4Story Online Upgrading Tips

4Story Online Upgrading Tips by Luke Walters

1. The Upgrade Cap Wacko
Upgrade Cap (Max Limit) for every equipments is ‘+24’
2. Upgrading Magic Scrolls ClownUpgrading itself will not cost you extra gold, but it requires the Upgrading Magic Scrolls

Ordinary Upgrade Scroll : This scroll will upgrade your equipment by +1 on every upgrades. It can be bought from the Supply Merchant in main town, and castle.

Ancient Upgrade Scroll : This scroll will upgrade your equipment by +1~3 by random chance. You can get it from monster drop in Arahoor map, or you can gather ingredients and make it by the Consumable Crafting Merchant.
Rare Upgrade Scroll : This scroll does the same effect with the Ancient Upgrade Scroll. But you can only purchase it from Cash Shop.
Purification Scroll : This scroll is actually a ‘downgrade’ scroll, so you should use this very carefully, or you’ll regret it. When the chance is very low and you wish to skip the level, use this scroll to downgrade 1 level and then use the Ancient, or Rare Upgrade Scroll to skip the level.
3. Upgrading SUPPORT CS Items Cool
Potion of Fortune : It is known to double the chance of upgrading success rate. Above +11 level, this item is almost essential, and we can’t imagine getting over +16 level upgrades without this item!
Protection of Upgrading : It protects your equipment from getting destroyed by the blacksmith when it fails. It is quite expensive, but you must use it if you do not want your equipment to be vanished at once. The effect of this item(buff) will not disappear when you succeed, but it will vaporate when you fail upgrading (IMPORTANT)
Rare Purification Scroll : It is sold from cash shop and the effect is same with the ordinary purification scroll, except that it downgrades your equipment -1 level by 100% chance. Only use it by the purpose when you’re prepared to use Ancient, or Rare Upgrade Scroll afterwards!
4. Upgrading Success Rate Censored
Before you read this, I warn you that this isn’t 100% accurate information, nor official.
This is based on me, and other players, mostly from opinions of experienced players.
RED means warning, and better skip that level. (VERY IMPORTANT)
* I fixed it because nothing is really certain(100%). But I gurantee that which I tell you ‘very high’ is really close to certain. I’ve made many tests and heard from ones who’ve experienced already. Anyway, thanks for your adviceds!
(percent rate is estimated by experience of upgrading tests, so it can be different than the true success rate)
0 to +1 : need not worry (about 99%)
+1 to +2 : very high chance (99%)
+2 to +3 : very high chance (98%)
+3 to +4 : the chance is pretty high (70%)
+4 to +5 : very high chance (95%)
+5 to +6 : the chance is close to half and half (50-60%)
+6 to +7 : very high chance (75%)
+7 to +8 : the chance is a little low, but with fortune potion it is high (30-40%)
+8 to +9 : close to three out of four succeeds (70%)
+9 to +10 : the chance is low, and it is higher with the fortune potion but still low.
It is prefered to skip this level from +8 with ancient, or rare upgrade scroll (10-20%)
+10 to +11 : the chance is close to half and half (40%)
+11 to +12 : the chance is low, but with fortune potion, it is high (30%)
+12 to +13 : the chance is very low (10%)
+13 to +14 : the chance is low, but with fortune potion, it is about half and half (15-20%)
+14 to +15 : very low chance even with fortune potion (5-10%)
+15 to +16 : the chance is low, but with fortune potion it worth a try (10-20%)
+16 to +17 : it barely succeeds (5%)
+17 to +18 : low success rate, but with potion of fortune, the chance gets slightly higher (10-15%)
+18 to +19 : it is so low that the fortune potion effect can’t be told (3-5%)
+19 to +20 : very slim chance, but with fortune potion, and REAL LUCK may lead to success (5-15%)
+20 to +21 : barely succeeds (fortune potion doesn’t help here_advice from ‘someone’) (need more tests)
+21 to +22 : it won’t succeed unless you have the GOD’s BLESSING with you plus the potion of fortune (need more tests)
+22 to +23 : unknown (need more tests)
+23 to +24 : unknown (I wouldn’t dare)
+24 to +25 : this is a joke. +25 doesn’t exist! LOL

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