4Story Online Priest Guide

4Story Online Priest Guide by Nikola Radenkovi

I’m sorry for bad grammar, English is not my main language


If you want to build a priest character the first thing to do is to choose race.
You can choose between Werebeast, Fairy and Human.

Werebeasts have high physical attributes and high health.
Fairies have high magical attributes and high mana.
Humans have medium physical + medium magical attributes and medium health + medium mana.

I think humans are the best for priests, but the choice is up to you.
This is my priest:


Priests can wear Clothes and Uniforms.
Clothes have higher physical defence than Uniforms but lower magical defence than Uniforms.
Uniforms have higher magical defence than Clothes but lower physical defence than Clothes.

Priests can equip Staff or Wand + Magic Shield

Staff has higher damage but lower cast speed (it looks better than want).
Wand has higher cast speed but lower damage. (u can wear magic shield).
Magic Shield has nice magical defence.

Priests can equip other items (rings, earrings, necklaces). They can boost features.

Strenght – Physical attack damage
Dexterity – Physical attack and defence rating
Vitality – Health
Intelligence – Magical attack damage
Wisdom – Magical attack and defence rating
Mentality – Mana

Try to get higher intelligance if you want to deal more dmg.

This is my equipment:

I use Emperor`s Clothes. I belive they are the best choice for me cause I`m lvl 36 priest.

I should upgarde them more. +3 is safe so you don`t have to risk till lvl 3.

My Sepira staff is +9

If u use Cash Shop upgarding should be very easy.


Strenght – Low
Dexterity – Low
Vitality – Low
Intelligence – Medium
Wisdom – Medium-High
Mentality – High


Priests have 3 skill categories:

1. Holiness

Most of these skills are for defence.
There are 7 buffs. Priests have the best buffs.
2 heal skills. First heals only 1 player and second is area heal,
2 skills that makes you invincible,
purification skill,
skill that makes all your skills usable at once,
and resurrection skill.

Well of MP – For a certain amount of time makes your mana regenerate quicker then usual. I don’t use this skill often. And you must learn this skill to unlock rest of the skills in Holiness tab.

Blessings of Goddess – I think this is  the best priest’s buff. Increases the defense significantly of any player you wish to cast it on.  This is instant buff so there is no cooldown time.

 Heal – This is single target heal skill. You can heal yourself or heal others.

Holy Purification – It removes bad effects from you or another player. It’s very useful in territory war becouse there will be a lot of stun, freeze, blind, fear, etc.

 Holy Encouragement – Skill used to increase the attack power of you or another player for a certain amount of time. This is very good skill so use it often.

Repletive Health Power – Increase your health for a certain amount of time, the higher the level of this skill the more percentage of health you will gain. It’s great to boost health before fight.

Repletive Mental Power – Increase your mana for a certain amount of time, the higher the level of this skill the more percentage of mana you will gain. Very good skill for players who use spells that use up a lot of mana.

Healing Touch – Another skill that can be used  to heal yourself in battle but also heals teammates around you.

Desire for Stability – Increases the cast rate of your skills, also another extremely good skill that you should always have on. This will tend to help you out quite a bit getting off those necessary skills.

Pure Soul – It makes u invincible for 8 seconds unless you try to attack another player while using this skill. While u using this skill monsters will run away from you.

Desire for Luck – Increases your critical hit rate for a 2 minutes. It’s useful when fighting monsters or in PVP becouse there is more chances to deal max dmg (Critical)

Lekamie’s Touch – It has a 50% percent chance (at first lvl) of letting you re-use skills that normally have a long cooldown time, e.g. ResurrectionHoly and Encouragement.

Resurrection – Great skill. It is only useful when a teammate died. U can resurrect him but if anyone attack you while resurrecting you will fail.

Divine Blessings – It makes u invincible for 8 seconds, but u can attack and mobs do not run away from you. That’s the difference between Divine Blessings and Pure Soul.

2. Darkness:

Most of these skills are for attack.
Skills on left side are for 1 on 1 fight.
There are 2 AOE skills. First is good but second sucks. Its 10x worse than first and you have to pay 2 skill points to unlock it.
Bloodsucking is HP drain skill.
My favourite skill is “Remembrance of Former Life”. It transforms you into bird and let’s you fly. That helps with some quests.

Shocking Darkness – It gives a little extra damage off on a hit. You can make combo with Mana’s Afterimage.

Mana’s Afterimage – You can only use it after a successful Shocking Darkness. deals extra damage without using any mana.

Cursed Darkness – This is continues damage skill. It don’t really deal a lot of damage. I don’t like this skill.

Eclipse – Great multi-stun skill. This skill blinds enemies around you for a short amount of time. It is very useful. Use it before AOE spell or whenever you like.
Hypnotize – Stun enemy for a certain period of time but the monster or opponent wakes up if attacked during the time the skill is active.

Remembrance of a Former Life – It transforms you into crow and let’s you fly whereever in the game while consuming mana every second. This is great skill becouse you can reach very high places quickly, you can take a shortcuts, use it to suprise enemy, etc. This is my favourite skill.

Return to Nature – It turns enemy into a squirrel for a short time. It’s like a stun (enemy can move but cannot attack). Spell is broken if enemy is attacked during the time the skill is active.

Land of Darkness – Exsellent AOE skill. Good for dealing opponents damage that are close to each other. You can attack a group of tanked monsters and cast this skill. For 8-11 seconds it deals 50-70% area (splash) dmg per second.

Touch of Death – This is also an AOE skill but it deals 30% area dmg only once. I really don’t like this skill becouse it’s worse than Land of Darkness and you have to spend 2 skill points if you want to learn it.

Schizophrenia – It decreases enemy’s mana. It depends on your attack power. Not so useful skill but u must learn it to unlock Bloodsucking

Bloodsucking – Very nice skill. Steal health from enemy and restore your own health.
It depends on your attack power. Higher attack power = more enemy’s health drain.

Abyss of Pain – It deals 180-200% damage depending on the level of the skill. Great to use on both monsters and other players in PvP. Really good skill.

3. Sacrifice:

I don’t use these skills now, but i’ve tried. Than i used Oblivion potion to remove them and restore skill points.

Transmit MP – You can transfer your mana to any of your party members.

Transmit HP – You can transfer your health to any of your party members.

 Sacred Sacrifice – This will fully heal all party members but you will die if you don’t drink Panacea of Purification potion in 10 minutes.

Sublime Pain – This skill makes your party invincible. It consumes your own mana (6% per sec. at first lvl). The skill will be stopped if u die. This is great skill.


You can heal yourself on 4 ways:
1. Cast “Heal” and heal yourself.
2. Cast “Healing Toush” and heal yourself and friends around you.
3. Cast “Bloodsucking” and steal the opponent`s HP.
4. Use “HP Potion”.

If you combine all 4 you`ll be almost undefeatable

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