Cosmic Break LazFlamme Guide

Cosmic Break LazFlamme Guide by Suguri

It’s become apparent to me that many people have no idea what to do with my favorite S-land. This guide aims to fix that.


If you’re like 99% of CBEN, you probably bought a LazFlamme, tried her up to lv5 (if that), and stopped using her, deciding she’s worthless. If you’re in the 1% that took her to lv7, congratulations! You’re either a person that took the time to look over her carts, cost, and stats in proportion to her size, or you’ve just played CBJP and been kicked around by a Laz there (figuratively and literally). LazFlamme is an S-land that, at lower levels, is admittedly fairly bad, with below average HP for her cost. However, she’s by and large a late bloomer; from level 6 on, you’re presented with a plethora of mobility carts, and upon attaining all seven of her capacity carts she can easily have HP at or above 440. Such a large HP pool on such a small, slender target with fantastic mobility options makes a high level Laz played well a fierce opponent.

If you’re considering playing Lazflamme, keep these in mind:

  • Laz is a late bloomer. Regardless of build, she will be a below-average bot before lv6-7. It isn’t until she can get enough carts to start building her HP pool that her survival starts to properly scale with her cost.
  • Laz’s stats are very balanced, and as a result she is a very versatile bot. You can use her for gunning, melee, or both. My Laz experience has been with short boost gunners and sway hybrids, and I can say safely that both are quite effective builds.
  • Laz’s mobility is great. Wlk is her highest core stat, she gets every mobility cart except for Float Dash, and her BS adds some useful utility; namely, it can be used as an airdash, and it can be spammed in water in a silly sort of swimming that I’ve heard loosely referred to as a breaststroke.
  • Lazflamme has a nice body. Aside from the eye candy factor, she’s both compact and thin, which leads to her being a tough target to hit. Tie this back in with her mobility and HP, and you can see why she excels at survival.Cartridges

    +70 Capacity (x7) – +70 capacity, +19 HP. Very, very highly recommended to take all seven of these to give you as much HP and tuning capacity as possible.

    Short Boost (+Quick Land) – Lazflamme is one of the best potential hoppers; in fact, at higher levels you could argue she does it better than accel saber while staying lower in cost. Though her infamous AM2 isn’t available in CBEN yet, having it only bolsters her survivability further and allows her to hop more aggressively.

    Quick Jump – Improves the height and vertical speed of hops, and makes it easier to climb vertical surfaces. It’s rare to have this cart available for hoppers. Recommended, but not necessary.

    Sway – If you don’t take Short Boost and Quick Land, you’re taking this. All Lazflammes should have one or the other. Sway works well on Laz – much better than on most bots – thanks to her good wlk and slender frame, making it easy for her to sidestep shots.

    Tough Runner – Lowers stun chance during running, dashing, and short boost (not sway). Though Laz is already capable of reaching reasonable tgh for any purposes without tuning, it’s still a nice cart to have.

    Boost Run – Entirely up to you. You’ll probably have enough wlk to make it work well, but it’s not necessary seeing as you’ll be at range most of the time anyway. Make a point of taking it if playing melee laz, though.

    Blast Guard/Sword Guard – Obvious. Get them if you want them, don’t if you don’t.

    Accele Roll (custom cartridge) – Expands on LazFlamme’s already-good mobility by giving her an air dash. You could use this during short boost to hop within hops for example, or just to allow her to be mobile in all situations.

    For the two Lazflammes that I actively use (still deciding what to do with the third), my cart builds are (going to be) these:

    x7 Capacity
    Short Boost
    Quick Land
    Quick Jump

    x7 Capacity
    Tough Runner
    Blast Guard


    Tuning for Lazflamme can vary a bit based on what you want her to do. Generally speaking though, these are good guidelines to follow.

  • Tgh has to be above 10. 15+ recommended.
  • Wlk should be tuned to at least 28 without Boost Run. Aim for yellow tier minimum if using boost run. (boost run chart here)
  • Spend the rest of your slots tuning tec.
  • Don’t let str or fly go below 1.Your primary tunes should be High Run Alpha and High Tech Alpha. If a slot breaks, compensate by using Great Run Alpha or Great Tech Alpha on the next tune.


    All of Lazflamme’s default parts are actually pretty decent for any of her builds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do better.

  • Lazflamme AM – Provides wlk and tgh, two vital stats to Laz. Looks nice too.
  • Build Arm AM – Very low cost, tight to the body, and gives +1 tec and wlk. Perfect arm for tuning. Readily available in 2~3 slot versions in all game modes and from friendship rewards, so a plentiful supply is always available too.
  • Destructor AM2 – Provides tec and tgh, and is readily available in 2~3 slot versions from friendship rewards. The arms are also close to the body, assisting in aim and keeping a small profile. Looks somewhat ugly on Laz, though.
  • Dikaros AM – Fantastic stats and HP universally, the only downside is needing to get a Dikaros from lotto cubes if you want 2~3 slot arms.
  • Dharma AM – See Dikaros AM
  • Accel Saber AM – See Dikaros AM
  • Ace Braver LG – Very short with great stats, and drops slotted in all game modes. Terrific LG.
  • Lazflamme LG – Decent wlk/tgh, and adds a second BS slot (frequently used to attach Laz BS). Not particularly outstanding aside from the BS slot, though.
  • Ouka LG – An improved version of Lazflamme LG that’s also aesthetically pleasing. If you aren’t using a small LG for a small hitbox, this would be the next LG of choice.
  • Ace Braver BS – All-type BS that gives +2 tgh. Looks great too, particularly when hopping.
  • Vanguard BS – Gives good tec, fly, and tgh.
  • Shino BS – Gives good tec and fly.
  • Accel Saber BS – Gives good wlk and fly.
  • Misty Hollow BS – See Accel Saber BS.Weapons
  • Buckler – Highly recommended. A buckler can adequately shield Laz from any hits you can’t dodge, and costs 2/3 what a Viper Shield costs.
  • Accelgun/Peacemaker – Good range, very good bullet speed, and decent force to boot, accelguns are universally balanced guns that work well in almost any situation.
  • Custom Magnum – High cost, but gives +1 to both mobility stats, has decent force, and better range than most magnums. Large bullet size aids in hit rate.
  • Motorized Gun/Boost Gun – Varies on a case-by-case basis. Both guns carry a lot of DPS, but are also very high cost. Most people don’t like them, but they’re an option nonetheless.
  • Cross Shooter – Great range, speed, ammo, and stun rate. Note that other crossbows usable by S-lnd work fine too.
  • Assault Rifle – Good rifle. Garapon only.
  • Scouter Rifle – Good rifle. Drops from Berzelius on 2* and 3* difficulties. Note the high cost and -4 str.
  • Raid Rifle – Good rifle. Garapon only.
  • Armor Breaker – Not terribly great, but it’s available for UC and stuns frequently. Blast component lets it drop airs if you can land the hit.
  • Circuit Breaker – Faster firing rate than Armor Breaker, great at stunlocking and splashing crowds.
  • Handy Bazooka – Low cost, large bullets, high damage, blast component for anti-air. Only downside is it’s currently only available in lotto cubes from Mechled or King Megaton.Wonder Bits
  • Lance Bit – Default bit. Fairly average. Has very nice range for a melee bit, especially on the second hit.
  • Dual Lance Bit – Double the lances, double the fun.
  • Dual Slayer Bit – Less range than lances with more damage.
  • Dual Rifle Bit – Awesome bit all-around, as it’s technically a Dual Breaker Bit. Fast shots with long range, good damage, and high stun chance. The AoE is better than you’d expect, and since it fires breaker shots it does blast damage, doubling as anti-air.Strategy

    Regardless of Sway or hopper, a good Lazflamme player will stay near the outer edge of their gun’s range, to give themselves ample time to dodge with their respective cartridge while returning fire safely with fast, ranged weapons. In most situations, you’ll want to be semi-defensive in your playstyle; stay within your lockon range and keep applying pressure, but don’t open yourself up to being ganged up on or swarmed. Though her HP, speed, and size allow her to be aggressive if you want to, she won’t gain anything for it if you’re using rifles (if using shorter range weapons like Boost Guns or melee bits, disregard that). The goal is to stay in situations where you’re always a threat without being threatened yourself.

    And with that ends my guide. For now. Things I intend to elaborate on further at a later date:

  • Laz BS/BS2

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