Grand Chase Alchemist Guide

Grand Chase Alchemist Guide by CowxDD

Table of Contents

*[E1] Contacts and Opinions
*[E2] Mumbo Jumbo
*[E3] Terminology
*[E4] History Of Arme
*[G1] Introduction to Alchemist
*[G2] Skill Description and Pairing
*[G2.1]Booby Trap
*[G2.2]Cloud Kill
*[G2.3]Big Bomb
*[G3.1] Survival Equipment
*[G3.2] Team Equipment
*[S1] Strategy I: Grip and Yo Momma
*[S1.1] Delay Grip
*[S1.2] Multiple Grip
*[S2] Strategy II: Fart on Me
*[S2.1] Farting Introduction
*[S2.2] Cloud Locations
*[S2.3] Get in my Cloud pls
*[S2.4] Eat Bombs
*[S2.5] Freeze You’re Under Arrest
*[S2.6] Freeze Bomb Combination
*[S2.7] Pot Smash
*[S2.8] Booby Trap Evil Cloud
*[S3] Strategy III: High Fiber Intake
*[S3.1] Defensive Crapper
*[S3.2] Offensive Crapper
*[S4] Strategy IV: Bombs Go Boom
*[S5] Strategy V: Antelope Looks Good
*[S6] Strategy VI: Lions However, are Scary
*[B1] Attack Break Down – Combos
*[B2] Speed Break Down – Lightning Dash
*[B2.1] Other Mobility Tips
*[O1] Map Opinions
*[O2] Item Opinions
*[O3] Pet Discussion
*[T1]Fight or Flight Table
*[C1] Credits


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Sometimes, words within this guide may be unfamilar to you and may need further explanation. The terminology section is implemented in a hopeful effort to prevent that. In order to find a word simply browse this list and find the definition. If a word is not on the list that you cannot find or believe should be on the list, please post in the thread or inform me.
Bombs: The projectiles an Alchemist tosses, also sometimes refers to “Booby Trap”
Clouds: Alchemist’s 2 bar black magic, also known as “Cloud Kill”
Combo: Combination of attacks
Freeze: The stopping of a frame during a skill.
Hybrid: Containing Many playing styles
OHKO: The process of knocking a player out in a single action.
Multigrip: The act of gripping a player multiple times by means of a ledge.
Pot Smash: Alchemist dash attack, sometimes referred to as “Spins”
Spins: Alchemist’s dash attack, commonly referred to as “Pot Smash”
Stack: Add multiple layers or add many things of the same attribute.
Stickage: The inability for an opponent to move after being delayed in a Cloud Kill.


Arme was very unfortunate throughout her childhood, lacking the proper education to place her into a successful atmosphere. It was a cruel, dark, autumn day, September 23rd, when Arme got abducted by the Black Magic Foundation (BMF: CEO and Executive Officer Kaze Aze). Arme was a young unfortunate individual, about 8 years old, and forced to a life of necromancy. Arme however disliked her schooling. Her teacher, Mr. Gardosen, greatly disapproved of Arme’s style, which was generally more sacred than the standard ways taught at the school. One Day, Gardosen spoke with the principal, Dark Anmon, about expelling Arme, because she was converting her skills of necromancer into skills of holy light. After reviewing records, Dark Anmon agreed to expel Arme, the first expulsion ever, and opened an abyss for Arme to sink into and be lost forever.

Arme was tossed into this “infinite” Abyss, with nothing but darkness and despair, however… Arme’s knowledge of holy magic radiated out to the Knight Master, the Goddess of Bermesiah, Ellia, and Xenia, where judgement was destined to happen. Arme was branded by a mark of the Knight Master, where Holy Light will always shine to guide. The Holy Light appeared into the Abyss, shining a guidelight for Arme to follow. As Arme followed the light, she developed new strength, and eventually left the Abyss, landing in the domain of Wendy, with 2 other companions ousted from their previous lives.

Combining the Knight Master’s Holy Abilities ~Cure, Bubble, Alchemy~ and her Necromancer Abilities from her past school ~Land Mine, Cloud Kill, Big Bomb~ Arme travels across the continent destroying those who oppose what she believes is formidable.

Also, Egeus says she found her punch skill on the street while shopping for new shoes. A hobo stopped her and gave her and showed her some shiny custom made scrolls containing special skill. After seeing these scrolls, she comes to conclude that society has FINALLY realized her greatness, to the point where they made skills for her. Arme quickly sees the punch skill, thinking that is perfect for her. When Arme was a child she always wanted big hands, because she always failed at the piano. Arme quickly bought the skill and tested it on the hobo, destroying him. (I guess.) He also wants to inform you how she got 3 lives. She’s half a cat divided by 1/7th of a cat (??). That is all.

What Really Happened: Who Cares :(

Credit of Story: Egeus and Cow (not sure if we want to take credit on this haha)

The beauty of alchemist is it’s versatility. Literally any player can use alchemist. Alchemist can play many styles: Strategic, Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Hybrid. Moves like her spin provide great offense, cloud and booby trap provide strategy, cure provides great support, cloud and punch provide great defense as well as offense, and all styles can be mixed to create a hybrid alchemist.

On Alchemist one is not limited to just one thing. You can become a great master of grip spamming, with multiledge grips and easy freeze grips. You can restrict player movements with cloud, becoming a sort of crippler. You can create items to give you a great edge, the ability to resurrect, many other things. Alchemist is the most in-depth class in the game, without a doubt, and requires a player to be fully aware of everything she is capable of.

Things to check to make sure you are suitable as an alchemist:

*You are well adapted to judgement, deciding when to cash and how to dash is key. Determining when you can do multi combinations, when you can cloud, all is very key to becoming a good Alchemist. If you are not good at judgement or strategy I suggest a different class.

*You don’t mind the low defence or health. Alchemist, being a mage, suffers clearly in health and defence. Every hit is critical, so maintaining a good offense is the best way to maintain your own health.

*You enjoy getting pelted by lire arrows. Yes, it happens. Yes, it is annoying.

*You are a good team player. If you wish to play alchemist outside of survival, you must be adapt and be able to play well in a team. A good alchemist rarelly lets his ally die. Alchemist have the ability to revive a fallen player if cured at the right time.

*You enjoy setting up things that take great precision to perform. Setting up most of the alchemist’s combos require great dexterity and precision, as well as excellent timing.

*You loveeeee abusing people with items in non-item mode. Item creating is HUGE, and can give a great edge over players. Use to your advantage!

Booby Trap: Despite how useless this skill looks, it’s actually vital to some alchemist strategies. This bomb provides a good 30 seconds of protection, warning, and combo set ups. Basically you use this skill when you are carefully PLANNING IT. Do not randomally set up bombs, as they provide minimal damage and only accomodate less than a second of protection. Bombs are INVISIBLE so only you will see them.

A few things you can use Booby trap for:

*Place bombs within a screens distance or in front of you to prevent melee from surprising you. If a mine is in front of you, you can be sure a melee won’t get off a swing. Make sure to keep it ADEQUATE DISTANCE or a first job elesis will enjoy a cash bonanza on you.

*Place bombs to set up ledge grabs. By placing a bomb a little in and under a ledge, upon impact a character will fly up and be offered to you like a spider is offered a fly. Will be explained later in Strategy section.

*Place bombs to set up spins or clouds. When you place a bomb in easy reach, and you see an enemy running towards it, you can assume they will hit it, explode, and fly up. You may either spin under them, so as they fall they will take MULTIPLE pot hits, or you can cloud their falling point. More of this in Strategy, because a simple cloud may result in minimum damage when they smack into the ground, and a bomb to stand them back up may result in a counter.

A few fun things you can use Booby trap for:

*Place Booby trap on layers, such as the middle of marsh, and when one trap goes off, the player that activated it will fly all the way to the top.

*Place Booby traps on top of eachother, resulting in damage equivalent to a grip, I really don’t suggest this, which is why it’s considered “fun”

Cloud Kill: The main arsenal of an alchemist. Cloud kill is beyond a doubt in my mind the best two bar in the game. It’s reliable, provides protection, provides excellent offense, has huge Area of Effect, hastes anyone inside of it, can be comboed with just about anything, and can be stacked on top of itself if enough MP is acquired again.

A few things you can use Cloud Kill for:

*When you need health, you can sit in the corner with a Cloud Kill in front of you. You regain 2 Bars faster than you lose them if you’re able to keep a steady amount of Holy Light pouring into you. The only class that can truly hurt you in this situation is lire, perhaps an elesis rushing in with storm blade. More of this in strategy.

*When a player is in your cloud, any skill is amplified by a huge amount on delay. Basically every action in the cloud is “slowed down”, when a free animation is casted, the freeze will last longer because of the cloud’s haste. When a player falls in the cloud, simply freeze the screen using cure or giant punch to prevent the opponent from an easy escape. More on this in Strategy, including a discussion of ice pixie.

*When a player is in your cloud, throw bombs at them to amplify the stun effect – I personally do not recommend this unless you have absolutely no MP, they just used a 3 bar, or they are going to get out.

*Place clouds on edges where players are likely to fall, and if a fatal player falls off you get the kill.

*Place clouds on ledges, weaken a player, pot spin them off the edge, they’ll slowly head towards the edge because of haste, when you can jump down and prepare to multiple hit pot smash as they fall down. More on this in strategy.

*Place cloud kills on idiots that do a get up attack as they get up.

*Place cloud kill in the middle of a mob of people to find a great big smile on your face.

*Jump in front of an a melee with a predictable path to summon a cloud for a good stickage.

*If a player gets froze above you, while in a cloud, wait until they are falling, run under them and spin, you’ll get a multihit pot smash, if you are near a ledge they may fall off. More in strategy.

*Set up easy multigrips. Place a cloud near the edge for easy multiple grips if you are bad at normal multiple grips. More on this in Strategy.

*Jump in after a player uses a skill, providing a nice comfy cloud for them to find themselves in. Also you can cloud a player stuck in a stun or pixie animation.

*Grip a player 3 times in a really high edge, drop down holding 2 bars, hit the ground before the player, summon your 2 bar for them to fall in, proceed to pot smash.

A few fun things you can use Cloud Kill for:

*Create a cloud on a portal of Gorge of Oath, punch a player facing outwards, use the teleporter, wait a moment, punch, the player will come flying over into your new punch, and will fly into your cloud again, where you can teleport back over to proceed the ownage.

*Create a cloud to freeze a player, have your crossbow buddy bring on the harpy!

Big Bomb: This creates 3 big blasts that do a moderate amount of damage to players, reaching in all forward ratios. The delay on it is pretty significant, and really isn’t worth it in my opinion. To bring out the higher dice of big bomb, set down a mine and hit a player as they fly in the air in front of you. You may also do bomb combo to lay down a preparing bomb, just z.

I am not at all experienced with Big Bomb and I do not wish to provide players with strategies involving it, as I personally believe 3 bars can be better used for cloud kill / cure combo.

Punch: This move is Grrrrrr-eat, if you can afford it, get it. Punch is a high impact cash move that does tons of damage and happens instantly. This move is all or nothing, and has a relatively big AoE. Players hit by punch will fly a full screen’s distance (depending on the map) away from the impact.

A few things you can do with Punch:

*When a player is stuck in a cloud you can punch them to get a good amount of damage + a cloud freeze. Before the player flies away, swoop in for a grip to get even more damage. The extended freeze animation will make the player stationary in the cloud for all molestation to occur. If you freeze a player off the ground, instead of gripping, simply pot smash into them.

*Punch a player straight up into the wall, as they come back down, dash into them using the pot smash animation, as they come back down you’ll multiple hit them.

*Punch a player away from you if you’re tight on space.

*Punch a low health player to get a kill.

*Punch a player right beside you, and dash up and grip them before they fly away (Hard without a little lag.)

*Punch 3 times, then run up and grip them.

*Punch a player while they’re in a cloud, run up to a ledge where you know they’ll go, block their path of travel, when they nail you, begin multiple grips.

Cure: This move is excellent as well. Cure heals by %, not by numerics (afaik), so no matter how much vitality the target has, they’ll get healed a LOT. 3 cures should full heal a character. In high level games with 1xxx vitality and 1xxx defence, alchemists are a luxury to have as a tank will NEVER die. Cure can also substitute for punch in solo play.

A few things you can do with Cure:

*Heal a teammate, up to 3 (dungeon), 2 pvp.

*Activate freeze grips, as a player gets up cure them in place.

*Freeze a player in your cloud.

Saver: This move is pretty much garbage… at least in my opinion, hey everyone has their moves I suppose. It creates saver bubbles on everyone on your team – EXCEPT you.

A few things you can do with saver:

*Freeze grip someone as they get up (Not recommended)

*Cast Savers on teammates.

*Freeze an enemy in your cloud.

Alchemy: This move is excellent if you get a chance to use it. Alchemy enables an Alchemist the awesome ability to create an item in even non-item mode. Items that can be produced are rated on importance (may vary depending on situation):

– Haste
– Mp Restore
– Reflect
– Hp Restore
– Invincibility
– Invisibility
– Wings
– Gold

A few things you can do with Alchemy (ITEM STRATEGIES WILL BE DISCUSSED LATER IN THE GUIDE):

*Duplication, due to lag, two players can get an item. Have the alchemist create an item, as soon as the animation is over, have the second player dash into the item while the alchemist begins her dash into the item. Both players will get the item.

*When no players are attacking you, start creating items to use later in the match.

*When your MP bar is full, go ahead and use some mp to create an item, unless you’re going for cloud / punch combo.

A few fun things you can do with Alchemy:

*Play a game with 6 alchemist, have them all create items until you stockpile coins. Have one player collect ALL the coins and then murder him. Watch as tons of coins fly out of him like hes a piece of boss meat.

Equipment is important, beeeery important.



If you can use cash, you can use a castle lord set if you choose to wear a turtle shell with it. Punch should also be included in your arsenal.

If you do not wish to use castle lord, you should stockpile on defence accessories to provide you with suitable defence and vitality, as if a player gets stuck in a cloud combo they are dead anyway. A multihit potsmash will also OHKO.


If you do not use cash, you will want to provide yourself with all GP defence and vitality. Focus on trapping players on your cloud while they are jumping, then freeze with cure. After freezing, proceed to pot smash for an easy OHKO.



If cash is an abundant option, castle lord is definitely the best set option for you. Wear castle lord and a castle lord ring so if you get countered while performing a cloud, you will still retain mp to punch your foe. Also against lires constant counters is very useful as opposed to silly counters.

A full attack set is also an important option for an alchemist. You’ll find it insanely hard to actually -kill- a player if you do not have attack. I suggest a high attack (700+) with lower defence and vitality (200+) (200+). If there is a lire, you may wish to buff your defence and vitality as you will most likely be getting hit a LOT more often. Using an attack at 500 is also a great option if other players have balanced stats, as a cloud + punch combo should still manage to knock a player out.


If you’re a GP player you’re most likely going to want to stack up on defence and vitality. The problem with an all attack build is the lack of punch. When a player gets stuck in your cloud you won’t have the attack power to KO them unless they have all attack as well.

Attack is also a plausible option, freezing a player in a cloud as they jump will definitely provide you with a good umph of attack if you decide to swirl under them. You won’t need a huge amount of attack for this though, because a good 3x multihit through a cloud will most likely knock a player out.



With cash you have multiple options. Castle lord is still very plausible, and will continue to be as the infinite counter is very important. Warlock tornados can easily be cancelled which is sometimes a threat to cloud campers.

A stat set may also be plausible here. Attack is the highest priority as players with B+ have a good amount of vitality and defence. Generally as an alchemist I like to knock my opponents out in one cloud, otherwise they’ll RUN and the opportunity to catch them again is dramatically decreased.

Defensive sets are also plausible, as I said before in the introduction, alchemist is very versatile. By wielding defense you can be sure of survival (for a good part) unless against a lire.


With the lack of punch, your damage will be suffering. High attack + good tactics are required for kills. High attack will provide you with the kill count to win.

Full defensive suits can provide you with the ability to survive so you can steal kills. If it comes down to 1v1 however, the battle will take a long time. If you can’t knock out a player in one cloud kill + pot smash you are at a serious disadvantage.



I highly suggest full stats, really no brainer here. Alchemist in a stat-capless survival is a toss up, as knocking a player out is pretty difficult.


I highly suggest sticking to stat grade restricted games.



If cash is an option, you may use a castle lord set + a turtle shell to provide you with your essentials.

I also suggest stacking defence if castle lord is not an option for you, a punch + cloud should automatically knock someone out. It is essential to attempt to survive, as your teammate needs you to heal them. They damage deal, you keep them alive. Cloud will serve as a buff area when you both need to restore.


Focus on stacking defence and vitality. A cloud combo should automatically knock out a player when assisted with a pot smash.



One option is the castle lord set, and providing as a tank for your ally. Basically use the ability to counter as a super ability to rush in and heal your ally when required.

Another option is pure defence. Pure defence sets will keep you alive so you can keep your ally alive.


Focus on stacking defence and vitality, staying alive is the best way to keep your enemy alive.



Same thing, stack your castle lord with accessories to provide you the stat cap. Start to be more defensive than offensive at this point, as the damage output decreases.

Full defensive sets still work well here.


At this point you may struggle to get a full defence set. Wear as much as you can to top defence and put the rest into attack. Make sure you stay alive so your ally can stay alive. If you’re a high hybrid attack tank you may want to place clouds and set up combos with your ally.



Stack all your armor. Depending on opponents just try to stay alive so you can keep your ally alive. They will most likely deal damage while you keep them alive. All stats is basically essential. I do not find castle lord to be suitable in high stat games.


Stack all your armor. Stay alive and deploy clouds to keep yourself alive. If there is a lire, pray, I don’t think you’ll make it unless you have a capable elesis. I suggest sticking to the lower stat games.

Gripping is a popular strategy among Alchemists. Alchemists have a few points that make this strategy just… work for them.

*Slow-mo clouds provide you the necessary time to judge where a body will be and how to react to it.
*There cure has an excellent stun rate and allows you to perform stun grips like none-other.
*Alchemist can multigrip off edges.
*You hit multiple times allowing you to pierce through bubbles.
*You can grip off your punch, watch them fly!
*If you miss your grip your pot smash still hurts.

How can you go about using these tactics you ask? Quite simple actually!

The most popular grips are “Delay grips” so lets start with those. Basic grip styles will not be discussed as of now.

In order to delay grip you must cast a skill with an adequate freeze rate (cure for us) and then grip a person’s immobile body.

The most common delay grip is the one on players that are just getting up.

In order to perform this on a player you must follow these steps:
1. Grip a player.
2. As the grip is ending start charging mp
3. As they fall out of your pot smash, immediately release your mp.

4. The enemie will stand up (if they didn’t counter) and will be an immobile body.
5. Run up and grip again.

A few warnings about this tactic.

*Spearman get up attacks and Dragon Knight get up attacks are extremely difficult to time with this and you can rarely grip them.
*Spearman 1 bar and 2 bar are ungrippable, as well as warlock 1 bar
*Crossbows and Mages sometimes dash as they get up, making it impossible for you to grip them.
*Be careful not to charge too much MP and release a 2 bar instead.
*Be careful of getting countered by pets.

Even if a player runs away they will still get pulled to you, It’s impossible to escape if a player gets up improperly and the delay gripper knows what he’s doing.

Delay grips are useful if a player is usually under half health. All 3 bars will result in 4 delay grips, 5 total (you regain 1 bar by the time you use up all 3), and will usually knock a player out.

Very Useful Tactic – LEARN IT!

Multiple gripping is quite easy once a player becomes accustom to it.

In order to grip an opponent multiple times you need a ledge. Have a player stand on the edge of the ledge, just enough so they’ll fall off after you grip, then follow these steps:

* Have player set up on edge of ledge.
* Run up and grip player, waiting for all 4 bonks to complete.
* As your grip ends, immediately dash forward and hit z
* You should again grip your enemy as they fall
* Repeat up to 3 more times for a total of 4 grips, enemy will fall on their own

Many strategies can assist with multiple ledge gripping.

Booby traps can be placed slightly under a platform and a little in. When a player hits the mine they will immediately fly up onto your ledge, you may then dash forward and begin gripping them.

You can set up a multiple grip from a great height. After the third grip, jump down after your enemy and spin / place a cloud. It’s additional damage you wouldn’t of gotten if you instead did the grip.


After much wait, I present to you, my farting section.

Yes – EXTREMELY! undramatic, but what more can you expect from such a title?

So! Let’s get started.

First off I’d like to explain this section and what it’s all about. You may recall the Alchemist’s Black Magic, Cloud Kill.

This skill is very important, and some of you may be bonking me on the head as we speak! “Why did Cow leave this section out for so long??”

Well my friends, lets get started, shall we?


First off, Cloud Kill is overpowered, for the lack of the better word, but is normal when you consider how “underpowered” the 3 bar Big Bomb is on a casual playing level. Let me just say, this move is a REAL #%*#(%*#er offer. The cloud works in several ways, depending on how you use it, but ultimately works on one principal.

The Cloud Kill makes everything last roughly -4x- as long (total estimate)

AWESOME! So if I hit a guy with a bomb he’ll stay stunned 4x?!?!?! as LONG?!?!?!


Wait, yes, thats how it works, great job.

Now using this fundamental knowledge of Cloud Kill, what do you think we could do with this? Well I’m thinking there’s quite a bit we can abuse with cloud kill… So let’s go ahead and start listing these out for you.


You may be wondering at this point… Where do I put my Cloud? Well, just like real farts, you need to carefully plan them to make sure no one but you knows whats going on.

First, allow me to explain the best places for clouds.

Place #1

Any corner, just a few spaces in front of you, allows for a perfect cloud placement. Why? Because, if you put it RIGHT ON the corner, they’ll run in and MP you, with no where to run. The corner also allows you to cover your back, and your front, and your bottom, and the cloud slows people trying to approach from the top (In maps like Elven)

Place #2

On top of a getting up body (Beware, make sure they use a get up attack), nothing is better than appearing in a cloud as soon as you get up, love it, right? The reason why this strategy works is simply because a get up attack ruins invulerability, place a cloud on them, and they’re helpless if used with the right strategy (And no additional player interference.)

Place #3

The most travelled spot on the map (Such as the center of trial forest near the branch) is another great place to put a cloud. What good is a cloud if no one goes into it, right? This will provide multiple people falling into your cloud at once, and in survival may even steal a few kills ;), afterall, thats what we want to do, right?

Place #4

Any place that would provide the safety of your teammate OR the ability to set up a combo with your teammate. The slowdown process of the cloud makes people completely vulnerable to multiple jump attacks (without the counter). If you can set up a combo with a cloud – DO IT!


These are basic places, other places exist with special circumstances, use judgment when placing a cloud. Remember, if you can put it in a corner, do it, protecting yourself is vital, no one is there to heal you.


Okay, so you understand Cloud Kill owns AND where to put it, but how do you CATCH people in your cloud? These fundamentals are IMPORTANT, and if you EVER want to get someone in a cloud, practice them.

Here are several methods I employ to entangle people within my bean ridden gas:

Method I: Baiting

Firstly, you can -bait- a player by Delay Gripping, and making them think you’ll delay grip (This forces them to use a get up attack, if they’re a class like Ronan or Savior), and then when they get up attack, use a cloud as they get up. This method can be risky however, as they may hit you with it (and dang, some of those get up attacks HURT). The reasoning behind this is simply, if they get up attack, they’ll start taking damage (Get up attack ruins their invulerability), so you may then proceed with the strategy (Will be discussed).

Method II: Ninja[/B}

Second, you can drop it on a player that just finished gripping. Oh god, please, I love this. In a team game, run up to your enemy that’s gripping your ally, and just let it rip, fart all over them. This is pretty straight-forward.

[B]Method III: Did I dooo daaaat?[B]

Third, you can hit a player that just did a skill that allows you to run in and cloud them. Examples of this are Elesis first job’s 1 bar. Simply run into them (using dash invulnerability to avoid, and then drop a cloud, and they lunge forward into it. Bloody awesome, right?

[B]Method IV: Prediction

This is simply predicting an opponent’s move. There are several ways you can do this. Prepare for an enemy to run at you, when you know they’re going to swing, dash for invulerability (holding in the two bar), and then releasing. You can also do predictions at the beginning of matches, such as on Elven forest. Camp for a 2 bar, as the furious blood driven melee comes running at you. When he jumps up onto the platform to nail you, dash towards the edge and release a cloud over it (putting it in midair), then you may proceed with strategy from there.

Method V: Luck

Drop a cloud and hope he’s dumb enough to run into it.

Method VI: Teammate Assistance

Have a teammate stun a player for you so you can run in and cloud them. This works on a various amount of levels, and follows the same principles as the “Did I dooo daaaat?” strategy This can vary on a variety of levels, such as running in during a teammates 2 bar (Such as a savior), and clouding, and then proceeding with a strategy to put them in an infinite lock.

Method VII: Bait numba 2

Drop a cloud and hang out on the edge of it, you’ll be amazed how many people try to 1 bar you or even 3 bar you, jump away and perform strategy.

There are several other methods that can be employed, Cloud possibilities are ENDLESS. If you wish to submit a method, feel free, I’ll gladly add it.

For now, let’s get into some strategies.


This strategy is focused around the most basic thing you have – Bombs!

Okay, bombs are just awesome, let me get that out there, although they don’t explode immediately (I use to wish they did before I learned how to use them), they’re still super useful. Allow me to explain the basis of this strategy.

First, you need to find a great spot for a cloud. You can find these in Cloud Locations,

Next, you need to PUT said person in the cloud. There are several ways of doing this. Please refer to the methods above if you do not remember.

Okay sweet.

Let’s put that guy in a cloud and watch his HP tick down.

Wait… he just jumped out?!?!?! Cow I thought you said he was stuck in there 4x as long?!?!?!

Well, he is… but 4x of speedy movement is just 1 second, now isn’t it? Oooh yeah… okay… so…

Lets throw bombs at him! You know how much stun a bomb gives you? It’s a LOT! Bomb is your primary weapon, like, if you have nothing else, you run around and throw bombs. Regardless to say, the stun on bombs are LONG. So, put someone in the cloud, and start chucking bombs at him.

Now you have to be careful here, what kind of chucking do you want to do? Do you want to set up for Freeze Bomb Combination?, or would you rather chuck bombs until they counter?

The reason this strategy is flawed is simply because of counter. You may only do this strategy (effectively) if someone just spawned, then you may freely chuck bombs without worry of a counter.

Also, there are specific ways you need to throw the bombs, depending on your results you wish to have. If you throw the bombs from too far away, they’ll land at the person’s feet, knocking them into the air. If you throw another bomb afterwards, it’ll knock them straight up so they can dash out of the cloud, that’s a nono. If you see them fly up, do not throw another bomb, either proceed to Freeze Bomb Combination, or run under them and Pot Smash. This strategy is all you can use if you do not have 2 bars, a good pet, or a teammate that can help out and freeze. Feel free to use it if you do not have time to obtain another MP bar. Counters happen often, so don’t be disappointed!


Oh god my favorite strategy, seriously this one just owns.

Check it out – Set up your cloud with the methods provided, get a guy in there… and freeeeeze!

Wait what, freeze?

Yeah, I want you to run in there, and either PUNCH (1 Bar Cash, refer above in skills) or CURE (1 Bar White Magic). Punch is best if you have no ally around and you can afford it. Cure is best if you’re pure GP or if you have an ally around that can be healed.

Okay so you’re like… Why Cow?

Well you see, remember that x4 ideology we were discussing? You know how long a FREEZE is? Yeah, take that x4. The enemy is stuck in there a LONG time. This is definitely your MOST effective method of Cloud Capture.

You can also use this strategy to chain to a Freeze Bomb Combination, or a Pot Smash one, which will be explained later.

Okay now there is so much you can do with this freeze here. You can even have ALLYS freeze the enemies in your cloud (hilarious), or freeze an enemy falling INTO the cloud. Example, lets say you lie down a cloud in the middle of Elven Forest (following travel method), and some guy get’s knocked down from the top by your teammate. Oh boy here he comes… down… down… he’s in your cloud!! About to hit the floor! -Cure!- Oh boy that guy is in for some hurt.

If you freeze someone of equal stat in the cloud, it’s going to do some damage. Your PREFERED freeze spot is SMACK DAB in the middle, IN THE AIR (They’re in the air, the cloud is on the ground. This will provide you with an EXCELLENT pot smash. Pot smash gets multiple hits on enemies that are FALLING down. (seeing it yet?) I’ll explain this in the Pot Smash section.

Oh yeah, did I mention… Let the little devils think they’ll get out of your cloud, and jump to get out, then freeze them. Amazing how people are nice enough to put themselves in the air FOR you.


Now this is basically a combination of 2.4 and 2.5, which is freeze and bombs.

To do this one you’re SETTING UP for 2.7, which is the Pot Smash method.

First – get an enemy in the Cloud.
Second – get the enemy nice and comfortable in there.
Third – Throw a bomb from far away, stunning the enemy and placing a bomb at his feet.
Fourth – When the bomb explodes he’ll float up, on the way back down go towards the cloud as close as you can, and while he’s in the air around your head – CURE!
Fifth – When the freeze is about to wear off (Learn to time it), dash forward and apply the Pot Smash method.

This strategy is the better of them in terms of damage, but risks the COUNTER with the bomb. If you believe the enemy will COUNTER your bomb, do not do this method, go straight to the “Freeze” method, and don’t give him a chance to counter. The timing must also been done correctly. I personally prefer just plain freezing, as I do not like to risk countering an enemy (Clouds aren’t cheap ya know.)


Pot smash is so much damage it isn’t even funny (well it is when you’re the one doing it, Har, Har, Har!)

There are several ways you can abuse Pot Smash.

First – You can lie down your cloud, and PUSH the enemy into it with a pot smash (and then freeze to keep them in the air)
Second – You can pot smash an enemy that’s already in the air, chaining multiple hits.

Heres what a “3 hit” set up looks like:

You may also place the enemy more towards the middle, for more cloud damage. I prefer on the edge, it’s just easier, and maybe a little bit higher, but there is fine, just dash into em.

Pot smash works to hit an enemy multiple times. As long as the enemy stays ABOVE you, you are able to multiple hit them. Good hits are 2+.

Make sure you start UNDER the enemy when pot smashing, not behind. Simply go under them while they’re frozen in the cloud, and pot smash in the direction you want to chain. As they take the first hit they’ll fall, then the second hit will connect, and maybe even more depending on your placement. I suggest pot smashing at the end of a delay, when they’re about to fall. Do not WAIT until they’re falling or you will lose hits.

Simple – yet effective.


Booby trap can be evil if used right, and it can actually be used to set people up in Clouds.

Simply place a booby trap on a edge above where you want to cloud someone.

When someone runs across the booby trap, they’ll nail it, and fall down the edge to where you are…

As they’re falling into you, place your cloud.

While they’re falling towards the ground, employ a strategy, preferably freeze, and stick them in the air.

You may now determine their death, you evil evil person.


This method involves placing a cloud to trap an opponent between you and the cloud.
Have you ever been stuck between two enemies, and completely got raped because you had no where to run?
That’s what we’re attempting to do in this strategy.
Basically, set up a cloud, example Elven Forest, on the left side, and hog the slope on the right side. Now you need to continuously harrass the target with bombs, until they either run for the cloud (where you employ a strategy to trap them there), or run to you, for a pot smash.
This method works well because people panic when they’re stuck in the middle, and the cloud helps keep them this way. Classes with double jump tend to get out a lot easier, so be vary of this.


This strategy relies on all endurance.

Higher Fiber Intake is broken down like this:

You camp, regaining MP, to gain 3 bars of MP. You then, in turn, have that MP pass through you like a giant amount of poop. Hence the name.

Let’s split this strategy up into two sections: Defensive Crapper, and Offensive Crapper.

Defensive crappers generally work the best, as they highly reduce the chances of getting their item stolen.

Suggested Maps for a Defensive Camper:

Trial Forest
Outer Wall of Serdin
Elven Forest
Marsh of Oblivion
Air Ship
Forgotten City
Forsaken Barrows

Now we’ll begin the explanation, what exactly does it take to become a defensive crapper?

On the large part, this relies on the mode and map you’re playing in.

Survival, the better mode for this, is the suggested mode for a defensive crapper.

Steps (Survival):

1) Find a safe spot where you can easily see people approaching, and you can easily manuever yourself up and down (preferably both, if one only that is fine).
2) Quickly foot yourself into place, preferably near a wall.
3) Begin charging mp, while watching for random arrows or players. If an arrow is coming, quickly drop.
4) After full mp is acquired quickly drop yourself to the lowest layer, and face the wall, be careful not to HUG the wall or you will lose your item
5) Charge all 3 bars, quickly release your alchemy skill, the item should drop sandwiched between you and the wall.
6) Dash forward claiming it, hoping for a haste.

Steps (Team):

1) Find a safe spot where you can easily see people approaching, and you can easily manuever yourself up and down (preferably both, if one only that is fine).
2) Quickly foot yourself into place, preferably near a wall.
3) Begin charging mp, while watching for random arrows or players. If an arrow is coming, quickly drop.
4) After full mp is required, signal your teammate that your mp is full, where they should then walk over and stand about one character unit away from you.
5) Create your item, have your partner dash into it at the END of your animation, you will dash immediately as soon as you can.
6) You will both have an item, item cloning has occured.

Increase the Strategy!:

What do you do after you get these nifty items?!

Well I’ll tell you what!

Haste: The BEST item you can get! A guaranteed instant KO on any character not using a haste set. If you pick this item up start leaping for joy. Heres how you use it:

First, make sure you have ALL 3 bars of MP, and then find your opponent, we will refer to him as “Screwed Target”. After you pinpoint ST, wait for him to begin the jumping animation. The moment you see the jump begin, SMASH C (haste), and watch as his movements are slowed. At this point your opponent is HIGHLY predictable, you can tell exactly where his jump is heading.

Now it gets fun, or funny rather, depending on how you look it it. Pinpoint your opponents landing spot, and then implement Strategy II. Drop a cloud directly under them, theres nothing they can do, being hasted. The moment they hit the cloud they’ll be floating in midair (preferably) oh oh oh, heres where it gets good. Your opponent is soaking up multiple 1 2 3s while you sit under them, next you should use your 1 bar freezing skill, preferably punch, while freeze will suffice. Your opponent is officially stuck. Now when they are JUST about to get unstick, or your cloud is about to disappear, dash into them, and SPIN RIGHT BEFORE YOU REACH THEM. This will result in a 3x spin, usually an instant knock out.

Mp Restore: The SECOND best item you can get~ A pretty good knock out but not guaranteed. Heres how you use MP:

First make sure you accumulate all 3 bars, and then find “Semi-Screwed Target”. After SST is picked out, cautiously follow him trying to implement a viable “Strategy II”. Once you manage to get your opponent in a good spot, cast your cloud kill on them, and continue holding z, then quickly hit c (MP restore), and watch your MP fill up, then quickly drop another bar 2, and you will see your MP Fill up again, then turn around and drop another cloud kill on them. The opponent will be taking 12+++ damage per hit in the cloud. Now camp for a moment to get one bar of MP, the opponent will be stationary because the multiple clouds will freeze him in place. Now cast your “Punch” or “Cure” and proceed to pot smash them when you find it appropiate.

Reflect: Reflect can tie for first or second depending on who you’re fighting and how you use it. Reflect can provide multiple alternatives to strategy. Here is how you can use it:

Reflect can do so many things, and can reflect ANY magical attack that protrudes off the weapon. This includes Elesis’s First Job’s two bar and 3 bar. The beauty of this skill is it’s usuability against spearman’s 3 bar, Alchemist’s 2 bar, Dragon Knight’s 3 Bar, Mage’s 1 Bar, Elesis’s cash 3 bar, Lire’s cash 3 bar, Lire’s 1 bar, Lire’s 3 bar, Warlock’s 1 bar, Alch’s 1 bar and 2 bar, as well as Battle Mage’s 3 Bar White Magic (ooooh hilarity). By using reflect you can quickly approach Lires as well as reflect big attacks right back at their owner. More things that what I named can be reflected however.

The beauty of reflecting items, they count as your kill when they nail back kakaka.

Also keep in mind reflect can reflect an enemies cloud, and the moment you reflect the cloud, the timer for it will start over again ;) If someone reflects your cloud you can steal it back.

Reflect is pretty straight forward. Use it for offense, use it for defense. The style is up to you, but the item itself can be VERY helpful. if used appropiately.

Invincible: This item has a good priority count for getting yourself into the danger zone and providing a stable defence. Heres how you’d use invincible:

Acquire 3 bars of MP, and pinpoint the enemy or enemies. Quickly rush in, hitting c to activate your invincible, pinpoint the prime target, dash into him, and release a cloud kill. Apply Strategy II and freeze enemy within the cloud. Rinse, wash, pot smash. You got the drill.

Restore HP: This item is only good for reviving a player after they’re about to die. Use on self preferably, as a good alchemist can revive a teammate with their heal. If you go to 0 hp, quickly hit c to revive yourself with the restore health.

Feather: ….. Sorry. Just use it up.

Invisibility: Invisibility can be useful at times, however on the large part it’s kind of useless:

An Alchemist moves with dashing, which you’ll see in another section of the guide. When you dash, you can be seen, invisiblilty included. Also when you’re stationary to charge mp, you can still be seen. The only way Invisibility can be -result determining- is if you WALK to an opponent and proceed to Strategy II their face from there. On the most part invisibility is simply a luxury, and sometimes can get you out of tight spots, as some players will have a difficult time following you. But be weary, everytime you dash they can see you again. *[S3.2]

The offensive crapper generally follows the same guideline for item use so I won’t go back over them again.

However offensive crappers generally pursue their enemies performing pot smashes as their manuever. When their enemy starts to break away, the offensive pot smasher will simply turn around and drop an item. The strategies with the items are the same as above, however the offensive crapper will usually use the item for offensive pursuit and generally prefers to use the more offensive option of the item, such as pursuit.

Generally you can consider the offensive crapper as a melee alchemist, relying more on potskills and gripping skills to get the job done. Offensive crapper is not a strategy I’m familar with nor can I claim a passion in. Items are your supplement, and provide the alchemist the magical part of play.

Offensive crapper is a fun strategy and it positions the alchemist into becoming a “Melee Mage” in so say.

Lightning dash is a skill cherished by Armes on all jobs, especially on Alchemist.

Aspects and Advantages of Lightning Dash:

– Lightning dash increases mobility.
– Lightning dash increases speed.
– Lightning dash makes hard grips easy.
– Lightning dash makes you invulnerable for a greater stretch of time.
– Lightning dash makes you hard to predict.
– Lightning dash gets you closer to Lire.
– Lightning dash is just downright awesome and without it you suck :(

Step by step break down of lightning dash and how to use it:

Step 1 – Position yourself on any platform. Lightning dash cannot be performed on a flat service with no under service.
Step 2 – Dash forward and press and hold down very quickly. Continue holding onto directional key.
Step 3 – You will dash down through the platform at great unpredictable speeds.

You can configure your lightning dash’s distance and invulnerability a few ways.

Way 1: The longer you hold onto your directional key the further you go.

Way 2: Hitting z or opposite directional key will immediately cancel the dash. If you wish to fireball you should wait right before you come out of invulnerability.

Now lets take the aspects and advantages and break them down for you, as just posting them doesn’t help much now does it?

Lightning dash increases mobility

In order to make this come true, you must constantly use lightning dash. When you press down as you dash through platforms you will notice your speed and evasion greatly increases. This skill is definitely a must for an arme that wishes to move. If at all possible always stay UP and never down, if something bad happens you can lightning dash away. Remember, platforms are your friends! Platforms make it so you’re more mobile and havep lenty of space to roam.

Lightning dash increases speed

This has a similar concept to mobility. While lightning dash gives you more variation in where you go and how you achieve it, it always makes you move faster. One lightning dash will roughly move you 2~3 normal dashes away. Using this technique you can go from platform to platform increasing mobility.

Lightning dash makes hard grips easy

Have you ever seen an Arme act like spiderman and drop 3 platforms down to instantly grab you before you knew what the hell was going on? This is how you do it! By utilizing your dash you can go through each platform and land on your opponent. This works REALLY well on lires. Dash through the platforms, grab your target, perform your routine! Since you are invincible for a greater length of time, that means your dash animation is also extended, making you somewhat hard to see in certain situations.

Lightning dash makes you invulnerable for a greater stretch of time

By going that extra distance with your dash, you can push yourself into the invincible stage for a greater amount of time. Also since you are dashing down away from anyone that may be on a similar platform, you may avoid any attacks that may threaten you. Dashing into enemy freezes would leave you invincible as well.

Lightning dash makes you hard to predict.

With the easy variation of distance and platform usuage, lightning dash makes you a hard target to predict. Sure, some players may realize you’re going down, but how far down are you going? How long are you holding your dash? The longer you hold it the more invincibility you have. I personally suggest waiting until a lire starts a combo before you actually dash, as the dashing process usually leaves you invulnerable through every shot.

Lightning dash gets you closer to lire

Whats more annoying than getting crit in the face by those lire that NEVER leave their corner? Absolutely nothing, don’t argue this, it’s annoying. Using a lightning dash you can drop down onto the same platform as lire and easily grip them. This works multiple times as Lires never seem to learn.

Lightning dash is downright awesome and without it you just suck :(

You might not suck, but you’ll be better with it, learn the technique.


Although lightning dash is the primary mobility measure you should pay attention to, there are several others that one should keep in mind.

The first is the platform weave.

In order to accurately display an effect lightning dash, you must always be on a platform, correct?

You may also notice that as you dash down you kind of run out of platforms. In order for you to maintain a lightning dash, you must dash forward and jump onto another platform before the dash completes, this gives you a sense of non-stop dash. As an Arme you will never walk, you will never stop, you will always dash. If you reach the bottom platform, dash towards another platform unless you’re preparing to attack. Attempt to jump onto the platform out of your dash as to increase mobility.

The second is the bomb through.

When you run away players will chase you, simple as that. If the player is melee there are certain things you need to keep in mind when you attempt to navigate away from them.

When you run away, dash, jump before dash is over, hit the opposite arrow key, hit z, then repeat.

This process is similar to an elesis running away and spamming jump attack. By abusing this method you will maintain distance and stun anyone that attempts to chase you. By dashing between bomb throws you minimize delay on tosses and will increase your speed greatly.

Here is an effective example of a game:

1. Game Starts
2. Jump up onto platform above you.
3. Lightning dash down and grip people running into you.
4. Dash towards any slacking enemies and attempt to grip or cloud them
5. Hop onto a platform.
6. Lightning dash back the way you came, when you reach the bottom platform and cannot find another platform to climb, next step.
7. Dash, jump, turn, z
8. Repeat step 7 until you’re back on your platform.

Yes, circumstances will vary. This is just an example and can be used as willed. Characters differ, teams differ.

This section is regarding pet discussion. I will break each pet down and provide my opinion of each. Other alchemist players may also feel free to comment on this section as anything in the O section are opinions.

First pet:


Slime is a beautiful starter pet, and a wonder knock off. Slimes can be used a variety of ways:

– When you are gripped, simply have your slime attack an enemy and stun them. When you get back up dash forward and grip them.
– Have your slime attack a player attempting to delay grip you.
– Have your slime kill a fatal player in your cloud, if you really really cannot do it.

Overall slime is a wonderful point pet and can provide some insurance to alchemists everywhere. WirbleWind:
You already said the simple parts of the jelly slime. There are so many more tactics to use the slime or golden slime which can be between normal grab-attacks to the best throwers in your cloud/combos.
If you already mastered slime’s timing , never ever only use it to give two points of damage to the enemy when you know you won’t be able to grab him or make a useful move around him.
For example :
At running away from the enemy. When you see him following you like the complete failure jumping up and down just for the heck of trying to get close to you , simply jump , send the slime , laugh at the enemy that gets stunned (because he already went into your slime’s range) and perform your best combo (either cloud+punch or giant bomb + air dash or grab+head spam etc)
For creating/continuing combo’s :
This one’s quite easy. If you see the enemy in a place where you’d guess he won’t jump above you , do a swift dash towards him , throw the slime while jumping , cloud the other side (because when you jumped , you’re already on the other side) then do your magic ;).
To continue some combo’s , you can do the bomb juggle that is a god send if you use a stun pet like the almighty slime and his family.


Gon is a work of art, and he is also very useful for alchemist, somewhat.

– When you are gripped, use Gon to stun the enemy so you can grip them.
– Use Gon to counter a player.
– When an enemy is in your cloud, have Gon attack them and hope they don’t counter.
– Start throwing egg shells from the top, lightning dash down onto a surprised and stunned enemy.
– Use Gon to surprise stun an enemy into a Cloud Kill.

Overall Gon is a very annoying pet and can provide good assistance to alchemists.
Gon is a work of art , as you already said and what you already wrote here is true. But you can also add the combinations you can do with the slime. Gon only offers you 4 chances to do at least one of the tactics from above with a delay that many recognize.
Plus , use the gon when you’re jumping to have a wider stun-zone that works perfectly for either defending or attacking.


I have no experience with Gorgon. If you wish to add content to this section simply PM me.


I have no experience with Cupid. If you wish to add content to this section simply PM me.

Blue Fairy
Ice Pixie’s unevolved version, Blue Fairy, is much more useful than you would expect. Its not dangerous in the sense of “free grab/combo every time you use it” but for other purposes it is much more versatile.
1) It is a potentially multi-hitting pet which shoots its ice bolt in a straight line. If your enemies are the kind of people who like to run around looking for that -perfect- storm blade, fire arrows, or furious rush, and are hopping around the map with their mp charged, ice bolt has a pretty good chance of countering them and burning their mp out.
2) Also, it shoots the entire map length, which gives it a much larger range than most other pets, and can support your teammates without you needing to be near. It is one of the very few pets which can easily hit the entire team, and
3) it has one of the quickest cooldowns in the game.
4) Finally, it knocks enemies down. This isn’t particularly useful when you’re looking for a free grab or combo/2bar opportunity that a stunner pet would give you, but there are definitely advantages. For one thing, approaching a lire becomes muuuuch easier. Ice bolt (PEW~~~~) and then the lire is knocked down, and by the time she’s back up you’re in her face and she’s running away, not slinging dozens of arrows into you while you try to get near her. Even if the lire is good enough to notice the ice bolt incoming and evade it, thats still time that she’s not chucking arrows, and it might still hit some of her teammates nearby. Ice bolt is a pretty strong MOVEMENT RESTRICTION, which means you can force your enemies to move from their camping spot and take advantage, or they can choose to eat the ice bolt and get knocked down, giving you the initiative. Good for screwing with runners – they’re busy running away, and for some reason they ALWAYS try to dodge the ice bolt. So shoot an ice bolt at their lower platform and dash onto the higher one, charging mp, so that when they jump you’re ready for them. If they don’t jump, well, they eat ice bolt, so take advantage.
Oh, and if you get a knockdown with ice bolt and you are nearby, delay grabs can make your opponent’s life a great deal more interesting.
There is also a downside to a pet that forces a knockdown: Nothing’s worse than starting a sweet combo on someone only to have him knocked down by your teammate’s pet attack. Shooting ice bolt while your teammate is stormblading is a good way to make him very sad very quickly. Careful that you don’t get too overenthusiastic with your pet.
I don’t regard the fairy as superior to the ice pixie or any other overpowered pet, in any way shape or form, but used properly it is definitely more useful than you would think, and can definitely help in situations that the ice pixie cannot.
Due to the nature of the fairy’s attack, I found it most useful in maps with lots of linear shots. Outer wall, Gorge, Hell Bridge, Temple of Fire and Trial forest are the ones which come to mind. Its very good for breaking camping formations, especially in gorge where camping is especially dangerous.

Ice Pixie

Ice pixie is by far the best pet for alchemists. By using Cloud Kill the pixies freeze frames last 3x as long providing a great catch in a cloud.

– When cloud killing a player simply hit s to lock them in place.
– When a player grips you simply freeze then and cloud kill punch.
– Freeze players that are ganged around you.

Possibilities for ice pixie are unlimited. Use your imagination. This pet is definitely the most powerful.
Don’t just use the ice pixie to stun the enemies when you’re down , some of them are fast enough to get out of it without receiving any damage from you (when you try to grab/attack/whatever)


I have no experience with Ninko. If you wish to add content to this section simply PM me.


The wider range of Gon. Just don’t use him at the highest platforms thinking that you’ll be able to get anyone from the bottom ._.


Luna is my pet from Heaven. She’s my pure offense , defense , dodger and lover.
Plus , she makes some people stare at her so you technically stunned them for one second without pressing any buttons.
She’s the ultimate “evolution” of Slime so use her as you’d use a more than perfect Slime.


I have no experience with Bastet. If you wish to add content to this section simply PM me.


Pepe does not look like a good pet for an alchemist.

– Pepe can bump enemies off of you into allies.

I do not suggest first form of pepe for an alchemist.

Chaos Pepe

Chaos pepe appears to be a very good pet for an alchemist.

I, however, have no experience with Chaos Pepe. I am really interested in seeing this section updated. If you wish to update it inform me.
Ming Ming
Azuchi says: After you hit an opponent with Ming Ming you can perform an aerial potspin. When you smack an opponent into the air with Ming Ming, simply dash forward and pot spin for multiple hits.
According to Azuchi Ming Ming sounds like a decent Alchemist pet.
Koo’ Ka
I have no experience with this pet. If you wish to see content on it please comment.
To me, for an alchemist, Arkham seems like the inferior Ice Pixie.
After using up several thousand attacks all I can say is “Boy I wish I could’ve froze them instead of COUNTERING THEM OUT OF MY CLOUD
Also, using Arkham to set up a cloud does not work very well either, because if you’ve seen someone get clouded while in the air, you’ll notice they can just keep moving out of it. I suggest Ice Pixie for Alchemist, as Arkham is just inferior in terms of set up.


This section provides a table of Strategy strengths and weaknesses against designated classes.
The class order, in case images do not help, is as follows:
Swords Master
Arch Ranger
Spell Knight
Dragon Knight
Stars are respective to this order:
3 Stars: The strategy is very likely to work on an opponent. This is a good thing to rely on in a battle with an opponent.
2 Stars: The strategy may go either way depending on map or player’s playing style. Be weary when using 2 stars, they are effective, sometimes.
1 Star: This strategy is generally not a very good idea to use on the opponent. Exceptions may lie about, on the most part avoid.


Always give credit where credit is due. This section is for people I’d like to credit during my production of the guide.

Lily: For making me play Alchy instead of just Lire D:<
Egeus: For offering to assist with images, for the major revamp on the table that took forever, thanks yo~ Also thanks for the HTML tip.
Kagei: For stickying the thread
Azuchi: For applying information on Ming Ming.
VortexMagus: Extensive Information on Ice Pixie
WirbleWind: Additional Pet information
Random Players that PM me about the guide: For giving me a purpose to continue working on the guide.

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