Grand Chase Veigas Dungeon Guide

Grand Chase Veigas Dungeon Guide by Xzhaut

Table of Contents

2.Why use him?
4.Techniques And basic inputs
7. a)How to Dungeon?
b)Skill Damage Calculations(Incomplete)
8.Recommended skill set(s)


This is just a Veigas DUNGEON guide, I have nothing for him in PvP (sorry ._.). I made this because at first I was really put off using Veigas and it didn’t help that his character dungeons was a pain to do and very long (took over an hour for me). After I got used to him, he felt much smoother to play and his ability to dungeon continued to impress me the more I played him. I want to give players some insight to the character before passing judgment on him. Sure you probably figured how to use him if you played him enough anyway but I just wanted to make a guide ok, this is my first one…

First order of business I recommend going into your options tab in Grand Chase and turning off SFX sounds so you don’t have to listen to Veigas’ voice, you’re welcome. (you can also change it to the korean voice but that means altering the files and I’m pretty sure that sure that breaks the terms of use…)


He is a versatile mage(magi) that has some support ability(like one…), great combos and decent damage. His notable skills can reduce enemy armor allowing everyone to deal double damage given in a set location. He also boast the highest damage dealing 1st bar skill and the highest single hit damage, not bad. He is ranged, although limited, is very effective for dealing with mobs and can even juggle enemies with this range as well. His combo damage is pretty standard. Unfortunately he is a vulnerable character that can die easily even though he has some evasion skills. Getting his 4th mp bar is also pretty important so unless you’re willing to spend cash for a extreme skill key, you won’t maximize his potential until level 70+.


Ok, lets just skip to the part most people want the SKILLZ section.
Rating is just the score I’d give to the skill on how “good” it is, however for the most part it’s opinion.

​Also I will try to add similar skill rating from other characters so you can draw comparisons.

1st bars
Edel Sword of Glory (type 0 and 3) Rating 10/10
Dark Rin Wind Wings Rating 8/10
1st job Arme Fear lv 2 Rating 9/10
1st job Elesis Mega slash lv 1 Rating 3.5/10

2nd bars

NOTE: for the skill tree you have enough points to get everything so just get everything.

1st bars

Rating: 4/10
very limited blast AoE even if the name is called blast, however fast animation and fully front loaded damage. The area it blasts is locked onto the nearest target and causes a small explosion, it can even hit behind the direction you’re facing. It’s fast damage but the AoE makes it inferior. Use it in the character dungeons a few times times but that’s about it.

Rating: 5/10
deals damage in front of you with a decent AoE. The AoE makes this a bit more usable however the damage isn’t that great so you’ll probably be using this only in the character dungeons.

Dark Frenzy:
Rating: 7/10

Great damage for a first bar and good AoE as well. The damage is only dealt in front of him with greater range than ravage. This skill will probably be used a lot especially earlier when leveling Veigas. The hit box is about as tall as him as well. It pulls enemies in and dealing very low damage until the end with a high single hit damage. Enemies that are being pulled in will also push Veigas back along with them however.

Dark Binding: 
Rating: no/10
it basically does what it says(except when it doesn’t) while dealing a WHOOPING 1-30 damage, once.
It can bind them only when they don’t have super armor, and since that is a trend you won’t be binding them often anyway… oh and the bind lasts for 1 seconds. I’d test this more but… wow just don’t use this.

Black Hole:
Rating: 9.5/10
hold onto your socks kids cause this skill is almost as powerful as this name suggests. This skill launches a homing dark energy ball forward that when lands deals a huge damage that’s about the same as the ending damage on dark frenzy but it also teleports moveable enemies above Veigas head and deals the damage again (I think 2 or 3 more times? Hard to tell) for a full damage that rivals 3rd bars, all for a 1 bar skill cost. You can also extend the dark energy ball homing duration by pressing z at the cost of AP (it costs too much I don’t recommend it) Holy hell is this skill stupid strong. Here are the down sides however… A lot of times due to lag I believe, the 2nd part of the skill doesn’t connect thus only the energy ball damage is registered and since it can’t move 90% of bosses it is more difficult to pull off the full damage. Also the AoE is about as bad as blast thus unless enemies are on top of each other it will only hit one target. I will explain more about this skill in section #6 part a).

2nd bars

Rating: 4.5/10
The damage is decent but only average. The location the damage is dealt is however a bit of a problem. It creates a ball of energy dealing damage but it’s done a few in random in game measurements in front of you thus leaving a gap which is problematic if since enemies like to walk right in front of you before they stop and attack. Still if you can position is properly go ahead and use it.

Death’s Caress:
Rating: 4.5/10
Average damage but a bit more than most of the 2nd bar Veigas has. The damage is dealt around him but not a very big AoE. The problem with this skill is however is that enemies that can get knocked down and not in super armor will be flung out of the AoE after a few hits so you can’t get the full damage sometimes.

Burning Agony:
Rating: 5/10
Sucks enemies around Veigas closer to him and deals some damage. Decent range mainly because of the vacuum affect. The damage is dealt around him. Pretty average damage.

Dark Barrier:
Rating: ?/10
For 5 seconds Veigas will be invulernable as long as he is in the cube. It will also heal him and give him AP. It gives him about 12% of his total hp and ½ a bar of AP, not exactly worth 2 bars. However, I’m not sure if this affects allies, have not yet tested but this skill is probably not a priority.

Dark Cannon:
Rating: 5/10
Consistent and highest damage of all the 2nd bar skills Veigas has, but barely. He fires a bunch of energy bullets in front of him with a small AoE blast on impact. You can aim it upwards or downwards and you can use more AP to fire more bullets but really the cost and damage ratios isn’t very good. Besides I think you have better ways to spend your AP.

3rd bars

Rating: 6.5/10
Average damage however you make use the arrow keys to position it almost any where you want within a certain time frame. Once it ends the location will erupt with a Large AoE blast.

Rating: 7/10
the highest single hit damage skill in the game, all it is really just a average 3rd bar damage that all packed into a single hit. What makes this skill good is the range, it has a decent width and goes infinity into the direction you fired. It can be aimed up and down. You can alter the trajectory to about 50 degree angle.
like it for the range, Don’t like it for the inconsistent damage but when it lands a critical hit boy will it hurt.

Rating: 6/10
pretty average but decent AoE. The damage dealt is in front of Veigas and most of the damage is at the end. Thus making it less consistent than distortion.

Absolute Dark:
Rating: 8/10
Creates a large barrier that reduces enemy armor allowing everyone to deal double damage for 10 seconds. It also deals damages every .5 second tick for that 10 seconds. The damage is below average but not awful however because of its effect, it is amazing in group play. It may be unlikely for some bosses to stay in there for the full duration but a few seconds is all that’s needed to crush a boss if you’re dealing double damage. Probably one of the only balanced armor debuffs in the game. (I’m looking at you pressure point and the nerfed dance fever + holy bless lv 3)

Dark Spear: 
Rating: 4/10
Great range around Veigas however the damage is pretty pitiful for a 3rd bar. It can deal Ok damage is the enemy is big enough but even then it would be average at best.

4th Bar

Judg(e)ment Day:
Rating: Disappointment/10
It can’t even deal more damage than Overdrive, the AoE is big but basically it’s kind of like a bigger Dark spear. And dark spear is going to need more than just a cost increase and small damage increase for me to recommend it…


No rating for these, techniques seem to have this bad habit of being either ridiculously OP such as dark Rin’s Weapon Enchantment, Asin’s pressure point, Edel’s Leg break or for providing utility or just end up being bad for dungeons.

Dimension Crevice:
a useful skill that lets Veigas stack mobs into a small location. To use it just activate it once on the location to want to send them and use the same skill hot key again to do an attack that sends the enemy to the location you set earlier. Once you set the location you can keep sending enemies to that location using the hot key until the cooldown ends.
The hit to send the enemy is similar to the first hit of Veigas combo, has range however very short. The damage is also all put into a single hit. that deals a bit more damage than a single swipe from Veigas basic attack.
It can teleport more than one enemy at once with a single swipe.

Black Shield:
blocks projectiles but you just won’t be running into much projectiles in dungeons. Maybe lasers but it doesn’t block those…

More useful than Dark binding+
well… it’s more useful than dark binding…
still takes up a skill slot though…

These techs are input commands that don’t require any cost and skill slot. There is no reason not to have all of them since none of them hinder you as well.


Back Step: Does a phase backwards giving a few frames of invulnerability, Very useful but hard to dodge long ranged and longed winded attacks with it.

Advanced Back step:

Advanced jump attack:

Advanced dash attack:


Dimension Warp:

Basic input commands: common input that almost all characters have.

Dash: > >
Veigas dash is different in that it has a phase effect in which lets him bypass enemy hit collision. This Phase effect
Very good for dodging however during the dash you have very little control over the speed and direction after you use it unlike most dashes.

Combo: z z z z
Ranged combo however the first swipe has a shorter ranged than the rest making it harder to hit with.

Combo + crit strike: z z z (> > or < < to do a knock down hit anytime during the combo)
Useful for starting juggles or for knocking them down so they can’t attack


You may only pick one from each type branch (one from A then B and then C)

Type A-

increase Crit Damage by 100% and decrease crit chance by 3%
you miiiiiight want this one

the damage buff is 3% when you hit 3 targets with an attack.

all critical hits will trigger this passive, including skills (the amount is insignificant and difficult to measure)

Type B-

increase all technique cooldowns by 2 but whenever they are used they reduce skill cooldown by 1 when they are currently on cooldown.

Increase skill damage by 5% and cooldown for all skills

1st bar skills: +2 seconds for cooldown

2nd bar skills: +5 seconds

3rd bar skills: +10 seconds

AP regen buff for Veigas if his hp is below 30%, the buff disappears if his hp is above 30%

Type C-

Increase AP consumption by 25% for ALL skills but reduces skill cooldowns.

1st bar: -4 seconds cooldown

2nd bar: -5 seconds cooldown

3rd bar: -6 seconds cooldown

Increase ALL skill cost by 25% and increase skill damage by 10%
Notes: you will still be able to activate your skill even such as a 3rd bar if you have 3 bars of mp, if you have more than enough it will just take an extra 25% or until you have no more AP left.

Decreases AP consumption of skills by 25% but drains 5% of your current hp for each skill.
Note: you must still have the per-requisite amount of AP to activate the skills, the cost reduction will be factored in after.

Personal set-up:

Arref – Barb – Tet

For Arref I think there is no reasonable doubt that it is a priority over everything else since mathematically it gives you way more payout of damage considering it is a 100% crit damage boost.

As for Barb, it is the only one that doesn’t have a downside as most of the negatives makes me hesitate to take them. The increased cooldown hits hard on my favorite skill dark hole as it drastically decrease the potential damage you can do. A 5% increase is very meager.

As for Tet is somewhat debatable, however a 25% increase in cost makes all skills basically 25% less cost efficient. There is the fact that you can negate the 25% cost increase if you use it when you just got enough AP but there is a few problems. A 4 second cooldown reduction on dark hole is attractive however since you’re spamming dark hole you won’t be able to effectively use up all your AP since it got built up. A 10% damage increase is nothing compared to a 25% cost increase. A 25% AP cost reduction however is a 33% skill efficiency increase, which is massive ex, you can cast . As for the hp cost, Most players won’t be having an issue with it since you have unlimited potions now. Any hp drained can be easily replaced. Hp and defence is a secondary factor to damage in dungeons.

Looking at the mathematics alone, never pick Het over Tet.

Het decreases potential skill damage to 88%

Tet increases potential skill damage to 133%

basically with Tet you are dealing 50% more damage than Het with the same amount of AP.


because of Arref you need to focus more on Crit Chance than Crit damage. So cards are very important when trying to give him better stats. It will provide a significant jump in damage. If you don’t cash some relic items try to get some epic gloves or weapons from drops or crafting.

Focus on MP(AP) regen as Veigas’ base regen isn’t very good… he has none.

… I don’t have much else to add…. why did I have a Stats section again? Oh well rough draft, NEXT SECTION>


Black Hole notes:
Ok starting off with black hole, as good as this skill is… it kind of hard to hit things with it…

First off you can hit one target but usually not more as the AoE is pretty much nil.

For bosses you basically only hit them once and thats’ it unless you do it right. Well it’s pretty simple to do really.

The 2nd part of the damage is from the black miasma above Veigas head when he uses it but it doesn’t actually have its own hit box for some reason. However if a boss is tall enough or large enough he will still take the full damage from black hole, it just requires you to bury y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶f̶a̶c̶e̶ veigas’ face into the bosses’ c̶r̶o̶t̶c̶h̶ nether regions(sounds like a great name for one of veigas’ skill actually…)

few other tips, knocking enemies down usually makes them harder to hit with black hole so do it when they are standing.

The orb from black hole is launched only forward so if you’re facing the wrong direction it will not hit, even extending the duration of the homing won’t be enough, it just goes in a circle, so aim…

Also from testing, black hole doesn’t seem to deal the 2nd and 3rd hits if you use it on a enemy with super armor, however it will do full damage if you are close enough.

of course only works on enemies that can be knocked down.

Veigas is pretty easy to juggle with just keep pressing Z after you launch them and if you hit then you should be able to keep them in the air, just know that the first Z hit range much smaller than the rest of the combo so you may need to move a bit.

Advanced back step is good for launching the enemy while also pulling them towards you a bit.


Advanced jump attack is very strong attack that hits up to 6 times on large targets. Very effective and recommended for bosses.

Advanced dash attack will knock down enemies that even ones that have super armor. (it won’t knock down enemies that don’t have a knock down animation at all however)

Dimension Crevice: 
​while IN theory this works very well with black hole, the time efficiency isn’t very good trying group enemies up and of course they would move away from the location, most weak mobs will die to basic combos anyway or stronger ones (one that have defense Increase) will usually just be the subject of the black hole skill.

If you want to just kill a boss fast Absolute Dark + Black hole is pretty effective.

Don’t know if he can…
I’m not good at it…

input: (^ + > , v + >)
usually used in pvp however very useful for getting around in dungeons.




Usual play: Black Hole – Dark Frenzy – Dark Cannon (Burning Agony) – Absolute Dark – Overdrive

Wizards Labyrinth and Champion mode: Black Hole – Dimension Crevice – Absolute Dark – Dark Cannon – Overdrive


Veigas was fun to play and overall a great character, just kind of a overused color. The additional options given to you through techniques were great and makes him a pretty mobile character. His additional crit damage is insane and if a bosses gets hit by a overdrive hit it may just kill him one hit. He feels much more effective at higher levels even though he gets all of his skills at level 40 because of that crit really comes into play later. (of course you can use cards to make it good now.) After learning how to use him He feels much more powerful and would recommend people at least try him.

Overall Rating:
Skills: 7.5/10
Combos + basic attacks: 7/10
Survivability: 5/10

For comparison purposes I will rate 2 other characters

Overall Rating:
Skills: 5.5/10
Combos + basic attacks: 6.5/10
Survivability: 10/10

Overall Rating:
Skills: 9/10
Combos + basic attacks: 5/10
Survivability: 8/10

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