Cosmic Break Decent UC Bots Guide

Cosmic Break Decent UC Bots Guide by Suguri

Complaints of Rt winning games have convinced me that most people are doing something wrong (or talking about EVE). I’m not sure if I’m going to just list off the above-average/great UC bots, or if I’ll eventually make this into a full-blown guide involving part selection and tuning. At the moment though, I’ll just make it a nice and simple list.

Note that I’m not going to include the ~100-cost lowbie bots in this list. It should be obvious that you can place at least decently well with the shittiest bot, so long as its cost is nearly double-digit. Though I’ll be considering promo code giveaway bots too, I’m ignoring the freebie winberyl and jikun long due to locked parts compared to the originals.

tl;dr version

S-land: Pawnger, Lazflamme, Shadow Hunter (and maybe Ace Braver)
M-land: Accel Saber
L-land: Shino Exroad, Cosmo Kaiser

S-art: Lily Rain
M-art: Victory 1, Hoverion, Maril March Trill (giveaway bot)
L-art: Destructor, Destructor CN

S-air: Beezle, Sword Wing, Dikaros, Helingal, Tesladonna, Seraph Crimrose, Astro Mariah, Bloom Mariah
M-air: Mecha Jetter Gold (giveaway bot), Mach Knight One/Izuna Kamui Nagi
L-air: Big Mountaiz

S-sup: Tarantulic, Elme S., A.Maid
M-sup: Scorpton


Full version



  • Defining traits: Good HP growth, core has good str, wlk, and tgh. Small core. Good cart selection, particularly mobility carts.


  • Defining traits: Superb HP growth, balanced stats with good wlk. Great cartridge selection, particularly for mobility; BS adds more mobility in the air and water.
  • Personal comment: Horrible at lv5 and lower, awesome at lv7 and up. Can be compared to Accel Saber and Shino Exroad, all three do the same thing and have the same playstyles within different weight classes.Shadow Hunter
  • Defining traits: Similar in stats to Laz, with lower HP, cost, and several other stats. Gains Stealth System at level 1.
  • Personal comment: Parts are low-cost with good stats, but lower tgh. This makes them useful in builds where tgh doesn’t matter much, such as on shielded bots or with stun regain builds.M-land

    Accel Saber

  • Defining traits: Small core, two HD slots, gets several mobility carts at level 1, great wlk
  • Personal comment: Great 5-and-under bot. Arms are very nice on other bots that prioritize damage over mobility. Comparable to Lazflamme and Shino.L-land

    Shino Exroad

  • Defining traits: Small core, universally above-average stats, good cart selection
  • Personal comment: Comparable to Lazflamme and Accel Saber. Horrid parts, switch out everything except the BS.Red Squealer
  • Defining traits: Very good core str and wlk. Internal cart step moves at (faster than?) Shaden speed and gives the next melee attack a x1.5 damage multiplier.
  • Personal comment: Superb bot for melee. It has the stats, the parts, cart step, everything. Note that cart stepping a gigantic axe can break 180 on non-arts with a tuned Squealer.Cosmo Kaiser
  • Defining traits: Similar stats to Shino. Has some interesting cartridges (Broad Radar at lv1) and internal handshot. Unlike Shino, actually has some not-useless parts. Obscene amounts of capacity and HP.
  • Personal comment: Honestly, Shino’s probably better in 90% of situations. Cart selection, not-useless parts, and HP/capacity are worth noting though. And unlike Shino, he has an HD slot.S-art

    Lily Rain

  • Defining traits: Very high mobility; the Lily line of bots is only outclassed by Albatross when it comes to core fly on an art. Solid stats all-around. Core psyguns let you shoot while hiding behind the terrain, while psyslicers have great range, decent damage, and good tracking. Only drawback is horrid capacity.

    Victory 1

  • Defining traits: Versatile bot. Low-cost with great HP growth. Internal weapon is the only source of blast bazookas to those poor or unlucky enough to not be able to get them from gara 1. Has long range bit as its default bit. Versatile cart selection.
  • Personal comment: Try whatever you want with this, it’s hard to build him in a way that doesn’t work.Maril March Trill
  • Promo code bot
  • Defining traits: Stats similar in distribution to Hoverion, except higher and with less capacity. Very powerful and mobile, especially for an art. Core sound balls have excellent homing.
  • Personal comment: No slots on her parts, make a point of swapping them out when you’re ready to tune.Hoverion:
  • Defining traits: Great wlk for an art, carts encourage mobile bursting (boost run + moving burst). Small BD. Unremarkable internal grenade.
  • Personal comment: Make a point of switching his LG to something better, like Ace Braver LG.L-art


  • Defining traits: Awesome stats, awesome capacity, awesome internal, awesome everything.
  • Personal comment: Awesome.Destructor CN
  • Defining traits: Less awesome stats and capacity than his sibling. Internal bazooka has ungodly amounts of range and speed that will make anything in your line of sight cry.
  • Personal comment: Only reason to use CN over Destructor is the internal. And for many people, that’s reason enough.S-air


  • Defining traits: Very low cost, massive HP growth, decent cartridges. Smallest hitbox among airs.
  • Personal comment: I know I said I wasn’t going to include the lowest-cost bots, but Beezle is an exception. Unlike Cannonballer and Froglander, her capacity carts give her some absurd endurance at higher levels and give her room to tune to 40 fly, while still keeping her cost hundreds lower than other bots with her HP and mobility. When not using as a low cost harasser, recommended to get to lv9-10.Sword Wing
  • Defining traits: Very high core fly, particularly for his cost. BS and LG are decent. Lacks Beezle’s amazing HP growth and costs more, however.
  • Personal comment: Cookie-cutter S-air. This bot does exactly what you need to, while keeping its cost low and being lower maintenance than a (leveled) Beezle. Highly recommended unless you’re specifically looking for something like a Seraph. Recommended for the level range of 5-8.Dikaros
  • Defining traits: Abnormally good wlk for an air, making it easier to tune to 40 fly without worrying about zeroing out wlk. Small BD, great parts.
  • Personal comment: Arms are great on wlk-based bots, HD is great on fly-based bots, LG is great for any air that you need to make tiny.Helingal
  • Defining traits: Locked parts, above-average stats. Pulse missiles are highly accurate against grounded targets.Tesladonna
  • Defining traits: lv1 Broad Radar, lots of capacity, Moving BurstSeraph Crimrose
  • Defining traits: Highest stats out of UC airs. Seraph Tackle has invincibility until she begins flying back in the loop. Seraph Wings give 25-31 seconds of ~45-fly flight (depending on amount of internal carts) and provide anti-homing, rendering most missile weapons useless.
  • Personal comment: Highly recommended.Bloom Mariah/Astro Mariah
  • Beta promo bots
  • Defining traits: Great parts, awesome capacity carts with tremendous HP and capacity growth. Has superb cart selection; namely, Sniper Sight, Broad Radar, and Stealth System.
  • Personal comment: Is essentially an upgraded Crimrose.M-air

    Mecha Jetter Gold

  • Promo code bot
  • Defining traits: BEING GOLD
  • Personal comment: Mecha Jetter is the best M-air in the shop, UC and Rt considered. And the gold variant is free. Make a point of changing all the parts, gold’s parts are all 0-slot.Mach Knight One/Izuna Kamui Nagi
  • Listing solely for the sake of having one of the three shop M-airs in the list. Still analyzing and comparing.L-air

    Big Mountaiz

  • Defining traits: Tremendous HP and capacity. Interesting cart selection, notably lv1 sniper sight. Has rifle bit as its default bit, meaning it’s the only air with a bit that can deal blast damage.
  • Personal comment: Requires tuning before being useful.S-sup


  • Defining traits: Internal beamweb that causes lengthy slow; tiny hitbox; ridiculously low cost.
  • Personal comment: Annoying as fuck, only use this if you hate people.Elme.S
  • Defining traits: Very tiny hitbox, balanced str/tec, assorted mobility carts, very low cost.
  • Personal comment: Aggravating for an opponent to hit, and barely costs anything when she is eventually killed, making her a great disposable healer.A.Maid
  • Defining traits: Very tiny hitbox, above-average tec, assorted wonderbit-related carts, very low cost.
  • Personal comment: Aside from a few acute differences in HP and capacity, the main difference between her and Elme is the cart selection.M-sup


  • Defining traits: Internal elecgun with a very high stun rate.
  • Personal comment: Scorpton’s the only UC support in the shop with any defining characteristics (and a useful one at that), which sets him apart from the rest.Sections to come?
  • Default parts, and why they’re ruining a perfectly good bot.
  • Tuning, and why you shouldn’t shy away from it.
  • There are more non-Rt weapons than the ones in the shop, you know.

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