4Story Master Shin Guide for Wizards

4Story Master Shin Guide for Wizards by Lord Pociden

This guide is aimed mainly at wizards (as the title suggests) as it is the only class I have really been able to solo him with face to face. However a lot of the points can be used by all classes. (*im having difficulty posting images but ill have them up asap)

Master Shin is a giant fairy who lives inside a large mysterious mushroom. I know it might sound like I’m on crack but that’s the honest truth. He is a boss who spawns every 8-12 hours (after he was last killed) at all of the suspicious document maps. Each map has 3 different spawn locations which he randomly spawns at. Unfortunately I wont be giving away any of the locations, ill leave that to you to explore. Once you defeat Master Shin, he drops 1-5 (maybe more) ancient upgrade scrolls. These scrolls are the same as rare upgrade scrolls (cash item). For someone without cash shop available to them, these scrolls are your best chance at getting decent gear. As you all know, decent gear is essential in this game. The highest I’ve gotten with ancient scrolls is +15 but I’ve seen someone make a +18 solely with ancient scrolls.

*thats him. dont think he’s too cute to kill because he wont show you any mercy

Before you start the fight take careful note of your surroundings. If possible, try to find a vantage point to fight him from. By this I mean, try to find on object you can stand on or act as an obstacle between you and Master Shin in such a way that it renders him unable to attack you. If you do find such a location, repeated cast your AoE skills (Land of Cold and Emit Cold) till he is defeated. This may seem like a very cowardice (and slow) way of fighting him but as a wizard (with the bad defense and hp and all) this could be your best bet. I know in the lvl10 document area, one of the locations has a vantage point, the 31 has one too. In the 51 document area every location has a way of killing him without being touched. The 61 has only one. Be sure to carry goddess or demon transformation potions though. The other document areas I haven’t explored yet (still getting around to that).

*safely out of reach of he’s deadly attacks

If you are in an area without a vantage point and you really don’t want to fight him head to head then there is another option. You can move the mushroom to an area with a vantage point before you destroy it (if you have the patience that is). Yup you heard me correctly; move the mushroom with an amazing skill that most wizards take for granted called “Forced Teleport”. Believe it or not I’ve kill a few Craxions in TW with this skill. This method takes time but if you lack the ability to solo Master Shin then this is a way to do it.

When you find the mysterious mushroom, you will need to destroy it in order to summon Master Shin. Be careful because as you destroy the large mushroom, lots of smaller mushrooms appear. These smaller mushrooms are able to snare and de-buff you so try to stay away from them when fighting Shin. Your best option will be pull Shin out away from them. It is advised to take out to the mushrooms closest to you before you aggravate Shin.

When fighting Master Shin, you’re going to have to buff yourself prior to aggravating him. He deals magical damage so Mana Wall of Separation won’t be as useful but if he is surrounded but other critters it would be best have it equipped. Try to have a highest level magical defense pots. One buff that I find particularly important when fighting Shin is Accelerated Language. This increases your magical attack speed, or in other word slightly reduces the reuse time of your skills. With this buff and a staff with a good magical attack speed option you can stun lock with ease. Another 2 buffs that are good to have equipped are Quick Calculation and Rapid Charge. Quick Calculation for the great increase in your damage output and Rapid Charge (even if it’s still at level 1) with ease your MP consumption. I tend to always run out of MP so it wouldn’t hurt to have this active.

When fighting Shin, your main strategy will be to keep him stunned as much as possible. Wizards are one of the classes that are able to stun lock with Frozen land and Flame of Hell. With excellent timing skills this can be easily achieved. If however you do find yourself about to be exposed to attack while your stuns are still charging, try to get distance between you and Shin and cast Flame of Binding. He will attempt to run after you and this will buy you some time.

Master Shin has a deadly point blank AoE skill that doest more or less 300 damage. He also has a stun skill that also does a large amount of amour ignoring damage over time. Your main damage dealers should be Land of Cold, Emit cold, Annihilative Heat, Flame throw/Flame spirits curse. Blaze of Shock deals a lot of damage at level 5 but I don’t advise using this against Master Shin because it uses way too much MP. My basic combo looks like this:

Agro with Annihilative Heat –> Frozen Land (stun) –> Land of Cold (AoE) –> Emit Cold (AoE)–> Flame of Hell (Fear) –> Annihilative Heat –> Flame Throw/Flame Spirits Curse –> Frozen Land (Flame of Binding if FL isn’t ready yet)

Try to use your pots as soon as you need them. Don’t wait till you have 100HP because the sooner you use them, the sooner they’ll be charged and ready for use again. The same applies for MP pots. A trick which I picked up from RoyMustang is to quickly sit down in the middle of the fight when you have a chance to. Sitting down initiates your natural healing abilities which otherwise wont initiate when you’re in battle. This can help a lot especially when your potions are charging. Also be aware of Master Shin’s sphere of aggravation. Pulling him too far away from he’s spawn will end in him returning back with full HP again.

*this is the kind of drop you should be expecting. it ranges from 1 to 5 scrolls, possibly more than 5

If you arrive at a Shin spawn to find another player already in battle with Master Shin, please be courteous about it whether it be Craxion or Defugal. If I ever see someone fighting Shin, I leave them no matter who it is. I’m aware that most players wont have that much courtesy for the opposing nation, but be the bigger person. If you find yourself joining a party with someone who has already stated the battle and Master Shin’s name remains grey. This means you won’t get a drop and your best option is to expect your party mate to share with you or lose the agro and start over.

*prest having he’s way with Shin behind the bushes

*NB.. despite he’s heavy armour, he does not sink in water so dont try to go swimming with Shin

Well that’s all I can say for nowClap. Happy hunting guys and remember to use your ancient scrolls strategically. Love you all

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