4Story Online Wizard Guide

4Story Online Wizard Guide by Steven Neely
First, let me highlight the points I am going to cover in this handbook. Read the parts you need, ignore the parts you don’t. Also let me say, this isn’t exactly how I think anyone should play the game, nor is it completely how I play. This is just a guide with various tips, tactics and techniques that will hopefully help a broad range of players.
  •  Wizard Skills
    • Flame Skills
    • Cold Skills
    • Lightning Skills
  • Combat and PvP
    • Solo Reps(Repeat Quest) and Story Quest
    • Group Reps and Story Quest
    • PvP
  • Wizard ‘Builds’
    • Powerhouse
    • Supporter
    • Balanced
———- Wizard Skills ————
In this first part, I’ll break down the three main skill tabs(not including ‘Basic’ of course) and I’ll talk about each skill(yes ALL skills). There are some skills you will want to get, some skills you might want to upgrade and some you will want to avoid altogether.
I feel I must add, after actually trying and testing certain skills, I found that many people have been wrong about what is useful and what is not. While the wizard class is far from perfect, there are some skills that might actually surprise you.
[Flame Skills]
** Flame skills are your damage skills. They include various attacks that focus on you hitting your target for the most possible damage.
*** Currently group points are messed up in this category. You only need enough group points for the first level of the skill, after that, it does not matter about group points anymore.
  1. Flame Throw
    • Description: Shoots a single ball of flame at the target, adding more damage to your normal attack power.
    • Advice: This is a pretty basic and useful skill. It is up to you whether you upgrade this or not, but after a few levels, it can be a pretty powerful and quick attack.
  2. Flame Spirit’s Curse
    • Description: This attack initially hits with normal attack power, but does a set number of damage to the target per second.
    • Advice: At a higher level, this skill can be very useful, and deadly. Even if you die, or stop attacking, the set damage per second can really do a number on your target.
  3. Flame of Binding
    • Description: This skill will slow the movement of a single target.
    • Advice: I would recommend you keep this skill at level 1. 70% chance is not bad, but it is not used nearly enough to ever upgrade. But you will need it to gain later skills.
  4. Flame of Fission
    • Description: This will lower a single targets magic damage by a set amount(per level of the skill).
    • Advice: The skill itself is not very useful, even at a higher level. The only reason to touch this would be in order to later get Flame of Fury(Furty). But this is all dependent on what type of build you create.
  5. Mana’s Afterimage
    • Description: If you successfully hit a target with Flame Throw, then this skill will instantly become usable, giving you a chance to quickly hit another attack with added damage. There is a timeframe in which the skill must be used.
    • Advice: Upgrading or not depends on your build. A strong focus on 1 versus 1 PvP and damage dealing would want to upgrade this attack. But my suggestion is to leave it at level 1, as it is a rather tricky attack, and requires a previous hit and timeframe.
  6. Flame of Chaos
    • Description: This will lower a single targets Magic Defense Rate, giving a greater chance to hit for magical damage.
    • Advice: Once more, depending on your build, you might end up getting this skill, but it would be best left at level 1, enabling you to get Flame of Fury(Furty).
  7. Flame of Hell
    • Description: A target must be selected, but this skill will move that target and surrounding enemies randomly, in an uncontrolable fear for a set time period.
    • Advice: This will probably be one of your most useful skills as a wizard. It is definitely recommended to at least get the first level of the skill, if not all 3.
  8. Flame of Fury(listed as ‘Furty’ in-game)
    • Description: This will lower a single target’s magical defense, allowing more damage to be done to them, for a set time period.
    • Advice: Out of all the wizard debuff skills, this is the most useful, and the only one I would recommend upgrading. In a 1 versus 1 situation, this can quickly end a fight when properly placed. But, the choice of whether or not to get this depends on your build.
  9. Magic Ball of Flame
    • Description: This will summon a small fireball, which will follow you until it is near a hostile target. Then, it will ‘absorb’ in to the target, dealing damage.
    • Advice: Currently, the skill is best left at level 1. But, I have been trying to talk to the GMs about possibly ‘fixing’ an issue with this skill, which would in turn, make it very useful. It would be a good untargeted hit, dealing 120% damage or more, currently, this is not the case.
  10. Annihilative Heat
    • Description: This will deal a single blow to a target, dealing a high amount of damage.
    • Advice: This attack is relatively fast, and extremely powerful. I would not only get the skill, but upgrade it ’til you can’t anymore.
  11. Pauldron’s Judgement
    • Description: After a long cast time, this skill will shoot a large fireball at the opponent, dealing an extremely high amount of damage.
    • Advice: Right now, this skill is useless. Yea, the damage % looks great, and I’ll even tell you at level 4 of this skill, it’s 600%. But don’t let it fool you, there is currently a  10 second cast time and it requires an item to cast. For right now, leave it at 0. Only at a higher level of this skill will it really deal enough damage to become helpful, but you will not be able to use it in almost any PvP situation.
  12. Blaze of Shock
    • Description: This will fire multiple fireballs at the target. If there are nearby enemies as well, the fireballs will seperate and each attack a different target.
    • Advice: This is a skill that can be very effective, at a higher level. If you plan on focusing on your attack more, then you will probably want this skill and want to upgrade it as much as you can.
[Cold Skills]
** Cold skills are all AoE(Area of Effect) skills. They include various attacks that will damage multiple targets around you or your selected target.
  1. Gust
    • Description: After selecting a target, this attack will deal a percentage of damage to that target and all nearby targets as well.
    • Advice: This can be useful, but like all attacks in this area, this is designed for taking down a large group. This skill won’t do much damage, but it will hit anyone around your target. I wouldn’t put too much in to the skill, but you will need to upgrade it in order to have enough group points for later skills.
  2. Whirlwind of Binding
    • Description: Any enemies within a short range of the caster, will all have their physical movement speed decresed(thus, slowing them all down).
    • Advice: This is more of a supportive skill, and is also useful when running from creatures or players. This skill effects multiple targets and can also be cast while running(if you are being chased).
  3. Emit Cold
    • Description: Over the course of 12 seconds, this skill will do a percentage of your normal attack to all nearby enemies within a short range.
    • Advice: This skill is actually quite useful for large groups of creatures. Thanks to the update, this skill is an incredible PvP and PvE skill now. I would have to recommend upgrading it.
  4. Frozen Land
    • Description: This skill will freeze all of the nearby enemies in place, given that they are within a short range of the caster.
    • Advice: This can be a life-saver. I would not only recommend getting this, but upgrading(plus you could use the extra group points). At the last level it(like Flame of Hell) last for 7 seconds and has a 90% chance to freeze each target.
  5. Land of Extreme Cold
    • Description: With a single hit, like Gust you will deal a set percentage of damage to each nearby target, relative to the caster’s location.
    • Advice: I do think ‘Extreme’ is something that could have been left out, but this skill, after upgrading, deals a pretty good bit of damage to nearby enemies. I find it to be a very nice PvE skill. If anything, you’ll probably use it for group points.
  6. Land of Cold
    • Description: After picking a location, this skill will bring large balls of ice falling from the sky, dealing a set percentange of damage for each second of the effect.
    • Advice: Yes, giant ice rocks falling from the sky. If you don’t get this, you should go read a book because gaming isn’t for you. In all seriousness though, this skill is an amazing PvE and PvP skill, and is very essential to any wizard build.
[Lightning Skills]
** Lightning skills are buffs for you. They increase various stats on your character to help make you stronger and more effective in battle.
  1. Mana Wall of Seperation
    • Description: This is a self-buff that will increase your physical defense for a set time of 14 minutes.
    • Advice: Get it, upgrade, simple. It only increases your physical defense, but with the right armor combination, this will help keep you from getting pwned so much.
  2. Law of Mana
    • Description: This will take one-half of your current health and convert it in to mana, with an increasing exchange rate, as the skill increases.
    • Advice: I’m sorry, but this is just stupid. If it worked the other way around, that’d be great, but killing yourself won’t help anything. With the weapons and skill currently in this game, wizards can only take a few hits. If you actually used this skill in PvP, you would more than likely turn yourself in to a 1-hit kill. You will sadly need the first level, but don’t you dare upgrade this.
  3. Accelerate Language
    • Description: This is a self-buff which will increase your attack speed for you skills that use a cast time.
    • Advice: It depends on how you want to build your character, but I’d recommend at least the first level of this. Wizards need to attack quickly, and an attack speed buff helps with that.
  4. Rapid Charge
    • Description: For a short time of 48 seconds, this skill will increase your mana regeneration rate, allowing you to get mana back more quickly.
    • Advice: As far as I’ve been able to tell, you shouldn’t have a problem with mana. So you won’t need anything more than the first level of this skill. Usually your mana won’t go down very far, but if you carry potions, then it won’t ever be a problem. There might be some cases in a wizard build where you will want to focus on mana more, but none that I can think of.
  5. Amplify Knowledge
    • Description: This is a self-buff that will increase your magical damage, with a larger increase as the skill is upgraded.
    • Advice: Wizards need to be quick and powerful, and this skill helps with the powerful part. You should probably get this skill and upgrade it as often as you can.
  6. Forced Transportation
    • Description: This will teleport a single target a few meters away from your location.
    • Advice: To be honest, this skill is useless, but they stuck a good skill under it, so you will need to get this one anyway. But, you can have a lot of fun teleporting your targets around Smile
  7. Concentrate
    • Description: This is a self-buff which will decrease your chance of failing to cast a skill, due to being damaged.
    • Advice: If you are fighting alone, or just get attacked a lot, this is something you will want. It is obviously the most effective at a higher level of the skill, so you’ll probably want to upgrade this.
  8. Patient Decision
    • Description: This is a self-buff that will increase your magic attack rating, which will also increase your accuracy with magic attacks.
    • Advice: I’ve stated that wizards need to be quick and powerful, but usually we sacrafice accuracy. This helps a good bit with that. So yea, get this, and you’ll probably want to upgrade because the first level isn’t a huge difference.
  9. Teleport
    • Description: This will teleport you a few meters in front of the direction you are currently facing.
    • Advice: Erhhmmm….  If you want to just fool around and have fun, this is great, other than that, completely useless. Honestly, I liked this skill before the update. Currently it doesn’t seem to work well in PvE or PvP, and due to changes, will no longer allow you to get ‘unstuck’ from certain game and map glitches. But, you will need it for the next skill under it.
  10. Amplify Mana
    • Description: This is a self-buff, which will increase the maximum amount of mana you have for a set time period.
    • Advice: Due to Rapid Charge, I would say this isn’t really needed. Most of the time, your mana will not reach a ‘critical’ level, and once more, potions are an excellent fix for such a thing. But, depending on your build(and race), you may want the skill. As for my recommendation, I would leave the skill at 0.
  11. Quick Calculation
    • Description: This is a self-buff that will increase your magical critical rate, allowing you to acheive more criticals when attacking, thus dealing more damage.
    • Advice: This skill can be useful. Critical rates are terribly low, and so you can’t expect a critical hit too often, but if you do upgrade this skill, you will notice a difference. This essentially is a damage increase, as more criticals will equal more damage.
  12. Pauldron’s Touch
    • Description: This skill has a percent chance to successfully reset the cooldown/reuse times of all your skills.
    • Advice: This is in the lightning tab and pretty much only helps you with the lightning skills. Each buff skill from this tab you cast has a rather long cooldown time, so if you die or someone removes your buffs, you are out of luck for possibly 8 minutes or more. This skill can miss, but if it does not fail, you will be able to cast all of your skills again, allowing you to rebuff. Due to so many skill on the wizard, I don’t think you need to upgrade this. 50% chance is low, but at the highest level this will only be 70% and it isn’t used often enough to give up 3 skill points and a lot of Luna for.
——— Combat and PvP ———
This next part is hopefully to help you when playing the game. Of course it won’t be extremely fun at a lower level and all of these tactics and stategies won’t work until you get the skills, but I think there is at least a little something for everyone.
[Solo Reps(Repeat Quest) and Story Quest]
As a wizard, you will not want to solo very much. Wizards have low defense and low hp. I think the real trick to soloing is to take your time, and be prepared before you start attacking. You must have your ‘stun’ skills prepared at all times, and make sure to use them wisely as well as make sure to eliminate the targets as quickly as possible.
But, now for a bit of stratigic help. Of course always carry potions of health and mana. At lower levels, you will need to pay a lot of attention to your screen. Try to fight only one creature at a time and run when needed. There are ways to lose most of the creatures chasing you and still hold on to one. But this is more gameplay stategy so I won’t go in to that.
[Boss Battles]
Also, you will face bosses. They are hard, and will probably kill you. The best thing you can do is kill anything around it first. Even if you die trying, at least clear the area as quickly as possible. Then, if you have Magical Ball of Flame, cast it. Also, cast all of your buffs. Make sure your HP and MP are full, then just attack like crazy. You can use Flame of Hell from a distance(while moving) or Frozen Land(while moving) up close. These skills will keep you from dying too quickly, and give you time to do some damage. Make sure to use your potion when your health is extremely low, so you can get the most out of that potion.
[Basic Solo Stategy]
Soloing a wizard is not fun, but it is entirely possible, with the right amount of work and time. It’s best to just not give up, and try to use the land to your advantage. Try not to stand still as much because you can cast your basic attack while running. So Staffe left or right while moving away from the target, if you slightly rotate your player towards the target for a second while auto-attack is on, you can get it a quick hit while still moving away.
[Solo ‘Mobbing’]
I’d say after level 22, it is possible to do your reps and quest and seemingly ‘tank’ by yourself.  Of course you need to keep moving, only stopping to get off a few skills, but the trick is to know your area and the monsters in it.  If you can gather the monsters in a close enough area, you should use Frozen Land(freeze), the immediately after, cast Land of Cold. Depending on how high your Frozen Land skill is, you might want to cast Flame of Hell(fear) or if you have time, cast Emit Cold, then Flame of Hell(fear).  This will get a large amount of damage going on all the monsters around you, whille preventing, at least most of them from attacking.  Land of Extreme Cold and Gust are two skills you may choose to also use after that setup, in order to take down multiple targets quickly.
[Group Reps and Story Quest]
Wizards do just fine in group quest of any kind. No matter what class you group with, you will usually be able to compliment each other well. Wizards weren’t meant to take damage or get hit, pretty much any other class is a good ‘Tank’ for you. And if you are with a priest, their buffs will actually allow you to ‘Tank’ if needed.
The only things I think I need to say are, know your group members and pay attention. If you are in a group with a warrior, don’t attack a large group before he has a chance to attract them with his skill. Also, try not to waste your Flame of Hell or Frozen Land skill. If someone cast stun or something similar, wait until that effect wears off to maximize the effects and prevent damage to the party.
Well, after this update, PvP has seemed to improve a great deal. Wizards are capable of greater damage now, and with the right skill and stategy, you can take down pretty much any class.
[Basic PvP Stategy]
Always keep a distance. You are a ranged player and up close you you should probably go and and give your local chaos monk a call so he knows he’ll be getting company soon. So stay back. Next is almost like a step-by-step process, for a basic idea of PvP with a wizard. Everyone plays differently, so you can ignore this altogether, or tweak it to fit your style.
  1. Flame of Hell (start spamming before the duel starts)
  2. Flame of Binding (immediately after you cast Flame of Hell)
  3. Land of Cold
  4. Emit Cold
  5. Depending on the class
    • Archers – Take a step or two foward and wait for blind to wear off
    • Wizards – You didn’t get to cast your AoEs most likely, but here, gage the distance between you and the other wizard
    • Warriors, Priest – They shouldn’t have stunned you, to be honest
    • Assassins – The strategy is actually different for facing this class, ignore everything
    • Summoners – similar to wizards, find out where the summoner and pet are. You would most likely be feared.
  6. Again depending on the class, but essentially here you cast Frozen Land
    • Archers, Warriors, Priest – If you were blinded/stunned, make sure you look around quickly. If you hit your Flame of Binding, they should still be in front of you. Just take a step up and cast.
    • Summoners, Wizards – If your Flame of Binding hit and you are not close, teleport in their direction and immediately cast Frozen Land after you cast teleport. If they are close, don’t worry about Teleport at all, just immediately cast Frozen Land. Against Summoners, always try to position yourself between the pet and summoner. Teleport usually helps with that.
    • Assassins – still ignoring all of this.
  7. Annihilative Heat
  8. Flame ThrowMana’s Afterimage, Flame Spirit’s Curse(any of the 3)
  9. Watch the Frozen Land timer, if you are facing a wizard, warrior or assassin, I suggest you cast Flame of Hell with 1 second left. Otherwise, cast right as the 1 second tick is leaving.
  10. Obviously, you repeat here.
I would say that process could then be repeated, starting with Flame of Hell(fear) again, as the cooldown would be almost ready to wear off.
I think one thing most people don’t realize, is when you are blinded, such as by a priest or archer(Eclipse or Flash Bomb), you are still about to use AoE attacks. The wizard class has an entire tab(while there are not many in this skill tab) of AoE skills. So an important thing to keep in mind is if you become blinded by an archer or priest, pay attention to the battle before you are unable to see. You may be able to either cast Frozen Land(freeze) or even get off Land of Cold and/or Emit Cold.  These skills are very useful when you can’t select a target.
Another thing is when certain classes use their protection skill, such as the priest’s Divine Blessings skill, your main focus will be to stun them in some way, to prevent being killed while they are invincible.  In the event they are not already targeted, you will need to get close enough to use Frozen Land, and in that case, it would be suggested that you also cast Land of Cold and Emit Cold, keeping Flame of Hell on standby until they are no longer invincible.
Hopefully there are useful things to wizards in the section. I find PvP to be pretty much the same for me, no matter who I face. And I know there are not really many useful low-level tips and such, but, as far as PvP as a whole goes, you will probably be at least level 22 when you truely begin to experience such a thing.  And yea, good luck with PvP.
———- Wizard Builds ———–
This last section is just some suggestions on different ways to distribute skill points on your wizard. It’s hard to say exactly how many you should put in to each skill, and you don’t have to follow these exactly. These are more or less ‘suggestions’ for ways to add skills to your wizard.
If you want to be like the ‘Beserker’ edition of a wizard, and just go top heavy with no defensive ability(like wizards can defend anyway), then there are some areas you will want to focus on.
The Flame tab is your first area. Flame Throw, Flame Spirits Curse, Mana’s Afterimage, Annihilative Heat and Blaze of Shock will all be skills you will want to get and upgrade as often as possible. Hopefully later they will ‘fix’ and/or adjust Pauldron’s Decision so that it can be useful and thus complete the powerhouse build.
As for the other tabs, In cold, you will probably want to at least aim for Land of Cold and try to upgrade that. Even while focusing on the Flame tab, you will still have a pretty large amount of points left(at higher levels). So you still be able to get a few buffs, but you won’t be able to get all of them, or upgrade them if you do get a few. You’ll probably want to get Amplify Knowledge and upgrade that to increase your damage and possibly Quick Calculation.
I’ll admit I have not tried such a build, maybe one day, but this is mainly all theory.
Essentially, a supporter build would be terrible solo, but in a group, extremely effective. There are 3 debuffs that most people might recommend you never get. But if you plan to stictly be a supportive player in a group, Flame of Fission, Flame of Chaos and Flame of Fury are 3 skills you will actually want. Flame of Fission and Flame of Fury are probably the best two out of the group and I’d suggest trying to max those out.
Your debuffs won’t last very long, but the interesting thing about them is they work on a % base rather than stat base. So a level 20 wizard could help tremendously against a level 60, as the debuff still has a chance to hit, reguardless of level. Of course, these debuffs are only effective when a magic caster is in your party such as another wizard, priest or summoner. But durring the short time your group members can attack with a noticable increase in damage(assuming you use all 3 debuffs).
As a supporter, you will want to also focus on the defense of yourself, so the Lightning tab is still something to work on. Mana Wall of Seperation will be important and well and Concentrate and Accelerate Language.
Of course just with the skills I have listed, you still have a lot of room for more skills, so you of course can pick things like Land of Cold and a few Flame skills as well, but you won’t be able to expand too far without sacraficing upgrades on skills.
This would be the most common type of wizard. Essentially, you have something in every tab, and each tab is upgraded and worked on. You might not do the most damage, or be able to take the most damage, but you will be able to handle a broader range of situations.
You will not want any of the debuffs, and you should probably follow my skill guide closely as far as skills to not get and skills to only invest 1 point in to.  As for the rest, It becomes flexible on your end to whether you want to focus on high damage with 1 or 2 Flame skills, or maybe work on your group attacks in the Cold tab, maximizing your damage to multiple targets. Just be careful not to invest to heavily in a certain area, or you’ll find you can’t upgrade some of the other skills you would like.
I suppose this concludes my Wizard Handbook for now. I know it’s long, but hopefully there was at least one thing here that helped you improve your wizard in some way. I can’t really tell anyone how to play their wizard, as I’m a noob, but I can at least try to suggest things based off of my various assumptions and experiences.
Hopefully we will get more wizards in the game and hopefully they’ll fix the ‘noobness’ of the wizard class so that we might have a bit more of a chance against some of the other classes. We have quite a few useless skills and a few others that are just impractical or pointless for the game itself.  So I feel there are a few wasted skills on the wizard, but I suppose we just have to wait for the devs to decide and do something.

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