Facebook Dragon’s Call Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Dragon’s Call Frequently Asked Questions by Seralee

Hello and welcome to Sera’s FAQ’s! Below is a list of faq’s I have found by listening in on guild chat and world chat. I put together this guide to help new players and answer any questions they may have. If you have a question that is not listed below please post it and I will try to answer it when I get a chance. =)

This is in no certain order and pardon my grammar lolz I did my best!

Q: What is AP and how do I get more?
A: AP is Action Points. You have 200 to play with when you create your character. You will use 1 AP every time you fight a monster. You gain 150  AP every day after that. Fighting monsters in instances does not consume AP, and either does fighting players in Arena.

Q: What is Arena?
A: Arena is the current PvP system that the game has available for you to gain honor and credits. Honor is a point system that you can use to purchase awards with such as Gems or Money. Credit is a point system as well, but there are no current awards for gaining credits or ranks. You get 20 arena fights per day, so use them wisely and don’t forget to use them up cause they do not add on to the next days fights.

Q: How do I use the upgrade system?
A: There are several ways to upgrade your equipment. The first is through refining. In order to refine your equipment you need to get some Lucky Gems, which come in different forms for each level range. There are Splinters of Lucky Gem which are for level 1-20. then there are Lesser Lucky Gems which are for 1-40. Then the Lucky Gems which are for 1-60 and finally Greater Lucky Gems which are for 1-80. To use these gems, place your equipment into a refine slot as well as the gem and click “begin refining.” The refining chance goes in this order; 1-3 100%, 4-7 50% and 8-9 25% (if this is wrong please correct me.)
Another form of upgrading is Purify. Purifying equipment is a game of luck since you pretty much just roll a dice when using this. In order to purify your equipment you will need Dragon Shards. Dragon Shards, just like Lucky Gems, come in several stages. We have Lightless Dragonshard’s which are for green and blue items. Then there are Brilliant Dragonshard’s which are for green, blue, purple and orange items. Then finally we have Prismatic Dragonshard’s which are for all rarity types of items. Using one of these Dragonshard’s on your equipment will choose a new set of stats for it, so don’t get mad if you roll something you don’t need, it’s completely random.
Another form of upgrading is Inject Soul. This form of upgrading is mainly for PvP players who wish to gain an advantage over others in Arena. To use this you need Soul Stones and a nice piece of equipment. Adding Soul Stones to your items increases your soul power which also grants you an advantage over your enemies in arena but, only as long as your soul power is higher then their’s. If your soul power is lower then they get the advantage.
Other forms of Upgrading are Decomposing, which gives you Debris, from +2 items or better, to use at the Mystic Vendor. Also Embed which allows you to place runes into your empty sockets in your equipment. And then we have Combine, which I’m pretty sure does nothing at the moment.

Q: What are sockets and how do I use them?
A: If you have a piece of equipment that says, “Socketed Times (0/2)” that means you are able to socket that item twice which you can do at the weapon shop in town. Socketing items costs Dragon Stones and/or Dragon Gold so only Socket items you know you will be using for a long time. Sometimes you will get lucky though and get an item with some empty sockets already that you can put runes into.

Q: What is the Job Center and Training Field?
A: Job Center is a place where you can go to work for long periods of time (1-12 hours) and you will be awarded with money and experience when you complete the job. The Training Field is almost the same thing but it’s for shorter periods of time and consumes AP to use. You can train up to 150 minutes at a time. Quitting early at either a job or during training will only award you with a small portion of the total award. It is best to work a job every time you go offline for sleep or work or whatever else so you can gain levels faster.

Q: Resetting Stats/Skills?
A: You are able to reset your stats and skills up to level 30. After that it will cost you a lot of Dragon Gold to reset. So pick your stats wisely after level 30.

Q: When is the Reset on Arena, Instances and AP?
A: The reset time for arena and instances is at 12:00 AM EST. The reset for AP is 8:00 AM EST.

Q: What do the different item colors mean?
A: The different color is to represent it’s rarity. The order goes white, green, blue, purple, orange, gold, red.

Q: How do I post items in Chat?
A: Simply right-click on the item you want to post and click “Show”. Be very careful not to click sell, because you will lose that item to the vendor monster! xO

Q: What stats should I raise for my class?
A: Well there are several builds but here is the basics; Mage = Intellect and Stamina, Assassin = Agility and Stamina, Warrior = Strength and Stamina. But please for all of our sakes do not be stupid and put all your points into one stat. Pick a variety of stats. My Assassin does Agility:3/Str:1/Stm:1 nearly every level. Having all of one stat is very stupid so I urge you not to do that.

Q: How do I Refill My Health Pack?
A: Simply visit your local tavern and purchase refills with gold or click on the little + button next to your health and purchase refills with dragon gold. And in case you didn’t know the health pack heals your health to full after every battle, so it’s best to keep it full at all times =)

Q: What are Daily’s?
A: Daily’s are quests you can do every day for a small amount of experience and gold. It’s best to do only the ones that involve monsters around your level as to not waste any AP on monsters that are to low for you to give much experience. So in other words if i’m level 40 I will only do the ones around that level and not the ones that are lower then 30 cause they will not give me much experience.

Q: What is the difference between the Auction and the Market?
A: The Auction is a shop the game sets up that contains a bunch of random items for you to bid on. Sometimes you will find some really great items in there. The list of items changes after awhile so be sure to keep an eye on it. The Market is a shop that players can post items on for others players to buy. You can usually find everything you need here except of course the instance gear.

Q: How do I do Instances and what are Merc’s?
A: You are able to enter instances after getting to level 27. Claymos Altar is the first instance you can do. To begin an instance you must create a team by clicking the “Create Team” button in the mercenary menu. After that you are able to hire up to 2 more people to join you in the instance. It’s best to take advantage of this because you never want to go alone. Look for a mercenary that does not have the Lock icon as they are players who require a password to hire. If you can find no one else to join you, you can also hire a system mercenary by clicking on “System Mercenary” next to “Player Mercenary”. These are not very powerful mercenary but they at least are better then no one at all.
If you do not want to sit around doing an instance you are able to become a mercenary yourself by clicking on “To Be Mercenary” at the top of the screen and then select the instance you would like to do, as well as the fee you would like to charge and if you would like a password or not. Setting a password will only allow those who know the password to hire you, so unless you have someone in mind it’s best to leave this field empty.

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