Faxion Online Tokens Guide

Faxion Online Tokens Guide by BlasphemousOPP

I have purchased a fair amount of tokens since the shop opened a couple of months ago. By fair, I mean I am impatient as hell and spent way too much money. I have used them to buy certain pieces of gear I didn’t want to farm for, ranking skills, and purchasing slots, potions, etc. Because of all these purchases, I can look back and see what was truly useful and what wasn’t. This is all my opinion, of course.


First, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do with tokens is unlock ALL of your training slots. While instant gratification is nice and ranking a skill to 10 seems like the best idea, in almost all circumstances, it is not. If you have a bunch of extra tokens, sure, rank, but for long term success in the game, open these training slots. I don’t remember when the store opened, but it wasn’t that long ago and I am fully ranked now, ranking stupid crap so I can respec for free and lose ranks that don’t even matter.

Currently, I’m hardly playing at all because the combat system is garbage. However, the devs will pull it off and make the game good. So I log in every couple of days and rank skills. I can’t even tell you have many ranks I lost just from forgetting or being too busy, when I was actively playing, because I didn’t log in every 20 hours.

IMO, nothing is more important than opening up the training slots.

Second most important, bag slots and Bags of Eternity. A lot of people will disagree with me, but they haven’t had to farm as much then. Farming sucks and making it as easy on yourself as possible will make it not quite as shittastic. Bags and space.

After that, pots aren’t too bad of an investment because of the reduction in farming that you have to do. Insight scrolls… not sure at this point. It would be really nice to have the XP boost up all the time, but then you just end up being level 60 with one r10 skill… so not sure of it’s usefulness.

Anyway, that’s my advice. Hope it was helpful!

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