Grand Chase Leveling Guide

Grand Chase Leveling Guide by Wildcolt

Note: the following is assuming a group of 4 people at same level with a queen’s jewel.

0-15: This section is very simple.  Just bounce between the dungeons doing your quests.  The pvp quest acquired at 14, depending on your skill should take you up to level 16.

16-20: Gorge of Oath 3 star full clear runs.  Should get you between 4-6k exp.  Levelling every 3-5 runs.

21-25: Forsaken Barrows 3 star full clear runs. Nets between 7-10k exp.  Levelling around 5 runs.

25-26: Complete your quests from marsh of oblivion, forgotten city, and pvp quests.

27-34: Ellia Continent 3 star lower half clear runs. Roughly 100k exp a run. Do your quests along the way.

***Alternate: Partusay’s Sea 3 star full clear runs.

35-38: Kastulle Lower Level 3 star Full clear runs.Do your quests along the way. Roughly 200-300k exp a run.
***Alternate: Kastulle Upper level 3 star Full clear runs.
***Alternate: Hell Bridge 3 stars Bottom Half clear runs

39-65: Battle for Bermesiah 3 star Full clear right side runs.Do your quests along the way. Starts at 400-500k exp a run.
***Alternate 55-65: Valstrath 3 star Full clear.

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