Faxion Online Fighter and Mage Multiclass Build Guide

Faxion Online Fighter and Mage Multiclass Build Guide by Cyrexys

This Build is designed to focus on the fighter’s charge skills, and maximize their potential!

Skills & Spells:

Fighter –

(Your main charge attacks)

Phalanx Drive

(Necessary buffs to keep you fighting strong)

Sovereign (Optional)

(shockwaves that cause widespread ruin to opponents)

Parting of the Seas

(Rooting skills to keep opponents in your line of charge)


Mage Spells:

(To advance onto your targets with even more fervor)


(Spells to insure that your attacks are devastating)

Shatter (optional; best used if you are wielding a crushing weapon)

(optional spell to invest in, but would make charging so much more worth it)

Anarchist Shield


This is heavily focused on the Fighter class so as such your stats should reflect that of a fighter. Your stats might look something like this:

Base stats:

18 str, 5 int, 5 wis, 15 bod, 5 sol, 12 foc
STR 255, INT 45
BOD 255, SOL 25
FOC (all remaining points) (232 + 40 + 230 + 20 = 492 = 118 unspent points, which will go into FOC)

Play Style:

Get ready to be the first one to charge into battle! First you should buff yourself up before battle, and then use vanish when you are approaching pvp. You are allowed to use spells/skills while Vanish is in effect, regular sprint silences your skills so try not to use sprint as a charge, rather a retreat.

With that said, if you have anarchist shield, cast that and then use assault/advance while it is up. It will pump out damage to anyone within range and your charge skills will create huge damage to those in the way. Shockwave spells are great if you are charging into a group of close quartered adversaries and need to “spread the love”.

In short, this build is meant to be a party breaker, so that others can pick off the ones that broke from the pack. Making quick work of a group encounter is just what a Juggernaut is proficient at doing.

PvE will be a breeze for this build. Your first task is to get Assault. It will be your most powerful attack and you should take the time while lower lvl to learn how to use assault. Once you have attained that skill, you can start learning your mage spells. Notice how a great deal of the fighter skills I chose are under the same trees. This will help narrow down what is most important. The Ferocity tree is the most needed, and the mage spells are mostly Aberration (or Arcane/Force) spells.

I hope you enjoy this character build :D !

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