Cosmic Break Winberrls Guide

Cosmic Break Winberrls Guide by Shance

Winberrl user here. Lemme guide you in the ways of Trollberrl-ing.

First of all, there are three types of Winberrls, note their contrasting differences before aiming to get one:

1. Normal: Has drawguns, and binder core sub-weapon that fires a ring of binding thorns around her.
2. Ellen: Has normal drawgun loadout on her AMs like normal Winberrl, but her binder core weapon fires a ring of thorns CIRCLING IN FRONT OF HER instead of around her.
3. Vesca: A.K.A. “the best Winberrl of them all” (though I don’t think it’s the case Very Happy). Has 30 extra drawgun shots in exchange of not being able to hold any handheld weapons, and her binder core weapon fires a flurry of thorns TWISTING OUTWARD IN FRONT OF HER.

Now, for the built-in weapon description:

1. Drawgun: It’s basically a built-in main weapon fired from the AM. Anything hit by a drawgun shot will get instant stunlock, as well as getting pulled into the direction of the Winberrl who fired the drawgun shot. This is perfect for snagging hoppers, airbots, EVEs, and whatever eyesore you got.

2. Binder: This is the built-in subweapon on Winberrl’s core part. Depending on the type, it fires a flurry of thorns around or in front of her. Those caught in the thorns will immediately suffer Bind status for around a second or two, making movement impossible. Enemies can still fire their weapons, though.

Now, for weapon loadout:

1. Beam MG: Possible one of the best weapons you can put on a Winberrl. Not only does it work well with drawgun alpha-striking, it also abuses the damage bonuses on most bots, especially landbots, who would most likely think you’re easy prey. Prove them wrong with these babies, and they’ll have second thoughts trying to gun for you. Tune them with either Force, Speed, and Reach for more OOMPH effect, with Reach being the most important.

2. Wide Beam Gun: Can’t go wrong with this one. Beam type weapon, large projectile, decent firing interval. Not as strong as Beam MG, but that range will compensate, especially if you don’t have any drawgun ammo left. Tune for Force for +2 base attack damage.

3. Accelerated Gun: 16 force, decent range, also perfect for alpha-striking with drawguns. Sadly, it’s shell type weaponry, so you’ll have to make do with that extra 4 force compared to a WBG. Tune for Supply for more ammo (240 shots won’t bring you anywhere especially if you fire at anything a lot).

4. Bazookas: Mini, Micro, Handy. Makes those airbots fall from the sky easily. Fends them off too. Just take note of the stat penalties and make compromises for them.

5. Slayer/Dual Slayer Bits: Only for combat Winberrls. You know how these things work wonders, so I don’t think I need to explain much.

6. Repair Bit: The only track-n-support bit you should use. Heals teammates, while netting you support points. No, don’t use Burst Fire bit unless you know what you’re doing or you’re willing to run around trying to kill people while on Burst Fire status and having the aim of a half-dead, pissing-in-his-pants-while-lying-on-the-ground drunkard.

Tactics time!:

1. Snag and bind: Knowing that you’ll never go wrong with any of Winberrl’s built-in weaponry, no matter the type, it all boils down on how you use them. You can go gung-ho and alpha-strike them with your drawguns if they get close to the power spot or healing location (works best against EVEs, Hoppers, and airbots, IF you know what you’re doing). You can also bind melee bots trying to kill you while you’re repairing your teammates (common healer tactic). Or better yet, snag enemies with your drawgun, then bind them when they get close enough so your teammates can finish them off. Remember: assist damage = support points.

2. You are a support bot, act like one: Even combat Winberrls know this. They don’t spearhead battles, they only compliment teammates who do. Snag enemies, bind enemies, and let your teammates do the rest.

3. Watch your ammo count: Yes, drawguns are fun to use and abuse, but 50 shots per AM is very, very scarce for ammo loadout, so make sure you’re going to hit something before you fire them. As for binders, 100 binder ammo is sufficient for spamming. A fully-fired binder nets you around 5-10 seconds of bind status on an enemy. That’s enough time for any teammate around you to fire everything they have at the poor fellow.

4. Heal teammates, take cover: I think this goes in the realm of common sense. Hide on a hard-to-reach spot, spam ** REPAIRING! ** radio messages (the only radio message that’s accepted as spam-worthy, by the way), and let your teammates flock into your location like moths to the flame. No, don’t repair at the PS or any recognizable healing location unless there are no enemies out there who can pick you off or Fire Pillar you and your Repair Bit.

That’s pretty much it.

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