Faxion Online Gold Guide

Faxion Online Gold Guide by Katiness and Cyrexys

GOLD. Thats alot of people problems. but u can find gold easly.

1. u can grind. mobs in the city drop anywhere from 7-15gold.. my not seem like much but u can easly kill almost 200 of these within an hour

2. Blacklists quests, these can be found by the north gate. kills small mobs grants u anywhere to 100-200 gold each quest. and can be done once a day. fighting bosses give u 200-500 gold, and both these quests give a good amount of exp. some players lvl purely on these quests

3. normal quests. as long as u stay questing witch in this game manly means grinding u shud be fine.

Your not gonna be able to buy skills every time u can(Theres no reason). skills mean nothing whitout rank, weps, armour, and building stats

In Regards to money, I may have an idea for you to make friends and lots of money :).

There are many elite monsters in Faxion that take a group to bring down.
These elites drop far greater loot than normal, and the loot can be sold for high prices at vendors.

Get a group of friends and grab the black list quests for each elite, then go out and knock them all down one by one. I guarantee you will make tons of money each day, as those blacklists can be redone every 24 hours!

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