4Story Online Coliseum Guide

4Story Online Coliseum Guide by 4STORY Online

Everything you need to know about Coliseum Tournament

1. Monthly honor system

Monthly honor points will be initialized on 1st day of each month. However, accumulated honor points will be sustained. Both accumulated and monthly honor points can fluctuate according to your performance.
You can check your honor point status by accessing to War tab of Character Information window. (Press C)

Titles and rewards are given to top rankers of monthly honor points. It will be announced 1st day of every month. The ranking list is available by accessing Hall of Fame window. (Press O)

Rank #1 oftotal honor pointsWarlord: +24 upgrade level cloak (Use for 30days)

Rank #1 of monthly honor pointsDragon Knight: +24 upgrade level cloak (Use for 30days.), 30 Stimulant of Resurrection, Supreme Horse 30 Days Ticket, 3 coupons of 10,000 cash.

Rank #2, #3 of monthly honor pointsHoly Knight: +24 upgrade level cloak (Use for 30days), 30 Stimulant of Resurrection

Rank #4, #5 of monthly honor points– Guardian Knight: 15 Stimulant of Resurrection, Supreme Horse 7 Days Ticket.

Rank #1~16 of Monthly honorpointsof each kingdom will be known as 1st group and they are granted with priority right to participate the Coliseum tournaments. You can find the real time honor ranking by accessing Character Information window (Press C). In Hero tab, (Combined ranking of all kingdoms) can be viewed, and in 1st group tab, (Ranking of each kingdom) can be viewed.

2. Coliseum Tournament System

Every 1st Thursday of each month will start with the recruitment of 1st group tournament participants. The 1st group is 32 players (16 monthly honor ranking players of each kingdom). The 1st group participants are granted to register for variety of tournaments in first come first serve base.
After the 1st group recruitment, comes the general group recruitment. In general group recruitment, players with higher level and higher monthly honor points are advantaged to be selected as participants and get better seed allocation.

After the 1st group recruitment is closed, general recruitment will begin for rest of the vacant position. When general recruitment is closed, all final participants for the tournament completes.

You can check the tournament schedule from the main castle by visiting the [Coliseum manager] Jabren (DeFugel), [Coliseum manager] Umitak (Craxion)

After you enter Coliseum using the arena portal, you can check the progress by accessing the shortcut key.

1) Regulations to participate the tournament
– Individual match recruitment
You can only apply and participate in one match of your choice. You will need Deed of Gladiator? and certain amount of participation fee is required.

The Deed of Gladiatora is 1200 merit points and it is sold from the king of each kingdom. (You can trade but cannot be sold.)

– Group tournament recruitment
The party leader can apply for the group tournament. Party leader should select the members to participate the event. Be aware, that individual tournament participants may not join the group tournament again.

You can view registered party members by clicking the party leader in the list. Maximum number of the party is 7 players (including the party leader)

Party leaders can remove and add party members only during the Group recruitment is in progress.

2) Rules and terms

Players can enter the Gladiators lounge using the Coliseum portal located in the main castle. Players in the Gladiators lounge can enter the coliseum arena by using the Gladiator portal. You can check the list of match ups on top right corner.

Countdown will begin 10 seconds before the actual match begins. If your Health point (HP) becomes 0, you will automatically get resurrected and your opponent will earn +1 tournament point. Whoever has more tournament points after the match becomes the winner. If 2 players have equal points, the winner will be chosen with random probability. As for the group tournament, 1 point is calculated for each party member killed.

When the match is finished, players can exit through the gates in East and West. Winners will have to check the next match up and come back to the arena.
If you are still in the arena even till the next match, you will be automatically transferred to the lounge and the player who lost can move to the S class stand using the player portal.

3) Important reminder when claiming rewards
If the final match is finished, all players in the Coliseum will be automatically transferred to their castle and rewards will be mailed to the winners. All the winners must check the winning message in the Coliseum arena to retrieve the rewards. It applies same for Group tournament, all party winning party members in the final must check the winning message in order to claim the prize.

HP, MP potions, summon scroll, teleport scroll are not permitted to use in the match. Some skill such as (Assassin Ambush skill) is not allowed in the match.

All cool time and Side effect of resurrection will be neutralized when you enter the arena. You can only attack opponents during the match hour.

After the match, the winner should move to the next match using the portal. You cannot enter when the match is in progress. If you do not enter the arena in time, you will be disqualified.

4) Special events for all spectators!
All spectators can enter the stand through arena portal in each castle.
There are 3 classes of stands and difference entrance fees will be charged.

All spectators become Watch-mode and most of skills and items cannot be used in the stands.

You can make bets on your favor by guessing the winner of gladiators participating in the tournament.  

The winnings will be calculated and mailed to event winners.

If you logout during the match, you cannot claim your winnings. However, if the match has not yet started, you may still participate in the event.

You can join the winner prediction event during the admission process after all gladiators are selected for tournaments.

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