Facebook Dragon’s Call Tips for Beginners

Facebook Dragon’s Call Tips for Beginners by Goozik

This a FAQ/Guide of things I’ve learned about this game that I wish I knew before I started playing. Currently writing this as a level 40 Sin (Assassin). I’ve done my best not overlap with other guides. But a few things may be repeated.

Things are listed in no particular order, but I did try to sort them out a little bit. Most of things are facts as of writing this, but there are a few recommendations from me as well.

General first day need to know

1- You will level from 1-20ish in the first day just doing all the quests given to you. So upgrading equip every chance u get is not needed your first day.

2- You will get several “Splinters of lucky gem” (AKA:Common Lucky Gems). It’s best to save them until level 20, and spend them on your  level 20 Weapons.

3- 90% of the game is played solo.

4- Each Day you get 20 fights in the arena, 3 instances and gain 150ap.Instances and Arena fights reset at 2400 hours, You gain AP at 0800. All Times are EST.

5- Once a day you can use the “Divine” it’s a free spin on a wheel and can be accessed by clicking on the “Divine” link at the top of the in game window.This will give free things, like gold,Experience or even free VIP time.(the wheel has a Bug as of writing this, you will need to click the “complete” button to stop the spinning wheel several times for it to register)

6- To sell an item to the game, right click the item, then click “Sell”. You will 25% of the items listed value.

7- To sell an item to another player, There is two options. Option A- sell the item in the market for other players to bid.Option B- Sell the item to another player through the mail system(only one item per message)

8- To link the item for other players to view, right click item, then click “show“.(when this is done, the link will appear automatically in the chat box. You can’t type a message to go with the link. So if your selling it, be sure to type quickly after showing link that you are selling it.)

9-“Looting” other players in the wild, is often a waste AP. Especially at low levels. You only gain gold from doing this, it’s 10% (+/- 1% per level above or below you) of the defenders gold they have on them at the time of the attack.(this is gold on hand, not in the bank)

10- In world chat the light blue text you see, that is from [GH]. These are Game Helpers. They have the ability to ban you from chatting among other things,so don’t annoy them. They are there to do many things, including enforce chat rules. You will see them give out. UW’s and OW’s. Unofficial, and official warnings. If they give you one, don’t argue or debate the fact. It’s just a warning so treat it as such. Obey the rules and all is good.

11- “Job Center” is where you want to visit when you run out of AP for the day(all jobs require zero ap), or are planning on going afk for a while. You can set the number of hours to work. You will gain some XP and gold (different jobs give different amounts, and you can see how much you will gain from each job after setting the hours you wish to work by clicking “begin working”. A confirmation screen will appear before actually starting work showing the amount you will gain.The Arena job is the best one for XP)

12-“Training Field”(as of writing this) is a complete waste. You will lose AP and gain a small amount of XP.

13- “Auction House” features random items the game puts up for auction (true auction, no buyout option. Highest bid at auction end wins) Usually the items are not very good, but their is the occasional good item. Recommend checking it once or twice a day when you log on and off.

14-“Market” is where all player’s try to sell their items. All items here have a minimum starting bid and a buyout option. Set by the player trying to sell the item. If you want to sell an item. Click on the market, then in the top right of the main window will be an option to “sell”. Click that. You will see you characters inventory screen appear and a window to drag and drop the item you want to sell. Put the item there then minimum and buyout prices will appear as the game recommends. You can change them as you see fit. (The minimum and buyout prices can be set to same price). You will also have the option for the length of time to put the item up for sale. “Long” is 24hrs. Medium is 12hrs. And short is 6hrs.(there is a small fee for listing your item, varies by the cost of the item). If the item does not sell, it will be returned to you after the time is up, it will appear in your mailbox. If it does sell, the gold will appear in your mailbox, and you will have to “claim” the gold.

15- Up to and including level 20, you can teleport for free. Teleport to a NPC to finish quests and find quest creatures quickly. (Teleporting can only be used for this purpose, and teleport buttons are found inside the quest screen for each individual quest) After level 20 it costs gold.

16- Up to and including level 30, you have unlimited free resets of both your character stats, and your skills. So make sure to explore different builds before then.After level 30 it will cost Dragon Gold.

17- To send a “whisper”(private message) to someone. Type their name in the smaller chat box on the bottom right of the game window.(their name must be spelled exactly as it is. If their name starts with a capitol letter, you have to type the one capitol letter. Otherwise you will get a message saying the person is not online.) Then type the message in the bigger chat box and press enter. (their name will stay there, so if you want to return to sending messages to world chat, you have to delete their name from the smaller chat box.) You can also just click the persons name in the chat screen. (the actual name,not the arrow next to their name)

18- When fighting creatures they will randomly drop equip and items. If your inventory screen is full, the item will be sent to your mailbox for you to “claim” them. There is a small fee for “claiming” the items. But there is a option to directly sell the item from your mailbox(to the game for 25% value). So you avoid paying the fee to claim the item if it’s something you would just sell to the game anyways.

19- Many of your early quests will give you items with a “+” rating in front of them. Once you have upgraded to better equipment, it’s best to “decompose” these items. Gold will be easier and easier to come by, magic debris are not.(magic debris have a few uses)

20- All shops/market/Auction house are universal (same from town to town). Taverns are really only thing that’s different from town to town. (not the supply’s available, just the “daily” quests they give.)

21- “Daily” quests are not in fact daily. You can do them 4 or 6 hrs after completing them.

22- Quests screen, you will see a section showing all the quests you have already accepted. An available quests section(at the bottom) click it to see quests that are available or will be available at your next level or two. You can also see the countdown timer for when “daily” quests will be available again. At time of writing this “Challenge world quests” is not implemented.

23- Stick to your zone until quests tell you to go somewhere else, Zones are sorted by level. You won’t find new quests or any new creatures that you can kill, so don’t waste time exploring.

24-You will get a “gift” pack at level 15,30,50,60,70,80.(yes there is no lvl 40 gift pack). These packs contain free VIP time, gems and a weapon(weapon not always usable right away).  Make sure to claim these by clicking the “gift” button in the very top right of the game window.

25-“Warehouse” is your own personal storage area. Recommend you spend some dragon stones and upgrade your space here. You can store some gold here. The max amount of gold you can store will increase with your level.

26-When in battle, do not click links or anywhere else on the screen, it will cause the battle to end instantly end and you’ll gain nothing.(u can chat though)

27- Runes can be placed on any weapon or armor (other then necks and rings) and be effective, even the ones that add damage can be used on armor.

28- Soul Power is only for PvP (player vs player) battles. It’s not something low level players need to worry about.

29- When selling a item to another player through the mail, send them a “Paid mail” (option for paid mail is inside the “write mail” screen as a drop down selection). You drag and drop the item to the mail message you are writing, then select the amount of gold you agreed upon through chat and click send. Then when the player “claims” the item through the mail, they will send the required amount of gold automatically to you. (you will have to go to your mail and “claim” the gold they sent you)

30-When fighting creatures in the wild, you will occasionally find Bosses.They give additional XP and gold(pretty sure a increase in better drops, any GH able to confirm that?). You will be able to distinguish the item as a boss cause a little “dragon icon” will appear just below the creatures picture. There are three levels of wild bosses, Purple which has 25% more hps, Gold which has 50%, and Silver which has 100%.

31-Achievement points are gained for claiming achievements that require you to do something (like get a stat above 100, or win 30 arena battles in a row). These Achievement points have no current use in the game.

32-Make to read up on Rune embedding through the other guides. Important note, you can remove a rune from a item, but i just frees up the socket, the rune is destroyed.

AP- Action Points

1-You gain 150 AP. Have a cap limit of 200ap. So you can carry over 50ap from one day to another. (AP gain is at 2400hrs)

2-Each fight with a creature in the wild, consumes 1ap.

3-Fighting in the Arena is not supposed to consume AP. But at time of writing this, there is a bug that will sometimes consume 1 ap per fight. (if that happens try exiting arena and coming back, or restarting the game if that doesn’t work)

4- Looting another player in the wild, consumes 1ap.

5- Moving from place to place does not consume AP.

6-The lowest level instance will cost 20ap per run. (battles inside the instance do not consume any more ap) Instance costs increase as you do harder instances.

7-Auto-fighting will consume some AP, depending on how many you fight.

8-Additional AP can be bought with honor points in the arena.

9-Additional AP can be bought with gold through the charcter screen’s “ap boost” button.

Instance Related

1- The first Instance(where you group) you can do is @ level 27, it’s called Claymose. Even then your going to have issues finding a group to take you. Best to wait until level 29 or 30.

2-You will be able to hire ONE system Mercenary(NPC) w/out spending Dragon Gold for the first instance. He will cost you 30K gold and is a Warrior. Most instances there is only one system mercenary available that costs just regular gold. (Their gold price increase as you go for harder instances.)

3-Instances groups usually contain one of class. Even if your group doesn’t the Instance can/will still drop items for any class.

4-The Virtue points you gain after each battle in a instance are used to buy Instance drops, or used in combination with instance only dropped “now-working” items to gain the “working” version.(Click the “Instance” button at the bottom of window, then “Instance exchange”, then the “instance name” to see the items you can acquire.) The harder instances have higher level requirements for the equipment you can gain from it.

5-The Instance only drops can be very common, Uncommon and very rare.(that’s from my personal experience). 6 Runs in each instance and you’ll quickly learn which item fits into each category.

6- Instance only drops are bound. (unable to be sold to other players) Same goes for the “working” versions you spend your Virtue Points on, they are bound as well. The items sell for zero gold to the game. So if item drops for a class that’s not in your group, don’t waste your Virtue points or time messing with the item. Just let it get destroyed.

7- The leader of each instance is the one who’s HP pack will get used. So if you lead, make sure to have enough HP’s in your pack. (approx 50K hp’s for first instance, 25K more per harder instance.)

8- You can attempt each battle as many times as you like until you kill the creature(s). So for Bosses, always try to do the Hard version first to increase your chances of better instance only drops (and more XP/gold). Keep in mind your HP pack though.

Arena Related

1-The Arena is split into “10 level category’s” (I.E from 1-10, 10-20 etc etc). No matter what town you are in, you will see the same Arena category according to your level.

2- For each 10 level category you will have a different rank, starting at the worst rank each time you switch. Your Honor points and your Arena Title, will not reset/change each time you move category.

3-Arena rewards are at 2100hrs (9pm EST). (top 9 in each 10 level category gain credits and dragon stones.) This is also when you will be moved(if level dictates) to a different category.

4-You will gain Honor points no matter if you win or lose, you gain more if you win though.

5-All items bought with honor points will be “bound” even though they say “unbound” in the buy screen.

6-Honor Points are best spent on XP,gems, or more AP. (runes and gold are really bad conversion rates, so don’t bother)

7-Best to slowly gain ranking and maximize your honor points your first 6 or 7 levels in each category. Do this by fighting only 1 or 2 people above you in rank.

8-Last couple levels is when you want to try and fight the highest rank you can to try and reach the top 9 ranking.(if you think your character is well built for that level, otherwise continue to slowly rank and maximize honor points)

9-The “extra” honor points gained for fighting and beating people above your level is often not worth the risk of losing. So beat up on the lower levels.

10-Runes of Human Assassin will do the extra damage in the arena.

11- Soul Power is gained through upgrading your items with Soul Stone(s). But if there is a tie in soul power, the attacker gains an advantage. (even if you both have zero)

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