Cosmic Break Artillery Units Guide

Cosmic Break Artillery Units Guide by Anomalies
Disclaimer: This guide is based on my opinion, everyone is entitled to their opinion. You may or may not agree, so do not flame. This is only here to help players out. I will be posting what I did with my units as a guideline, so respect is all I ask.
Any other distribution of this guide is allowed as long as you credit Anomalies.
Table of Contents
[A01] Introduction to Artillery Units
[A02] Status for Artillery Units
[B01] Types of Artillery Units
[B02] Comparison of Artillery Units
[C01] Weapons for Artillery Units
[C02] Maximizing Damage for Artillery Units
[C03] Artillery units with Melee
Only A01-B01 is complete, B02 is semi-completed and C01-C03 will be completed when I’m not so lazy.
===[A01]===[Introduction to Artillery Units]===[A01]===
There are four types of units in Cosmic break and each with their weaknesses and strength. With each units its hard to decide what kind of unit to use when you first start, or how a unit works until you have tried them all. The four types of units (land, air, artillery and support) are connected in a triangle (except support) that explains their strengths and weaknesses.Land Units: Fastest on land, they can run incredibly fast on land and cover grounds at a high speed. For this reason, they don’t stay up in air very well. Their range attack damage is decent, depending on the bot (but will never compare to artillery units) and their melee damage stays top notch.
Speed on land: 5/5
Airtime: 2/5
Range Damage: 3/5
Melee Damage: 5/5
Good against: Artillery, since melee can easily take out an artillery unit with ease.
Bad against: Air, since land units take more damage from laser and has a hard time taking out flying units.

Air Units: Although they are slow on land, they can stay in air for a long time and recharge fully in a short amount of time for more airtime. Their melee and range damage, however, takes a big fault to this. Don’t discourage air units, however, they are great for attacking above away from enemies range.
Speed on land: 2/5
Airtime: 5/5
Range damage: 3.5/5
Melee Damage: 3/5
Good against: Land, easy to pick them off as most of the time they won’t be able to hit you.
Bad against: Artillery since their range will get you and air units take more damage from explosives.

Artillery Units: The artillery unit sacrifices all mobility for the raw output of gun damage and a wide variation of range weapons. Their range damage outclasses any other unit as well as certain cores and AM can give extra attacks that other units don’t have.
Speed on land: 3/5
Airtime: 3/5
Range Damage: 5/5
Melee Damage: 2/5
Good against: Air units, laugh as they try to run from your heat seeking bullets or extremely long range weapons.
Bad against: Land units, the instant you get stuck in their melee, if you don’t get out your gone.

Support Units: Support units are jack of all trades in my opinion. They’re decent on land, have good air time, decent melee and range damage and they get extra attacks like artilleries do from their cores and AM.
Speed on land: 4/5
Airtime: 4/5
Range Damage: 4/5
Melee Damage: 4/5
Good against: None, but they are able to heal ally units and trap enemies
Bad against: Really nothing, unless you get ganged. You’ll die than.

This guide, however, focuses mainly on artillery units. Why? Because they are damn awesome.

===[A02]===[Status for Artillery Units]===[A02]===
In cosmic break, there are different statuses that you can improve or weaken depending on parts, weapons and tuning. Understanding them is vital to artillery units.HP: Your health points
STR: Affects melee damage.
TEC: Affects range damage.
WLK: Speed on land.
FLY: Airtime and speed in air.
TGH: Resilience (For those who don’t know what that means, resistance to being stunned as well as combo damage being weakened over time)

Artillery units needs a good about of WLK/FLY for basic survivability, TGH and HP is extremely important for just overall living, and TEC for raw damage output.

How important are these stats to an artillery unit?

HP: 4/5
STR: 1/5
TEC: 4/5
WLK: 3/5
FLY: 3/5
TGH: 4/5

I didn’t put TEC 5/5 because Lily Rain (an artillery unit you can start with) has a base 16 TEC, and thats more than enough to hit alot and take out almost every unit.

What I Did: For my Lily Rain, I immediately bought her 2x Handy Bazookas (from the shop for 600UC each) and gave her those as her weapons. These hit 25 base damage from what the description says, I see myself hitting 30’s on targets majority of the time per shot. The shooting speed is not that fast and not enough to call slow, as long as you aim you can get hits in. The range on the weapon is good, its enough to hit air units and units running away. I do find ammo a problem, since the ammo is small but luckily Lily Rain has a good supply of her core weapons Psygun and Psyslicer which helps when you run out of ammo.

===[B01]===[Types of Artillery Units]===[B01]===
Units in cosmic break are broken into 4 types (as described earlier) and 3 types: Small, Medium and Large.Small units has the best mobility but lacks damage and health.
Medium units are balanced in mobility and health + damage.
Large units has alot of health and damage but lacks in mobility.

Lily Rain
A basic unit you can start with, a unit you can buy and a unit you can earn from gachapon.
Cost in store: 36,000UC
Basic Description: Usually elegant and lady like, her personality changes during battle due to the effects of her “Trance Skirt”. A beautiful but deadly “Innocent Lily”.
Base Stats: HP 310. STR 9. TEC 16. WLK 13. FLY 16. TGH 11.
Size: Small Artillery
Base Cost: 785/800

Her core weapons “Psyslicer” and “Psygun” are amazing heatseeking weapons that pisses people off. Psygun shoots 4 beams that heatseeks onto a target, and with a base 5 damage each, can hit alot when they all connect. This damage can be raised via upgrade, and Psyslicer shoots 1~4 flying sauces to the closest amount of units that you can see. You don’t have to aim with psyslicer, just spam.
Lily Rain doesn’t gain much cost or HP through her upgrades. A measly +40cost and +7HP leaves alot to desire. Although her upgrades isn’t the best, she still is beast. From the 6 Raises Cost Capacity upgrades, she can gain an extra 240 spare cost and 42HP. Upgrading her cost helps you use weapons that cost more, and better cartridges upgrades.
I highly recommend getting Enhance internal weapon for Lily Rain. This will increase the damage of Psyslicer and Psygun, which are both heat seeking and great attacks. This comes with +30 cost ea and only 2 of these cartridges, therefore if you did the 6 raise capacity + 2 of these, you have a spare 180 cost left.
Blast guard helps too when being pelted by other explosives, since explosives weapons has the highest damage output next to the “sniper” weapons (which are really just pistols with more damage and range than an explosive).
Stealth system is a blessing and a must get if you camp alot or want to take out units quickly. If enemies can’t see you on their radar, it helps you run away and attack at whim.
Sniper sight is also really nice, since when you get attacked a little bar appears around you character and points to where your being targeted. Nothing is more hilarious than killing a unit who thinks hes safe and than noticing he died without being warned that hes being targeted.
Soul Eater is okay, and can help you live longer since you gain HP whenever a robot dies.

What my Lily Rain has:
Raise Cost Capacity x4
Enhance Internal Weapon x2
Blast Guard
Stealth System
Soul Eater
Weapons = 2x Handy Bazookas
Tune up focused on TEC and only TEC.

Maril March
A medium weight unit you can earn through gachapon or shop.
Cost in store: 16,800UC
Basic Description: A fighting musician who wishes to change the world through music. Her beat and song can be heard by all.
Base Stats: HP 345. STR 8. TEC 22. WLK 16. FLY 12. TGH 9.
Size: Medium Artillery
Base Cost: 745/745

Her core weapon is called Sound Ball. When you use it, it charges a music ball that floats around you. You can charge up to 8, than send them flying to a targeted enemy. Heatseeking death ftw.
She has a unique arm as well called Shockwave, and with a base 30 damage its a great weapon.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying the one from the store. The gacha one has 10 base damage for shockwave instead of 30.
Maril March TGH and FLY is something I don’t like about her. Lily Rain has good airtime so I can run away, and I find myself living longer with Lily than Maril. However, Maril is much faster on land and can survive well enough, but she needs more TGH to make the most out of her HP and size.
Maril has great upgrades, with extra +50cost and +11hp, you can get up to +300cost and +66hp through her upgrades. A medium unit with over 400 HP does help alot.
I don’t really use Maril’s “Sound Ball” that much, but if you want you can increase its damage with the 2x Enhance Internal Weapon Cartridge.
Blast Guard is recommended.
Boost Run is highly recommended, you will live much longer with Maril this way and be able to run when needed. You can get tough runner if you want (recommended if you have less than 10 TGH) or remedy her TGH problem by raising her TGH via tune ups.
Sniper Sight and Stealth system is recommended.
Maril is unique in terms that she has a support cartridge, Broad Radar. You can see all enemies regardless of Stealth System.

What my Maril March has:
Raises Cost Capacity x5
Blast Guard
Boost Run
Sniper Sight
Stealth System
Broad Radar
Weapons: Ancient Bazooka
Tune up focused on getting her TGH up and more WLK since her TEC is already freaking high.

Saggitary Maxis
A large weight unit you can earn through gachapon or shop.
Cost in store: 25,000UC
Basic Description: A robot specialized for sniping. Can pick off enemies orbiting in space from the ground. His name is “Ligh-Speed Marksman”.
Base Stats: HP 480. STR 11. TEC 21. WLK 12. FLY 10. TGH 12.
Size: Large Artillery
Base Cost: 875/910

He has a railgun which is a chargable attack and has a huge freaking range and damage. A beast weapon, highly recommend internal weapon enhancement x2.
This guy is beast. Great HP, good enough TGH, high TEC, and amazing range, you can snipe from afar and kill close.
His upgrade kind of sucks though, +45 cost and +9 HP isn’t that great. Only use this IF YOU REALLY NEED the cost.
Blast guard can be used, but not really since he’s so strong already and you don’t need to get that close with him.
Soul Eater, Sniper Sight, Broad Radar and Stealth System is recommended for overall survivability.
Revenge Shot is okay, I don’t find the ammo conserving that helpful and I won’t lie, I kind of regret getting it. If you want it though, go for it.
Boost Run is Vital since this Goliath is so slow.

What my Saggitary Maxis has:
Raises Cost Capacity x6
Weapon: 4x Handy Bazookas
Tune Ups: HP and TGH.
My guy is different from what most people built. I made him into an all out explosive unit, with 2x Asura AMJ and 4 arms, he can have 4 weapons. Not enough cost for any stronger bazookas, but 4x Bazookas hurts ALOT if you shoot all 4 at one time.

Psycho Formula
A strange robot you can buy or earn from gachapon.
Cost in store: 15,600UC
Basic Description: “Maestro of the Battlefield” who manipulates his enemies with psycho attacks. He can use magnetic ESP, an ability which most robots lack.
Base Stats: HP 340. STR 8. TEC 20. WLK 12. FLY 11. TGH 20.
Size: Small Artillery
Base Cost: 800/860

Notes: I can’t really say much for him, I used him than junk’d him almost asap. He has some decent upgrades, just upgrade him like you normally would I guess. I just don’t like him, he’s okay and he shoots 2 beams from both arms. The base damage is low though, but the TEC raises it up. He shoots one from his head, so a total of 5 beams that he can shoot at one times. It’s meh, since you need to change his arms to use bazookas, and if you do he can’t use the 2 beams from his arms.

What my Psycho Formula has:
Nothing, because I junk’d and sold him.

Toy Box
The largest spam-able robot you can get from stores or gachapon.
Cost in store: 20,00UC
Basic Description: A “PAndora’s Box” full of missiles, bombs and other exploding toys. Not too much for for his enemies to deal with.
Base Stats: HP 525. STR 12. TEC 25. WLK 9. FLY 8. TGH 25.
Size: Large Artillery
Base Cost: 1020/1090

I absolutely hate and love this guy. He lives up to his description. I hate fighting him, but I love using him. Literally you can stay stationary and slaughter the enemies with this song of a fiend. His freaking rockets called CruiseMissile has base 40 damage and a range that no other weapon can match, and his special arms is MORE missiles.
His upgrades gives +45 cost and +6 hp, not that he needs the HP anyways.
Boost Run, Sniper Sight and Soul eater helps with survivability.
Overall, he’s the king crop of the artillery units. With the best range, highest TEC and missiles that can clean your opponents, you’ll fall inlove with this goliath.

What my Toybox has:
Raise Cost Capacity x5
Enchance Internal Weapon x2
Boost Run
Soul Eater
Sniper Sight
Weapons: The basic arms. They’re that good, and its more than enough.
Tune ups all into TEC. Maximize his freaking damage.

===[B02]===[Comparison of Artillery Units]===[B02]===
It’s hard to compare units to eachother, but let’s compare them in different ways.Best Small Unit: Lily Rain
Best Medium Unit: Maril March
Best Large Unit: Toy Box

Best Damage Output: Toy Box
Best Mobility: Lily Rain

I can’t really compare them in any more ways. It’s all about playstyle.

Lily rain is probably the best unit to attack close range with since her mobility is great. Maril march is good at it too, but its better to keep her distanced.

Maril and Saggitary are probably the jack of all trades in the art sections, with good damage and mobility.

Toy box is best to keep your distance and attack afar due to his really realy bad mobility.

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