4Story Territory Wars Guide

4Story Territory Wars Guide by ketski hirugashi

Territory Wars FAQ
For those who are unsure of what to do in Territory Wars or do not know what its purpose is, please read this guide. I will try to explain it to the best of my ability and as explicitly as I can.

What are Territory Wars?
Territory War is an event held every day at 21:00 PST (Please use a conversion chart to find out what time it is at your location) to determine which Kingdom owns the bordering lands.
By earning territories and holding the territories, the guilds who occupy those territories will earn points toward Siege Warfare. The guild who earns the most points within an area will be eligible to take over that area’s castle in Siege Warfare.
Current Earned Points Status: http://global.4story.com/community/spot/occupation/status.asp

The Setup
-There are in total 4 areas/war districts in the game.
-There are 3 villages/territories within each area.
Moswood Investigation Camp
Chaos Teion Detached Unit
Hwaland Slash-And-Burn Farming Village

Ardri Prairie
Wanderers’ Camp
Worshipers’ Fortress
Sanctum of Spirits

Deserted Punitive Force Fortress
Lumber Mill Village
Werebeast Village

Taikonteroga swamp
Mysterious Jungle Fortress
Hunter Camp
Jululia Village

*Currently only Chesed and Ardri Prairie are open. The other 2 areas have not been released yet, along with castles for Siege Warfare.

Who can participate?
Anybody can participate in Territory Wars. However those without a guild will not be able to take over any territories – thus no rewards. (In my opinion useless to go unless you are in a guild that has a chance to take over territory)

Where do I go to participate?
1. Head to Lonbarei Training Camp (Noob Town)
2. Use the Portal to go to Magnaksia Military District (costs 0 kron)
3. Use the Portal to ________
Depending on the situation, we will meet at different locations. This information will be announced during meeting times.

*Remember: You will need around 10 lunas/silvers to travel to the location. Please inform the guild if you have insufficient funds.

How can we take over territories?
To take over a territory/village we must first kill the Gate Captain. Once the Gate Captain is killed, the gate will be opened, allowing us to enter inside the territory. The Guardian NPC will then also be spawned within the territory. Once we kill the Guardian NPC, the territory will then belong to the guild who dealt the most damage to it.
*Reminder: We can only take over territories that belong to opposing nations (Craxions). Remember you can check our current territory holdings in-game by pressing “g”, hitting the tab Territory, and then at the top Occupation Area Information.
*Reminder: Once a territory is taken over, it can not be reclaimed on the same day.

The Goals
1. To take over any territory that belong to the Craxions.
2. Defend territories that belong to our guild.

The Benefits
1. Upon the occupation of the territory, the members of the winning Guild will receive certain amount of game-money through the mail. Northern Territories(Chesed, Adri Prairie) will be granted 18 luna and 5 HP/MP pots per territory occupied. Southern Territories(Geburah, Taikonteroga Swamp) will be granted 62 luna and 5 HP/MP pots per territory occupied.
10% Discount from the consumable supply merchants within the occupied territory. (cannot be overlapped with the Castle benefits)
You are able to use portals to teleport to territories that are being occupied by your nation (Defugel).
Siege Warfare
Obtain challenge points to enter the Siege Warfare to own the Castle that possesses the territory.
Using village
Maintains friendly relation with Scouts and Gatekeepers
Allowed to use the NPCs in the occupied territory
Pride ** From Website
Guild Master is allowed to select one character from same Kingdom as a War Hero(cannot choose himself) and the name of the War Hero will be displayed on the monument in the Capital Castle and the Starting village.
The War Hero will also receive exemption of the unsealing item fee during the time of occupation.(cannot be overlapped with the Castle benefits)

Getting Your Rewards
You will receive a mail after the war, if you were present in it, containing a certificate. Take the certificate from your mail and head to the Military District. Talk to the Northern Gate Commander (for northern territories) and get his quest and complete it. Remember to have 2 inventory slots open since he rewards you with HP/MP pots as well. (16 per territory)

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