”

E-Shock > Precise Shot > Laser Cannon > (Beam Out optional)
I described this earlier on in the E-Shock section, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

This is an effective way to make sure Beam Out hits.  Beware, enemies hit by E-Shock while standing will be freed by the time Beam Out activates, so this only works on enemies on the ground.

In addition, you can look up the “Melee-Shot” for your melee combos. (mostly cause I’m too lazy to repost them.) tongue

Swap Combos:

So right now, most of you would be expecting me to post these long and intricate combos you can do now that you can use any hero and/or skill in the game.  Well, I’m not.  Why?  Because in the suggested gears section, I’m going to post how other gears can help you set up combos, so there’s really no need to post how you can swap to another hero to set up the same combo.  Instead, I’m going to post combos that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO SWAP to use.  So what things do you have to swap to use?  Other heroes’ attacks!
So in this section, we’ll be utilizing the Space Trooper’s quick shot (which causes cringe) and Space Trooper’s precise shot (which causes faint).  Let’s talk about how to cause faint with the quick shot.

Smile Joker’s dash attack > Space Trooper quick shot
Grim Reaper’s dash attack > Space Trooper quick shot
Cyber Medic’s “dash attack” stab > Space Trooper quick shot
Almost all melee character’s jump attack > Space Trooper quick shot

The reason why you would want to swap to Space Trooper instead of, say easily stabbing a second time with the Cyber Medic, is because the Space Trooper causes more damage.  This allows you to inflict the most amount of damage.
WARNING: These swap combos are difficult to pull off.  These are usually pulled off by pros like Clemente and SmoSmo (and I have never pulled off one of these because I’ve never had the patience to really try).  Practice these HEAVILY before using them in battle.

Now that you’ve caused faint with either the combos above or a ST’s precise shot, let’s talk about the possibilities you can pull off from there.
From a Faint, you can either shoot them with a precise shot, or if you’re close enough, you can do stuff like this…

EASY: (these are easy to pull off)
Grand Templar’s Hold D
Shadow Assassin’s Hold D > Jump attack
Kage Ninja’s Hold D
Viking Raider’s dash attack > Jump attack
Grim Reaper’s Hold D > air combo

ADVANCED: (These could take some time to learn…)
Justice Defender’s Hold D > basic 4 hit melee combo
Shadow Assassin’s Hold D > Hold D > basic 4 hit melee combo
Viking Raider’s dash attack > Viking Raider’s dash attack > basic 3 hit melee combo
Ice Mage’s “dash attack” > “dash attack” > basic 3 hit melee combo
Dark Shaman’s “dash attack” > basic 3 hit melee combo (backwards)
You can also use TKM, but I don’t know enough about him to include his combo in the guide…  cry

So that’s the swap combos.  My suggestion is to pick one hero you like and only use him/her for these swap combos.  For example, if you like Templar and he’s your second hero, go ahead and use him for your swap combo.  “Advanced” does not always mean that it’s “better”.

Cause you guys need all the help you can get.

Suggested Gears:This ought to be fun!  This is the part where I tell you what epic gears could work well with the Space Trooper.
The 2 gears that you should NOT switch out are your gun (Duh! But of course, you should swap out for the epic laser gun if you ever get it.) and E-Shock (because that’s your defining body skill).  That leaves your hat, Beam Out (not too hard to part with THAT), and your trinket, Jet Pack (good and bad depending on how many times you’ve used it).  So let’s only talk about those.So how this is going to work is I’m going to list only epic epic gears that are better than yours (which is almost all of them).  I’m only including epic gears that are out in NALS as of 12/2/10.  I may update this guide to add other ones that come out if I win this competition!  :%7d
Anyway, all gears will have a rank of RECOMMENDED, SUGGESTED, or NOT SUGGESTED.  Recommended means that this would be a great addition to your ST because of a reason I’ll list.  Suggested means that if you happen to get a perm of that gear or a 30 day of that gear, you might as well put it on the ST, even though it’s not the best.  And Not Suggested means…well, you know…


Epic Iron Knight Helm-RECOMMENDEDThe idea is that you want to use “Headbutt” right after you precise shot the enemy.  Then, you want to get into position, precise shot one more time, and then unleash a nice dose of Laser Cannon.  tongue

Epic Cowboy Hat-NOT RECOMMENDEDI know there’s a lot of people who like this hat, but I just don’t think it’s THAT much better than Beam Out.  There’s a VERY FINE LINE between Beam Out and “Backdash”, so it’s more up to you on which one you’d rather have.  Personally, I wouldn’t.

Epic Cyber Cap-RECOMMENDEDThis is always fun to have!  Just use it after a precise shot or after you E-Shock someone on the ground.

Epic Berzerker Helm-RECOMMENDEDOwning this is an epic win.  Not only can you plow through random enemies, but you can also use this right after you precise shot an opponent as well.

Epic Infantry Hat-RECOMMENDEDAlways good to have and sometimes diabolical to use.  Use it after you blast them with Laser Cannon or on a thin ledge.  If you can get lucky, you can also precise shot them while they’re walking.

Epic Bamboo Hat-SUGGESTED
It’s a nice defensive skill, but there’s not much combo potential for the ST after that.  It’s pretty nice to have, but there’s just not much you can do with it.

Epic Dragon Hat-RECOMMENDEDJust blast them with this and use Laser Cannon.  You’ll get really good range like this!  =D

Epic Cursed Hat-RECOMMENDEDAfter you precise shot them, immediately use this on them to make them stand up, and then you can either precise shot (unconfirmed if you have enough time to do that), Laser Cannon, or E-Shock THEN precise shot THEN Laser Cannon.

Epic Sapper Helmet-SUGGESTED
Yeah, it’s better than Beam Out, but is this really the best that we can do?  This could be upgraded to Recommended, but I feel that the Space Trooper should have a more offensive helmet.

Almost the same reason as the above Epic Sapper Helmet.

Epic Trooper Helm-SUGGESTED
Because what could be better than a Trooper Helm than an EPIC Trooper Helm? tongue

Epic Defender Helm-RECOMMENDED
You can use this for an easy faint.  Another use is to use this from far away and shoot someone with a quick shot.  That way, only one of the eye beams have to hit for a faint.  Laser Cannon afterwards.

Epic Boxing Headgear-NOT RECOMENDED
I know some people say that you should get it.  Don’t.

Epic Viking Helm-SUGGESTED
Viking Helm is a pretty good edger, so you can become one of those people who stand next to edges hoping to flip someone off the edge.  It is actually possible to use “Gore” and then turn around and use Laser Cannon while they’re falling.  However, this is not a suggested strategy since it’s pretty easy to miss and requires practice.

Not exactly too useful for the Trooper.  The only thing that you could do with this hat is, when an opponent attacks you, to use it and immediately pull off one of the melee-shot combos I talked about.  So yeah, not useful.

Epic Musketeer Tricorne-NOT RECCOMENDED
There are a whole group of people in the Lost Saga Forums who argue that the Epic Musketeer Tricorne is actually useful.  Don’t listen to them for now.

Epic Taekwon Headband-SUGGESTED
This is good for escaping combos, so it’s nice to have.  In general, it’s a pretty good strategy sometimes to have a passive skill on you.  I personally don’t really like it too much because it doesn’t allow you to set up for combos like the Epic Dragon Hat, but it’s up to you.

Epic Lollipop Headband-SUGGESTED
If you can hit an opponent with this while they’re standing, precise shot them if you have enough time, E-Shock if you have a little bit of time, or immediately Laser Cannon them.  Unfortunately, if you use this and the opponent ends up on the floor, there’s not much you can do.

Epic Reaper Horns-RECOMMENDED
One of the best strategies I can offer you with the Epic Reaper Horns is to teleport behind mages in large battles who are charging their skills and using either Laser Cannon or E-Shock immediately afterwards.  If you end up being high up because an opponent jumped or something, there’s not really anything you can do there.


Epic Golden Handcuffs-RECOMMENDEDUse this after you precise shot an enemy.  After that, try to precise shot them after they get up.  (WARNING: DO NOT USE E-SHOCK ON THEM.)

Epic Fire Cape-SUGGESTED
This gear is VERY SITUATIONAL.  Basically, this gear is only useful if you’re fighting a Fire Mage.  Otherwise, this gear is entirely useless besides the upgrade boost it gives to your Dexterity.  Only equip this if you’re fighting an Fire Mage.

Epic Cyber Booster/Epic Trooper Jetpack/Epic Justice Jet-SUGGESTED
I hope we can all agree that all 3 of these have the same effect and can therefore be grouped into the same category.  HOWEVER, the Epic Trooper Jetpack actually has the fastest cooldown of the 3, followed by the Epic Justice Jet and then the Epic Cyber Booster!  Be careful when swapping out your ordinary Jetpack for one of these.

Epic Robin’s Quiver-SUGGESTED
Some people think that this skill isn’t that great, but it almost sorta works with the Space Trooper!  Each of the arrows cause cringe. So, after using this, jump shot an enemy who got hit by an arrow and you get an easy faint.  Not bad, huh?

Epic Infantry Backpack-NOT RECOMMENDED
I’m going to be completely honest with you guys.  I don’t really “get” the backpack.  I mean, sure it’s useful in camping in big games, but it has very limited usefulness outside of that (and the crusade glitch that Vendo found, of coursetongue).

Epic Dragon Scroll-SUGGESTED
Having all of your skills recharged instantly is a pretty sweet deal.  However, you have to keep in mind that the cooldown time is almost equal to that of the Jetpack.

Epic Boxing Trophy-RECOMMENDED
After using E-Shock and the precise shot, you can use the Epic Boxing Trophy after that to make them lose a gear, and then Laser Cannon afterwards (WARNING: THE COMBO BOXING TROPHY > LASER CANNON IS NOT LOCKING).  Another alternative is to use the Epic Boxing Trophy in a big crowd and using E-Shock on top of a gear.  If you can precise shot them after that, you can also use Beam Out to send them back to base!

Epic Viking Shield-SUGGESTED
The Epic Viking Shield not only “deflects” attacks to your back, but it also reduces the damage you take to your back as well!  Not bad for a passive gear.

Epic Ninja Scarf-RECOMMENDED
After hitting an opponent with a precise shot, use the Epic Ninja Scarf to yank them off the edge!  You can also use this and then use the E-Shock > precise shot > Laser Cannon combo.

Epic Musketeer Rapier-RECOMMENDED
Use this to kick an opponent far away into faint, and then use your Laser Cannon!  (WARNING: Not only are you vulnerable after the intial stab with the sword, but this attack can be escaped by using either “Windwall” or “Monk’s Robe”.)  This gear pairs well with Epic Reaper Horns.

Epic Taekwon Sign-SUGGESTED
Preferably, this will recharge something you actually need at the moment, like E-Shock or Laser Cannon.

Epic Chaotic Doll-SUGGESTED
I would put this as recommended, but the “chaos doll status” really doesn’t hurt your opponent that much.  In addition, this attack makes an opponent stand up when they are in faint, but there’s not enough time to use Laser Cannon or E-Shock.

Epic Hunter’s Camera-SUGGESTED
Use this to stun your opponent, and then use your Laser Cannon!

Epic Grim Scroll-RECOMMENDED
After using this, allow both of the “Haunts” to touch your opponent, then precise shot and Laser Cannon.

Epic Sapper Radio-RECOMMENDED
Precise shot someone, then run up and call an “Airstrike”.  After that, you’re gonna have to either use Beam Out, E-Shock, Laser Cannon, or Super Jump to avoid the giant missle that falls out of the sky.  Preferably, you want to use Beam Out on the opponent if you can after they lose their gear.

Epic War Horn-RECOMMENDEDBecause having 2 E-Shocks never hurt anybody.  Oh yeah, it did.  tongue

Legendary Gears:
There’s so many Legendary Gears!  I think I’ll try my best to limit it to the important ones…

Pretty much pwns your Beam Out.  …IN THE FACE!!!  cool

Priest’s Biretta-RECOMMENDEDUse “Summon”, and then immediately use E-Shock.  You know what to do from there…

Minigun-RECOMMENDEDIf you can use Minigun and then use E-Shock to hold them in place, then you just got lucky.  Better ideas would be to place Minigun and then precise shot an opponent.  However, if one of your hats is “Headbutt”, then accomplishing this task becomes that much easier…

Bazooka-RECOMMENDEDPrecise shot.  Bazooka.  Nuff said.

Pharoah’s Hat-RECOMMENDEDAfter using precise shot, use “Petrify”.  From there, wait until the opponent breaks out of the stone and precise shot them IMMEDIATELY when they break out.  Afterwards, just Laser Cannon away.


Developer K Plushie-RECOMMENDEDUse this after knocking someone to the ground to have them spring up.  Make sure to follow their circle on the floor so you know where they land and use E-Shock right before they land.  Use the precise shot and Laser Cannon method afterwards.

Suggested Upgrades:
Sure, you might know how to use the Space Trooper, but having the right upgrades can really turn the tide of battle!  Haven’t you always been jealous of people like Pavlo with his super strong bullets or Brake with his speed that’s so fast, he can walk faster than most of his guild can run?  Well, now you too can be/pretend to be pro too!
NOTE: Never add upgrade points until you have a decent amount of pesos and until your Space Trooper is at a 15+ level.  In addition, it would also be better if your Space Trooper was your main as well.So, let’s do a quick refresher for those of you who don’t remember what they are or have never heard of them before!
The 4 possible upgrades for base stats are:
1) Attack (Increases damage dealt from attacks and skills)
2) Defense (Decreases damage received from attacks and skills)
3) Speed (Increases how fast your hero moves)
4) Dexterity (Lessens fall and drop damage)
As a Space Trooper, you never need to add Speed, so totally ignore that.  Your special dash makes up for it.
In addition, if you choose to keep your Jetpack, it is also unneccessary to add points into Dexterity as well (although it’s always nice to have a few points in there in case you get Drain’ed). tongue
A fun idea is to pump your Space Trooper full of Attack to make your shots hurt even more!  Remember when I said you were the strongest hero in the game?  Why don’t you make it hurt even more?
Some people also forget that Defense is just as good as Attack.  Reducing damage inflicted upon yourself lets you live longer to inflict more damage on opponents.  Every point counts!
In addition to the above base stats, you can also spend upgrade points in skill cooldowns as well.  For your Space Trooper, those are your 4 skills:
1) Laser Cannon
2) E-Shock
3) Beam Out
4) Jetpack
If you have to put cooldown points into anything, I personally would pick Laser Cannon.  It is your signature move, and it’s one of your best moves too!  It also works well with the fact that it has one of the fastest cooldowns as well.
E-Shock is also an excellent skill to put cooldown points into as well.  Just be careful not to abuse it randomly just because you can use it faster. wink
Beam Out should be totally ignored.  Moving on…
Adding points to Jetpack is sometimes a good idea since it has one of the slowest cooldowns in the game.  Of course, that’s only meaningful if you tend to get edged a lot.  It’s virtually your choice.

With all that said, that leaves 6 things left to put points into.  Here’s the suggested order in what to add points to.
You don’t have to follow this priority list.  Feel free to specialize your Trooper differently.
1) Attack
2) Defense or Laser Cannon
3) E-Shock
4) Jetpack or Dexterity

Attack is first because base stats tend to take priority over skills.  After that, you can choose to be more offensive and speed up Laser Cannon, or you can choose to apt for the defensive path and up your Defense instead.  Both of these should have points in them though!  After that, E-Shock should be the next thing on your list, followed by either Jetpack or Dexterity.  If you own a Jetpack, Dexterity should be WAY less important, and if you don’t own a Jetpack, then Dexterity gains more importance.  And that’s that!
So now, you know what build your Space Trooper should have!  :D

Tips: Another Subsection within a Section

So you wanna be a master?
Do you have what it takes, to be

Ignoring the horrible Poke’mon reference, some of you may be thinking, “Sure! I just read a billion words of awesome stuff,” and you would be wrong!  In actuality, the real tips start here!  So now that you know the basics, we can talk about how to play it smart with the Space Trooper.

So anyway, here’s some tips on how to melee with the Space Trooper:
In this section, I’ll cover a quick overview on how to melee effectively with the Space Trooper.  This section isn’t too long because you really shouldn’t be meleeing too much with the Space Trooper in the first place!
The ST’s basic melee attack combo is three hits.  He whacks the enemy with the gun twice and thrusts his gun forward on the third hit to knock the enemy down.  The three attacks are barely faster than the Viking Raider’s 3 hit combo (so it’s not amazing), and the third hit has decent range.  But, your laser beams are way more powerful than your melee attacks if you saw the damage chart above!  Why don’t we mix them in?
The Melee-Shot:
The Melee Shot is my term for using the Space Trooper’s laser beam as a melee attack as opposed to a ranged attack.  To use this, all you have to do is replace one of your melee attacks with a quick shot somewhere in your 3 hit melee combo.  For example…
If you want to use the Melee-Shot as your 2nd attack, you would first smack the enemy with D, then quickly hold D and release D to fire at them without aiming, then hit D a third time.
The Melee-Shot has some timing to it.  You need to hold D long enough so that the game will register it as a quick shot rather than a melee attack, but you also need to release it quickly enough to be effective.  Practice with Developer K before trying this in battle!The two combos I recommend with this technique is the:
D-Melee Shot-D combo (Melee Shot is the second attack):

D-D-Melee Shot combo (Melee Shot is the third attack):

Both of these combos have pros and cons:
D-Melee Shot-D combo
1) If an enemy jumps at you and you hit them with the first “D”, your melee shot will hit them as they fall to the ground (Note: Your third attack will miss).
2) The time between the Melee Shot and your last “D” is so great that enemies that are shielding will usually stop shielding by that time or their shield will “run out”, allowing you to knock them down (and get a decent hit in).
3) You still have your 3rd “D” in your original 3-hit melee combo, which is the only one that can knock your opponents down.
1) The time between the Melee-Shot and the last “D” is so great that the enemy can get a skill in on you while you’re pulling it off (Example: A Grim Reaper can use “Reap” after being hit by your second hit).  Also, if you miss with the 3rd hit, you’re an open target.

D-D-Melee Shot combo
1) Because it doesn’t knock down opponents, you can continue your attack (like how the Viking Raider can mix in his Guard Breaks to keep on attacking).
2) The time between your second and third hit are significantly shorter than the time spent inbetween your second and third hit in the previous combo.
1) Losing your “knock down attack” is bad.  It’s your farthest reaching melee attack and the knock down helps you run away.  Without it, you’re basically keeping the enemy close enough to attack you.
2) You actually inflict less total damage.
3) You can no longer inflict extra damage on enemies that jump down on you.  (See the 1st pro of the last combo)

So it’s all down to personal choice.  But PERSONALLY, I’d stick with the first one.wink

Additional Information:Just a few more things before I go!  I promise that this is the last section of the guide!  I swear!  These things are almost the same as tips, except I consider them “Additional Info”.

1) Don’t be afraid to Laser Cannon off of corners randomly!
2) Don’t E-Shock randomly!
3) Don’t underestimate Jetpack and Beam Out!
4) Don’t be afraid to run, but don’t be afraid to help either!
5) You are more of a support hero than an actual main fighting hero.  Feel free to stick around in the back and precise shot from afar to set up your teammates for combos.

And that’s it!  Now go forth…


And achieve your destiny.


Special Thanks to…
Clemente, Pavlo87, Vendo, and Brake, for not being bothered that I mentioned them in this guide.
Unbounded, for his awesome damage thread that I used in this guide as well.
SmoSmo, lostAlias, and Kninja for supporting me throught the making of this guide.


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