Facebook Dragon’s Call Detailed Upgrading Guide

Facebook Dragon’s Call Detailed Upgrading Guide by rishigangi

Hello players, this is a guide that will answer all questions related to the upgrade tab. Below here is the Upgrade Tab which is a very important function to progress in the game.

This Upgrade tab is available from when in towns only. Click the tab to see there are six different tabs inside:

i) Refine
ii) Purify
iii) Embed
iv) Inject Soul
v) Decompose
vi) Combine

This is how it looks from the inside. Now to go into details about each bar.


The purpose of refining is to upgrade the weapon from its basic stage to the final stage. The basic level of a weapon or armor is 0 or a common item. The “+” values of the item are its refining levels where +1 is the lowest and +9 is the highest. You will need a gem of the weapon’s corresponding level range for upgradation. The following are the levels of the gems and items:
NOTE – If the weapon is ten level or more higher than the character’s level or if the gem is bound the weapon will be bound to the player meaning that the weapon cant be traded to other players.

Splinter of Lucky Gems – Lv1-20 Weapons
Lesser Lucky Gems – LV21-40 Weapons
Lucky Gems – Lv41-60 Weapons
Greater Lucky Gems – Lv-61-80 Weapons
Regal Lucky Gems – Lv-81+ Weapons

These refines however has a chance of failing. Refining upto +3 has 100% chance. Upto refining of +6 upon failing the item will lose a stage in refining. Failing in an upgrade from +6 to +7 or higher upgrades will make the item lose all its “+” values and go back to its basic stage. Refining to +9 is very risky as it has only 25% initial chance of success.

Debris and Magicstone Shards can be added to increase success rate. The amount of debris required to increase the item’s success rate by 1% varies with the item’s level. Magicstone shards cost Dragon Gold/Dragon Stones to be added and increase the success rate by 5% upon each addition. Magicstones can be added upto six times per upgrade. Each magicstone costs the following Dragon Gold/Dragon Stones:

First Time – 8 DG/DS
Second Time – 16 DG/DS
Third Time – 32 DG/DS
Fourth Time – 56 DG/DS
Fifth Time – 88 DG/DS
Sixth Time – 108 DG/DS

Also VIP gives addition 5% success in refining. Debris can be obtained by failing in these upgrades or by decomposing which we will come to in the later parts of this guide.


Purifying is for changing the prefix and suffix of a weapon or armor. Prefixes and suffixes give stat boosts to an item, if the player is not satisfied with these stats, purifying can help change these prefixes or suffixes. First of all there are six types of weapons on which the dragonshards can be used.
NOTE – If the level of the weapon is 10 Levels or more higher than that of the player or the dragonshard is bound, the weapon will bind to the player meaning that it can’t be traded to other players.

i) Green (Advanced) – Level 1 Prefix – Lightless Dragonshard
ii) Blue (Rare) – Level 2 Prefix – Lightless Dragonshard
iii) Purple (Epic) – Level 3 Prefix – Brilliant Dragonshard
iv) Orange (Legendary) – Level 3 Prefix, Level 1 Suffix – Brilliant Dragonshard
v) Dark Golden – Level 3 Prefix, Level 2 Suffix – Prismatic Dragonshard
vi) Red (Sacrilege) – Level 3 Prefix, Level 3 Suffix – Prismatic Dragonshard

Now, If a player wants either a prefix to change and wants the suffix to remain the same, he/she can reserve either the prefix or the suffix for an amount of 8 DG/DS.


Embedding in other words is inserting runes into socketed items or weapons. A weapon can be socketed twice from the weapon store at the cost of 20DG/DS for the first time and 50DG/DS for the second time. Some weapons or armors are already socketed upto two sockets and some of these can be upgraded to upto four sockets.
There are mainly four types of runes:

i) Elemental Damage runes add specified amount of damage against opponent of some element. These stack with p-attack and m-attack but do not show in combat damage, they work even when opponents dodge.
ii) Elelemental Protection runes add defense to specified elemental runes.
iii) Certain Runes add % damage to specified classes of mobs.
iv) There are other miscellaneous runes like the rune of rapacity that increases the gold dropped from mobs.


Soul Injection on a weapon or armor gives your char soul power which helps gain advantages in PvP battles. The soul power of a weapon varies on mainly three factors:

i) The refining level of the equipment. (+9 Has highest soul power)
ii) Quality/Color of the equipment (Red has the highest)
iii) Soul Power of the char also gets reduced if the level of the weapon with the Soul Power injected has lower level than that of the player.

A weapon can be injected with soul stones successfully only once. The upper limit of soul power of a weapon is 100. However multiple soul stones can be used at once while injecting soul power to the weapon which will raise the success rate of the soul injection. The success rates of soul injection varies with levels and are listed below (with one soul stone):

Level 1-20 – 100% Success
Level 21-40 – 50% Success
Level 41-60 – 34% Success
Level 61-80 – 25% Success
Level 81-100 – 20% Success
Level 101-120 – 17% Success
Level 121-130 – 15% Success

Soul Power also gives character glows:
200 Soul Power – Blue Glow
500 Soul Power – Red Glow
800 Soul Power – Golden Glow

Also note that soul injection is very expensive and cost varies with levels.


There is a decompose feature in the upgrade can be used to decompose +2 or higher items for debris. These debris can be used to increase the success rate of refining or for purchases from the mystic merchant in the tavern which gives a minimum +3Legendary Item. The higher the level of the weapon and +value, the more debris you will get from decomposing. Also note that decomposing costs gold which varies with level and refining level of the weapon.

Note – There is no combine feature yet, but I will add it to this guide when the implement the feature.

I hope this guide helped, Thank you for taking the time to read.

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