4Story Online Leveling and Farming Guide

4Story Online Leveling and Farming Guide by slayer lol
Reps aren’t the only way to level in this game.  

Once you get to the level 31 mission map, grinding the mission map becomes a much faster way to level.  The monsters you grind on in the map will give more exp and will most likely be MELEE, allowing you to easily gather mobs and AoE.  But remember this way of leveling is better if you can kill them faster (Kill in one AoE).

You need a Suspicious document level ____ to get into the map.

Here are some of the popular grind spots :


  • Giants in Nibleheim Etranju
  • Werewolves in Berhir Garden
  • Harpies in Berhir Garden


  • Pumas in Toznaro Forest
  • Tree Ents in Dusk of Spirits


  • Low Ranking Knights in Triangle of Evil
  • Alligators in Gilgaros Swamp
  • Lahoor Death Knights in Darkness Elf’s Last Fortress


  • There are many spots to grind in this map – you can find them on your own.  :P

– You’ll encounter players of the other nation in mission maps.
– You’ll need fairly decent gear to be able to tank the mobs.
– You’ll receive Goddess Tear’s, which are necessary for the next part of this guide.
– You can get shining herbs in the mission map and use them to craft defense potions.
– The higher level the mission, the harder it is to find documents for it.


A fast way to make money is farming the battle maps.
In these maps, mobs will drop equips almost every monster. 
  • 2nd Battle
  • Lower Arahoor
  • Higher Arahoor
  • Lower Nardwasil

  1. First of all, you’ll need a ticket for the map, which can be obtained from Goddess Tears.
2. Once you get one, you’ll need to take it to your nation’s Chaos Acolyte.

  3. When you get in, all you need to do is kill mobs and fill up your bags.  :)

You can easily make 300-700 Luna per run.


– I’d suggest dropping anything under 5 Luna (Gloves, Hats, etc) to maximize your profits.
– If you are 10 levels higher than the monster you’re killing, it won’t give any drops.
– In these maps, you’ll get materials that can be used for making Rare Enchant Scrolls, Magic Deleting Scrolls, etc…

  • Magic Crystals
  • Sorcery Herbs
  • Ancient Symbols
  • Wise man Stone’s
  • Magic Scrolls of Ancient Man
You can sell these materials (Or the scrolls you make) to other players for more money.

  – Special Spot in 2nd Battle Request :

If you pull all the melee mobs then run onto the tent, you won’t be able to be damaged.

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