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Dragon’s Call Mage’s Guide by pallstaff

1. STATS (per 10 points)

Intellect: Increase MP, Increase damage, +0.2% special, +2 dodge, +2 hit, +15 m.def
Stamina: Increase HP (vary with your level), 18 p.def, 2 m.def.
Agility: +2 dodge, +2 hit, -0.01 spe
Strength: no effect at all
Luck: +0.36% chance for Armor Ignore


Passive Skills (before 80)
Lightning Proficient – increases damage of lightning magic (max: 10%)
Flame Proficient – increases the DoT of fire magic (max: +108% of DoT)
Death Gaze – increases chance of Armor Ignore attacks (max: +9% chance)
Eye for Eye I,II and III – inflicts half the damage done by critical attacks (I – assassin, II – warrior, III – mage) (max: 26% chance )
Fiery Revenge I, II and III – reduces enemy’s HP by 1% of total HP every 3 seconds when hit by critical attacks (I – assassin, II – warrior, III – mage)
(max: 26% chance, 12 second duration)
Wrath of Heaven – increases chance of Armor Ignore for Lightning Attacks (max: +18% AI)
Kindle – increases DoT of Fire Magic (max: +18 DoT damage every 3 sec)

Secondary Skills (before 80)
Restoration Shield – converts 20% of Damage Taken into HP during combat (max: 30% chance)
Concentration – increases attack power by 15% (max: 10% chance, 30 sec duration)
Palsy – makes enemy stop attacking (max: 10% chance, 9 second duration)
Fire Shield – reduces enemy’s HP by 1% of total HP every 3 seconds (max: 10% chance, 22 second duration)

Attack Skills (before 80)
A mage attack skills are basically divided into two main paths: lightning and fire.

Lightning Strike – at max, 20% chance to add 44 instantaneous damage which consumes 42 MP
Lightning Fang – at max, 20% chance to add 82 instantaneous damage which consumes 82 MP
Lightning Bolt – at max, 20% chance to add 130 instantaneous damage which consumes 196 MP
(when activated, it has 25% chance to increase damage of current attack by 20%)
Lightning Blast – at max, 20% chance to add 193 instantaneous damage which consumes 410 MP
(increases Armor Ignore chance by 10% for this attack only)

Fireball – at max, 20% to add 25 instantaneous damage, inflict 6 DoT every 3 seconds for 9 seconds which consumes 42 MP
Roaring Flame – at max, 20% to add 55 instantaneous damage, inflict 10 DoT every 3 seconds for 9 seconds which consumes 82 MP
Meteorite – at max, 20% to add 78 instantaneous damage, inflict 15 DoT every 3 seconds for 9 seconds which consumes 196 MP
Flaming Meteor – at max, 20% to add 122 instantaneous damage, inflict 19 DoT every 3 seconds for 9 seconds which consumes 410 MP

Storm Envoy’s Skills
1. Poseidon’s Wrath (Passive) – Increases Lightning Attack Skill’s power (max: 26%) when target is palsied – Great skill. You need Palsy as one of your secondary skill
2. Lightning Mastery (Passive) – Increase the chance to activate Concentration, Palsy and Extinguish (max: +6%) and increase Thunderblast damage (max: +15%)
3. Thunderblast (Attack) – At max, has 10% chance to increase damage by (Int/2) and reduces target’s mdef by (Int) for 6 seconds
4. Thunderclap (Attack) – At max, has 20% chance to increase damage by 333 which consumes 760 MP. Also has 30% chance to increase attack speed by 20%.
5. Extinguish (Secondary) – At max, has 10% chance to double your damage but reduces your shield by 70% for 10 seconds

Flame Overlord Skills
1. Flame Defend (Passive) –
2. Fire Mastery (Passive) – Increase the chance to activate Restoration Shield, Fire Shield and Scorch (max: +5%) and decrease chance of Conjure Hellfire being interrupted by 60%
3. Conjure Hellfire (Attack) – At max, has 20% chance to conjure hellfire for 40 seconds. Casting time is 6 seconds on which no other action can be taken (except dodge) and it can be interrupted with 50% chance. Hellfire’s damage is (Intellect/2) and is likely to cause a fatal strike.
4. Burnung Curse (Attack) – At max, has 20% chance to increase damage by 333 which consumes 760 MP. Also has 10% chance to reduce target’s HP by 1% of total every 3 seconds for 9 seconds
5. Scorch (Secondary) – At max, has 8% chance to make target attack itself for 8 seconds

1. DoT from the Fire Attack Skills do not stack.
2. DoT from Fire Shield and Fiery Revenge do not stack.
3. DoT from a Fire Attack Skill and Fire Shield (or Fiery Revenge) stack.
4. At max levels, Fire Shield (along with Flame Proficient) can decrease enemy’s HP by ~14.56% for the next 22 seconds after trigger.
5. Lightning Proficient increases the both mage’s base damage and the additional damage from a Lightning Attack Skill.
6. Death Gaze (maxed at Level 46) is a must for all mages.

3. Pre Level 80 Skill Builds

I. Lightning Mage
Passive Skills: Death Gaze, Lightning Proficient, Wrath of Heaven
Attack Skills: choose your best two Lightning Attack Skills

Lightning Mages are great for PvP. They epitomize the saying “Offense is the best Defense”

II. Fire Mage
Passive Skills: Death Gaze, Flame Proficient, Kindle
Attack Skills: choose your best two Fire Attack Skills

Fire Mages are great for Instances. They like to slowly burn their enemies.

Choice of Secondary Skills

1. Palsy + Restoration Shield – This can be thought of as a defensive build for mages.
2. Palsy + Concentration – This is usually used by Lightning Mages who wants to go all out on damage.
3. Fire Shield + Restoration Shield – This is the usual skill combination for pure fire mages (only take skills from the middle to right part of skill page)
4. Fire Shield + Concentration – A rarely seen skill combination
5. Restoration Shield + Concentration – In terms of secondary skills, this combination provides a mage an increase in damage ouput (Concentration) while
providing a chance to technically lower damage taken.
6. Palsy + Fire Shield – Seldom used prior to level 80, this combination can be used by Flame Overlord during instances.

4. Post Level 80 Skill Builds

Storm Envoy
has very high damage (can literally kill target in one attack)
ability to stop enemy from attacking (with Palsy)
usually low HP
low pdef makes storm envoy weak against physical damage

1. Storm Envoys will usually use Extinguish and Palsy
2. Even with +7 equips only (normal in these levels), storm envoy is a force to reckon with

Flame Overlord
only class with two usable skills with ability to stop enemy from attacking (Palsy and Scorch)
only class with the ability to make enemy attack itself (Scorch)
lower damage compared to storm envoy
needs to sacrifice some Int stat points for Stam or Agi (you want to stay in the fight for as long as possible in the hope of a skill trigger)

1. Flame Overlord’s main skill is Scorch.
2. Has many possible intriguing builds (more on this later)

5. Skills Distribution
Before level 30, a typical skill distribution is to max out the first two attack skills, max out restoration shield and the remaining points to lightning/flame proficient

At level 30 (or before you reach level 31), you should reset (free) your skill points as:

(5/9) Lightning Strike/Fireball
(6/9) Lightning Fang/Roaring Flame
(5/9) Restoration Shield
(1/9) Death Gaze
(1/9) Lightning Bolt/Meteorite
(8/9) Lightning/Flame Proficient
with 4 extra skill points

At his point, you should now choose which two secondary skills you are going to choose. Point should now be distributed in putting these skills at max, Death Gaze at max and increasing either Lightning Bolt or Meteorite at max.

6. Equipment

1. Full Instance Equipment (a typical mage’s best friend)
Instance equipment provides a mage with a balance intelligence and stamina points. They also give additional benefits as follows:
Head – spell damage, mp
Neck – rate of armor ignore
Chest – spell damage, spell resistance (increase mdef)
Weapon – spell damage, hp leech
Gloves – armor ignore damage
Pants – rate of armor ignore, spell damage
Boots – armor ignore damage
Offhand – spell damage, hp leech
Ring – armor ignore damage

Higher chance of Armor Ignore
Good Normal Damage
Excellent Armor Ignore damage
Provides HP Leech
Low HP
Low PDef

2. Some Instance Equipment with Red SkyWhisperer/Intelligence

Instead of increasing armor ignore damage, you can replace gloves, boots and rings (possibly neck and pants too) with Red SkyWhisperer/Intelligence

Excellent Normal Damage
Provides HP Leech
Low HP
Low PDef
Lower chance of armor ignore (if instance neck and pants are replaced)
Lower damage from armor ignore

3. Full Red Equipment

This is not a recommended equipment set for mages. At least, maintain the instance weapon and offhand. The remaining eight equipment can be customized to fit a specialized build (such as a speed mage using SkyWalker equipment).

1. Getting Instance Weapon and Offhand is highly recommended. (provides spell damage and hp leech)
2. Getting Instance Neck and Pants is recommended. (increase armor ignore trigger)
3. Refining Instance equipment to +9 will increase your damage.
Fire Mage Guide

Most go Lightning Mages but I went Fire, since I am a pyro at heart haha! Anywho, wanted to share my experience with you if you decide to go the Fire route. I’m not going to say that my way is best or that you should do what I say, it’s more of an experience-sharing that I hope helps you make some good decisions.

Beginning levels 1-30

This is up to you how you want to go. You can go full Int or use a Int/Sta mix of 3/2. I did the Int/Sta (3/2) build.
At lower lvls you don’t really need Sta but definitely will later on if you want to survive against lvl 50+ 8khp warriors lol
Note – You get free resets up until lvl 30 so play around with builds and see what works for you!

Doesn’t matter really, find whatever gear that drops around your level and wear in. Your lvl 15 gift staff is nice so make sure you only waste your stones on getting it to +7 to +9 then your good until lvl 30.

Mid levels 30-50

I would start pumping Sta as you get closer to your 40’s. The mobs and Arena challenges get rougher with all the full Sta-geared warriors owning the top spots.
Go 3/2 again for even 1/4 if your low on Sta for a bit. By lvl 50 you should aim for 4K+ hp. I mixed builds a bit to recover low Sta in my 40’s and now in my 50’s I use the 3/2 build again. I’m in my mid-50’s now and have around 4.5k hp.

Depending on the build you chose, you either want to go Sta based gear, Int based gear or mixed such as the instance gear and colored drops. I use a mix of all Intel gear and the gear from the instances since my hp is decent enough.

At current lvl of 55 I do about 850-950 damage on average (ok I suppose)
Restoration is a decent skill to max at first, later re-skill and only spend 5 on it to open up your other secondary skills
Palsy is a must have – Max it!
Fire Shield is a good secondary skill (even if your lightning mage) – Max it!
Flame Proficient – passive skill that adds damage % (no brainer) – Max it!
Do instances at your level and save up to exchange for regular or True gear. Adding stones to make instance gear  +4, +7 and +9 unlock worthwhile bonuses.
Pot up! Use all three pots for pvp and pve. I use 2 Intel + 1 Sta pot for pvp and whatever is in my bag for pve.

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