Grand Chase Dark Assassin Easy Guide

Grand Chase Dark Assassin Easy Guide by Sinnn

Don’t message me in game to ask for advice.
I’m just putting this guide up so the community can figure out for themselves how easy, yet difficult DA is.


Learn how to dash with Dark Assassin-

Learn this by dashing against the wall for as long as needed untill you can figure out the correct timing for z, -> , -> OR ->, z, ->

Step 2: Basic Air Dashing Chain
Go on one side of Hell Ridge and dash in the air from one end to another without touching the ground.
A successful attempt should see at least 3-4 dashes in the air.

***IMPORTANT:Every time you see a claw-like animation in the air means that you missed a timing for a dash, the less slashes you see in the air means the less mistakes you are making***

Step 3 (Optional): Korean Step:
When you start your hummer (series of dashes in one place) initiate the hummer by doing a reverse rocket dash:
-> , <-, ^ OR <-, -> ,^
*The direction you start in is the direction you are more likely to move. Try to master both directions over time.

Step 4: Hummer
Start with the initial rocket (<-, ^ OR ->, ^) and continue to dash z in opposite directions:
->^, <-z, ->z,<-z, ->z OR <-^, -> z, <- z, -> z, -> z
If you want to do a korean hummer, simply replace the regular rocket dash with a reverse rocket dash.
*When first practicing. Start with just the intial rocket/reverse rocket, then add one dash, then another, then another, untill you can reach 4-5 dashes. Practice is vital to success.
*The average DA player gets about 3 dashes per jump. You should try and aspire for 4 dashes per jump in order to call yourself an excellent DA player

Step 5: Waterfall:
Simply add a “down” to your hummer at the moment of impact when you touch platforms. Add multiple “downs” if going through multiple platforms.
*Advanced technique; When on the ground, simply add a “down” in between each of your series of “hummers”(each jump) It will create a 3 dash hummer(when done correctly) which is very fast and very powerful for aerial dominance(shown by the video below)
*You do not always have to finish your waterfall; Feel free to sometimes finish your waterfall early before falling on the ground, or you will be too predictable*

Step 6: Ground dashing
To move fast on the ground, simply use a delayed shadow step:
-> ^ , (micro second pause) v OR <- ^, (micro second pause) v
**Also whenever you want to cancel your hummer early, or follow up with a quick dash, you should press down and the direction you want to move in:
<- v OR v -> (The korean DAs use this alot to make their movement faster then just spamming hummer)

Step 7: Otto
Just spam Z while mashing your direction key toward your target.
There is two different kind of Locks (a series of hits that constantly stun your target).
There is a one directional lock:
<-z,<-z,<-z,<-z, etc etc
And there is a double sided lock:
<–>z, <–>z,<–>z

Overall the One direction lock is much easier to pull off and more commonly used due to simplicity.
However the Double Sided lock is much more reliable in terms of damage.

Step 8: Don’t become a bad player.
Please do not be like 99%+ of typical Dark Assassin players that sit in one place hummering and then follow up anything with a 2nd bar.
Your playstyle is going to be very one sided and atrocious.
Anyone that says Dark Assasin vs Dark Assassin mirror matchup does not require skill should probably go look at this video.

I will try and upload some videos as soon as possible in the near future. In the meantime, here is some good videos to watch for map movement, patterns and advanced techniques.
Some things to look out for in this video:
Map movement
Locking pattern
Delay pattern
Overall strategy

Good Luck.

I uploaded this video of me warming up showing some basic movements and stuff. Hope you guys can learn more easily from this slower version…

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